September 13, 2014

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* MOVIE, MOVIES and more MOVIES! We cram in as many classic Drive-In movies, independent films and shorts as we can pack into a weekend. You’ll find movies and shorts on real 16mm film in our 200 seat “Film Room” and all kinds of indy films, shorts, and guest related features in our smaller, 100 seat “Video and DVD projection Room” all weekend long.

* Q&A Sessions, Live Movie Commentaries, Guest Talks and Movie Introductions... Our guests are always willing to interact with attending fans, and we’ve come up with all kinds of fun stuff for them to do over the years. Let’s see what we come up with for the next show shall we?

* Join us for “A GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES” every Saturday Night beginning at 8:00pm. Hosted by Dayton, Ohio’s very own A. Ghastlee Ghoul and featuring any number of our attending Horror Hosts from the Horror Host Underground, “A Ghastlee Nite at the Movies” isn’t really a film screening at all. It’s more a night of “live entertainment” and laughs. Join us for an evening of silly skits, bad music, interactive games and contests, surprise guests or anything else Ghastlee and the attending Horror Hosts come up with.

* SURPRISES and MORE SURPRISES! With most of the shows we run, things fall together at the last minute and we are able to cram in even more than the posted schedule will let you know about. It may be a surprise guest addition, extra film screening, a special event, movie introduction from a guest... You just never know until you arrive at the show and see if something extra fit into the schedule, but everyone likes surprises, right? Fortunately for you, we like springing a few on you every chance we get!


You can't have a "Movie Convention" without them, can you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! And we plan on showing plenty of films on both 16mm Film and Video at Cinema Wasteland - Many of which may be hosted by the Stars and Directors appearing as Guests at the show. Our evening film show is Free to all attendees and hotel guests.

Here are the movies we are showing on 16mm film:

DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE (1972) In Victorian London, Dr. Henry Jekyll (Ralph Bates) attempts to create an elixir of life. He finds that female hormones taken from fresh corpses work best, and his serum can wipe out all common diseases. It’s also got a strange side effect and when he experiments on himself, he turns himself into a beautiful, yet evil woman (CW guest Martine Beswick) that he passes off as his sister-in-law, Ms. Hyde. He soon needs more and more woman to maintain his alter ego and several woman around London meet bloody deaths to meet his needs. Combining several stores from the time, like the Jack the Ripper myth and grave robbers Burke and Hare into the story makes this Hammer film production that much more fun and a very successful PG rated horror film for it’s time.

THE GREAT SCOUT AND CATHOUSE THURSDAY (1976) Sam Longwood (Lee Marvin) is a past his prime frontiersman who wants a cut of the gold he and Jack Colby (Robert Culp) mined 15 years ago. He gathers up half breed Indian, Joe Knox (wonderfully miscast Oliver Reed, and Billy (Strother Martin), his other partners from that time, and together they go and confront Colby about their long over due share of the loot. After Colby makes fools of them, they enlist the aidof a hooker named Thursday (Kay Lenz) and plot to kidnap Colby’s wife Nancy Sue (Elizabeth Ashley) who turns out not to be the sweet girl Sam remembers. This amusing western comedy not only boasts one helluva cast, but it plays like one of the later Spaghetti western comedies with a lot less of the stupid slapstick they tossed into the Italian westerns.

THE HAND (1981) In Oliver Stone’s second film as a director, Jon Lansdale (Michael Cane) is a comic book creator and artist that loses his right hand in an automobile accident after an argument with his wife Anne (Andrea Marcovicci) about her alleged infidelities. The hand isn’t recovered from the accident scene, but soon returns to follow Jon around and murder those that anger him… or does it? Is everything actually taking place or is it all in the mind of Jon Lansdale? The film actually makes you think, and that my friends, is not a bad thing. High on camp value, but way better than it should be. And the effects, although low budget, were created by Stan Winston, who got his start on several indy and/or low budget films before making a name for himself in Hollywood.

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1964) After a plague devastates life on Earth as we know it by either killing everyone, or transforming them into a zombie and vampire-like being that lives in the dark, Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) seems to be the only healthy survivor left. He leads a lonely life of survival; killing the creatures by day and defending his home by night until he comes across the contaminated Ruth Collins (Franca Bettoia) and uses his blood to heal her and in turn, becomes the last hope for humanity left on Earth to help other contaminated survivors. Filmed in Italy, this was the first adaption of Richard Matheson’s story that was also filmed as The Omega Man in 1971 and as I Am Legend in 2007. It’s a wonderful showcase for Price who proves he can easily carry a film as one of the only normal humans in the cast.

