July 30, 2015

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* MOVIE, MOVIES and more MOVIES! We cram in as many classic Drive-In movies, independent films and shorts as we can pack into a weekend. You’ll find movies and shorts on real 16mm film in our 200 seat “Film Room” and all kinds of indy films, shorts, and guest related features in our smaller, 100+ seat “DVD projection Room” all weekend long.

* Q&A Sessions, Live Movie Commentaries, Guest Talks and Movie Introductions... Our guests are always willing to interact with attending fans, and we’ve come up with all kinds of fun stuff for them to do over the years. Let’s see what we come up with for the next show shall we?

* Join us for “A GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES” every Saturday Night beginning at 8:00pm. Hosted by Dayton, Ohio’s very own A. Ghastlee Ghoul, “A Ghastlee Nite at the Movies” isn’t really a film screening at all. It’s more a night of “live entertainment” and laughs. Join us for an evening of silly skits, bad music, interactive games and contests, surprise guests and more.

* SURPRISES and MORE SURPRISES! With most of the shows we run, things fall together a few weeks before show time. Be sure to check back as the show draws closer to see if we may have a surprise guest addition, extra film screening, or special event added to the weekend schedule.

* EVERY CINEMA WASTELAND MOVIE AND MEMORABILIA EXPO offers attending fans over 60 Hours worth of Movies and Programming over the course of three days. And it’s all 100% Free with the price of admission. It can be a bit overwhelming, so be sure to check over the complete Weekend Schedule of Films and Events before you arrive so you can plot out your weekend early. The Weekend Schedule is usually posted 3 or 4 weeks before any given show.


You can't have a "Movie Convention" without them, can you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! And we plan on showing plenty of films on both 16mm Film and Video at Cinema Wasteland - Many of which may be hosted by the Stars and Directors appearing as Guests at the show. Our evening film show is Free to all attendees and hotel guests.

Here are the movies we are showing on 16mm film:

DAMNATION ALLEY (1977) After World War 3, a small group of survivors attempt to drive across the desolate wasteland in a specially built vehicle to where they hope to find more survivors. Freakish weather patters, mutated plant and animal life, and all sorts of assorted dangers await them in this fun, low budget sci-fi thriller with Jan-Michael Vincent, George Peppard, and Jackie Earle Haley. Damnation Alley will really grow on you and has developed quite the cult following over the years.

Back when a majority of the Wasteland crew was in school, they showed us a lot of educational “scare films” on every topic you can think of. We saw venereal disease and drug films in health class, automobile accident films in driver’s education classes, safety films in shop class, and short films on everything in between whenever a teacher felt the need to some kill time with the film projector. They were supposed to scare us into staying away from things like sex, drugs, or doing stupid things that may get us hurt or killed, but the effects for a lot of us was quite the opposite and we went looking for sex, tried several of the drugs that were described in the films, and did crazy shit that broke a lot of collar bones, arms, and legs back in the days before we treated kids like factory farm chickens and veal and made them wear plastic helmets, elbow pads, and silly-ass shin guards just to ride their bikes around the block.
This October, Cinema Wasteland has dug deep into their lead lined film vault to pay homage to Health Class days gone by with a block of DRUG SCARE FILMS. If you attended Junior High or High school in the 1970s or early 80s you may have even seen a couple of these short films yourself. If not, then here’s your chance to catch up on a few health class classics that don’t pull any punches.
We’ll start with having a few drinks and end with the horrors of heroin and meth addiction when we dust off and spool up the following two hour block of classic health class shorts:

ALCOHOL AND YOU (1969) People drink for all kinds of reasons from just being social at a party to trying to forget the rigors of every day life. Some people can handle their booze while others just embarrass themselves, can’t keep a job, and destroy not just their life, but the lives of the people around them. What kind of drinker are you?… (26 minutes)