PINK FLAMINGOS (1972) In one of John Waters most well known cult films, Divine lives in a crappy trailer with her son Crackers (Danny Mills), Cotten (Mary Vivian Pearce), and mother, Edie (Edith Massey), who looks forward to visits with The Egg Man. They happily rest on their laurels as “the filthiest people alive” until challenged for the crown by Connie and Raymond Marble (Mink Stole and David Lochary respectively), who gladly sell heroin to school children and kidnap and impregnate female hitchhikers so they can sell their babies to lesbian couples. Once they challenge Devine and her family of malcontents directly, the game in on! Who will be crowned the The Filthiest People Alive when all is said and done? You’ll have to watch and find out for yourself. We’ve got a great looking 16mm print of this John Waters classic ready to screen this October, and with Mink Stole as a guest you’ll be sure we’ll ask her to introduce the film for everyone come show time.

PORKY’S 2: THE NEXT DAY (1983) When the students of Angel Beach High decide to stage an evening of Shakespeare, all seems to go OK until they cast a Native American Indian in a lead role. Stuffy and uptight Miss Balbricker (returning Nancy Parsons) enlists the aid of right wing, head-up-his-ass Reverend Bubba Flavel and his band of inbred Republican mouth-breathers to help pressure the school into shutting down the production. When they succeed with the help of spineless politicians looking towards re-election, the gang (Pee Wee, Tommy, Billy, Mickey, Tim, Meat, and Wendy) don’t get mad… They get even! It’s a toss up to us if the first Porky’s film or this second installment is actually funnier. We live to make fun of FAUX News viewing right wing inbreds with the i.Q. of a corn-filled turd, so this one has an awful lot going for it. Either way, director Bob Clark’s cult comedy will make a fitting double feature when paired with Pink Flamingos, so we say kick back and watch them both!

SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON HOUR - Resident horror host, Son of Ghoul, will once again put together an hour’s worth of original cartoons to kick off Saturday morning. He often times digs up those old cartoons that were deemed “politically incorrect” by the stuffy douche bags who can’t pull their heads out of their asses long enough to take a breath of fresh air… which is just the way we like it at Cinema Wasteland! Cartoons kick off at 9:30am on Saturday mornings, so be sure to stop in and see what’s in store this time around!

THE THREE STOOGES HOUR - It’s been a tradition since the very first Cinema Wasteland Show to screen Three Stooges shorts on Saturday morning. Resident horror host, Son of Ghoul, took over the job of sorting out which Stooge shorts to run when he mentioned that he owned every short on 16mm film. Stooge hour moved from early mornings to Noon on Saturday and the rest, as they say, is Wasteland history.

WASTELAND INTERMISSION REELS - Brand new intermission reels will once again screen between our Friday and Saturday night double features (and again on Sunday between the 16mm film screenings) at our next show. Chock full of assorted movie trailers, cartoons, old intermission and snack bar spots and public service announcements, these twenty minute reels will bring back memories of drive-in days gone by and are always a big hit with our attendees.

Here are the movies we are showing on DVD Projection:

CAPTAIN Z AND THE TERROR OF LEVIATHAN (2014) A group of possessed baddies thwarted in 1714 when they tried to raise the legendary Leviathan, return in 2014 to finish what they started 300 years earlier. Standing in their way is local legend, Captain Zicari, who returns to put an end to the group once and for all with the help of a small group of locals who work at the town’s museum.

CHILL (2013) A harmless game of “Chill” - sort of a live action game of Clue - goes bad in 1988 when someone actually stalks and kills a group of college kids playing the game on campus. The murders go unsolved, the game is banned from campus, and the deaths slip into becoming a local legend of sorts. Now, twenty five years later, Jared plans on playing a ramped up version of the game one more time in the same building where the previous murders took place. He’s hoping a televised version of the game will make him the next big thing or lead to a nice payoff and thinks there will be no harm in playing the game with will participants. We all know nothing bad will happen, right?...

DEMONS (1985) A theater full of people invited to a special screening of a new horror film are caught off guard when what they’re watching on the screen becomes a reality. One by one, the audience are transformed into bloodthirsty demons who continue to spread the demon curse to everyone they attack. Wonderful gooey fun from director Lamberto Bava and producer Dario Argento. Look for CW guest Geretta Geretta as “Rosemary” the first person infected and transformed in a monster.

DOOM ASYLUM (1987) A demented and disfigured madman known as “The Surgeon” stalks and kills a group of teens with an assortment of autopsy tools out to investigate an abandoned mental hospital in this cheesy slasher flick. CW Guest Patty Mullen plays twins, Judy and Kiki LaRue… does she get killed twice this way? Give ‘r a view and find out.