MARIJUANA: THE GREAT ESCAPE (1970) Teenage racing protege' George appears to be the next big thing in drag racing. He’s built his own dragster from his winnings, is respected among the older and more established drivers, and is well on his way to the big time before he’s even out of high school. He’s only got one problem. He likes to burn a few joints to relax. Oh, the horror… the horror… (20 minutes)

UPS AND DOWNS: THE AMPHETAMINE AND BARBITURATE STORY (1971) Speed kept you going and downers helped you crash. They killed Elvis when he decided it was a good idea to ingest a couple pounds of each every day while we’re almost certain that Nancy Reagan lived comfortably on a thousand downers and a small bit of cheese every day for well over fifty years. You can ingest them, snort them, or shoot them into your arm and although they can be both helpful as well as a lot of fun, they can be dangerous and affect people differently. Especially when mixed with other stuff. (22 minutes)

ANGEL DEATH (1979) Hosted by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, this film takes a look at PCP, the animal tranquilizer than became popular with stoners in the mid-1970s. Angel Dust scared the hell out of the CW promoter - mostly because he knew some people who were really fucked up on the stuff and was slipped some without his knowledge a few times in his misspent youth. This shit is scary. And you just need to take a look at some of the waste cases featured in this film to find out just how scary. (33 minutes)

11:59: LAST MINUTE TO CHOOSE (1970) Heroin and meth. Two drugs that have been ruining lives and sending people to their grave for decades is examined in this classic short. If you have a fear of needles and rotten teeth then you may find this one a bit spooky but facts are facts and Last Minute To Choose doesn’t pull any punches. (26 minutes)

Colt Seavers (Lee Majors) is doing stunts on a horror film starring Cassandra Peterson as Elvira when members of the cast start to wind up dead. It’s a Scooby-Do like murder mystery from then on with Peterson staying in her Elvira character for the entire episode. Yep, it’s an episode of The Fall Guy television series with Lee Majors and it’s a fun Halloween season episode that guest stars Doug McClure as well. Thought it might be a nice thing to screen before we screen the film, STEEL on Friday night (after the block of Drug Horror Scare Films.)

Fritz, a sex-obsessed tom cat and college student sets out to find himself during America’s swinging 60's. Fritz’s travels bring him in contact with every 60's stereotype imaginable, including Hell’s Angels, Black Panther’s, and all manner of assorted drug addled lunatics. Based on Robert Crumb’s popular (underground) ZAP magazine character, Ralph Bakshi’s X-Rated animated cult film hits more marks than it misses. A perfect Midnight movie for the Wasteland crowd.

HIGH RISK (1976) When four medical missionaries are held captive in a foreign land because they treated and helped out some rebel leaders, the US government steps in to rescue them. When the rescue attempt fails, they hire a troupe of former circus performers to steal the country’s national treasure from a heavily guarded embassy in Washington, DC to use as trade bait for the American’s being held captive. (Yes, you read that correctly. Our government hires circus performers to pull a high stakes rescue mission.) The always enjoyable Victor Buono is Sebastian, a magician who believes they can accomplish things with simple misdirection and the group, including Joseph Sirola and Don Stroud, is off and running with their plan in this ambitious and enjoyable, fast paced made for TV crime thriller. Fine mist spray used to detect laser beams included. Never released to either video or DVD, we’ve got it on 16mm film. it’s the Sunday Morning Made for TV Movie pick for October’s show.

On the eve of his wedding to Marge, Ben Farrell leaves his bachelor party and is abducted by aliens. One of the aliens takes his shape and marries Marge the following day but Marge feels like something strange has happened to Ben. One year later, she realizes that Ben is a totally different person and follows him into the woods one night where she discovers he is now an alien. She does her best to tell the big wigs in Washington, as well as the FBI, but discovers the aliens have dominated key people in town and have cut off communication with the outside world. This enjoyable 50s sci-fi classic makes a perfect Saturday Morning Hangover Theater presentation.

SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON HOUR - Resident horror host, Son of Ghoul, will once again put together an hour’s worth of original cartoons to kick off Saturday morning. He often times digs up those old cartoons that were deemed “politically incorrect” by the stuffy douche bags who can’t pull their heads out of their asses long enough to take a breath of fresh air… which is just the way we like it at Cinema Wasteland! Cartoons kick off at 9:30am on Saturday mornings in MOVIE ROOM 1, so be sure to stop in and see what’s in store this time around!

STEEL (1979) aka Look Down And Die! Mike Catton (Lee Majors) was once a world-renowned construction Forman at the top of his game when an accident left him with a serious fear of heights. Unable to work on the tallest skyscrapers any longer, he retired and became a truck driver. Big Lew Cassidy (George Kennedy) is in a race against time - and the bank - to complete his latest building project when he is tossed off the top of the building to his death. Now, his daughter Cass Cassidy (Jennifer O’Neill) needs to get the last nine stories of a building finished in only three weeks time but her construction crew is being hassled by mafia types working for an evil corporation that plans on taking over the project when she is unable to get the job done on time. Catton comes to the rescue and assembles a crew able to get the job done and it’s construction workers vs mafia type bad guys in a race to finish, or prevent the completion of the building on time. The movie features a roster of first rate character actors like Art Carney, Richard Lynch, Albert Salmi, and R.G. Armstrong. Do not let the lame movie poster fool you, the movie is way better than you might expect and the poor original ad campaign is likely the reason they retitled it Look Down and Die! Give it a view and you won’t be disappointed.

THE THREE STOOGES HOUR - It’s been a tradition since the very first Cinema Wasteland Show to screen Three Stooges shorts on Saturday morning. Resident horror host, Son of Ghoul, took over the job of sorting out which Stooge shorts to run when he mentioned that he owned every short on 16mm film. Stooge hour moved from early mornings to Noon on Saturday and the rest, as they say, is Wasteland history.

WASTELAND INTERMISSION REELS - Brand new intermission reels will once again screen between our Friday and Saturday night double features (and again on Sunday between the 16mm film screenings) at our next show. Chock full of assorted movie trailers, cartoons, old intermission and snack bar spots and public service announcements, these twenty minute reels will bring back memories of drive-in days gone by and are always a big hit with our attendees.

Please Check Back for more.....

Here are the movies we are showing on DVD Projection:

A couple of college students (Kate Hodge and William Butler) driving coast to coast are lured off the main highway in the heart of Redneckville, TX where they find themselves stalked by “Tex” (Viggo Mortensen) and his demented family of cannibal killers, including the hulking chainsaw slinging Leatherface (R.A. Mihailoff). Their only chance to escape the backwoods family is a weekend survivalist (Ken Foree) with the firepower to take on the grizzly predators. Written by David Schow and directed by Jeff Burr, Leatherface is a surprisingly good entry in the TCM film series thats held up quite well. It’s certainly heads and tails better than anything made after it with any of the words, Texas, Chainsaw, or Massacre in the title, including the embarrassingly awful remakes.

LUST FOR A VAMPIRE (1971) In 1830, forty years to the day after the world thought they saw the last of the Karnstein family’s vampire rites, the family heirs use the blood of an innocent to once again bring forth the the evil that is Mircalla - or as she was known as in 1710, Carmilla. The nearby finishing school for girls offers up bountiful pickings in the fresh blood department, but also harbors a headmaster who is desperate to become Mircalla’s disciple. Following the popular Vampire Lovers, Hammer Films took a few liberties with Lust For A Vampire and let these blood suckers walk around during the daylight hours. A solid cast, including Ralph Bates and Suzanna Leigh, and some pretty girls like television host-turned-Hammer-girl, Yutte Stensgaard, certainly help the proceedings move along.

Please check back for more .....


** Please consult the Cinema Wasteland Program Guide upon checking in for a complete film show listing and their approximate starting times. The film line-up is subject to last minute changes. **