Gunga Jim Presents: DRIVE-IN MASSACRE (1977) A serial killer is stalking victims at a California drive-in and beheading them with a sword… all while nobody seems to see the guy doing it! Two dimwitted, overweight detectives are on his trail. With the exception of George “Buck” Flowers in an uncredited role, one wonders if any of the cast and crew, including director Stu Segail, had any acting talent or even worked on a film before?… Never seen it? Then, brother, are you in for a treat! Join CW horror host regular, Gunga Jim, as he presents another episode of Gunga’s Drive-In and presents DRIVE-IN MASSACRE along with a few trailers to some other camp movie classics on Friday night.

EVILS OF THE NIGHT (1984) Sex hungry teens are captured by a couple of sleazy mechanics (played by Neville Brand and Aldo Ray) and taken to a hospital that seems to be over run by aliens. The aliens need their blood to extend their own lives. Silly sci-fi and horror flick has a lot of flesh going for it. Lots of cameo roles from people like Tina Louise, John Carradine, Julie Newmar, and CW guest Amber Lynn as “Joyce” make it fun to get through.

42nd Street Pete’s HARDCORE WRESTLING HOUR - Not into cartoons? Then why not grab a seat and catch an hour’s worth of hardcore wrestling. Often times compiled from the glory days of hardcore wrestling, 42nd Street Pete is sure to choose a few blood baths that will have you squirming in your seat. Arrive early and enjoy the whole gory show on Saturday morning in MOVIE ROOM 2.

FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED (1969) Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) has escaped his homeland of Bohemia and has fled to England. Once there, he blackmails Anna (Veronica Carlson), the lovely young woman who runs the boarding house where he’s staying, and her doctor boyfriend, Karl (Simon Ward), into helping him with his experiments. Karl works at the mental hospital where Frankenstein’s one time research associate, Dr. Brandt, now resides as a hopeless madman. Frankenstein plans on abducting Brandt and performing the first ever brain transplant. Directed by Terence Fisher, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is one of the best films in the series.

THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH THE DEAD (2014) Lauren is obsessed with death and spends her time ogling atrocity photos and video footage, having necro-daydreams, and reading about serial killers. She tries to wean herself off her obsession and lead a more “normal” life, but the first guy she tries to hook up with has his own hang ups. It’s not long before Satan shows up for a few late night chats, her dead sister begins to visit, and more bad dates with vaguely familiar looking guys follow.

HEAD CASES: SERIAL KILLERS IN THE DELAWARE VALLEY (2013) Back in 2007, we screened Anthony Spadaccini’s HEAD CASE, the story of serial killer Wayne Montgomery, a man who committed 41 murders between 1979 and 2007 and kept detailed records and video footage of his crimes. Wayne never acted alone. He had the help and support of several people, including his wife, Andrea, John Craven, and even his demanding mother, Julie. This latest film takes a look at not only those who helped Wayne continue his brutal murder spree for so many years, but the new generation of copycat killers out to keep his legacy alive. Superbly told in a documentary style with excellent acting and direction from Spadaccini.

I.B.S. (2013) Larry is the guy who cleans up and takes out the trash at a local office building. He’s also got a terrible problem with irritable bowl syndrome that sends him running to the men’s room a lot. His doctor wants to switch up his treatment and sends him to a hypnotherapist, which doesn’t seem to work… or does it? Office douche Keith picks on Larry until an accident has him fall off the loading dock to his death. Amazingly enough, it seems to help Larry’s problem and a new man is born… at least temporarily. He even gets up the courage to ask out cute coworker Heather. Needless to say, that date ends badly. It seems that Larry can only keep his irritable bowl problem stable when he’s killing people on a regular basis. It’s not long before the bodies start to pile up and Larry is happier than he’s ever been.

KANDIE LAND (2013) When Dana’s sister Elizabeth goes missing near the local campground, she begins searching for her. Meanwhile, a group of models head to the campground for an outdoor photo shoot. Enter the mysterious Jonah Kandi. Thought to be dead for 20 years, he lurks in the shadows of the surrounding woods. The mask wearing killer stalks his prey and drags them back to the old family farm to torture and kill them. Bet you can’t guess how this one will end?...

NIGHT SCHOOL (1980) Early overlooked slasher film finds a helmeted, black leather clad killer stalking and decapitating college coeds in Boston. A detective is on the killers trail and clues lead him to suspect the anthropology professor or his female assistant. Most notable as Rachel Ward’s first feature film.

REVENGE OF THE SPACEMEN (2014) After George spots a spaceship land outside of town, he and a couple of friends decide to investigate. Meanwhile, at the Johnson farm, the aliens spread out, probing anyone and any thing they comes across; turning people gassy and green-faced as they go along. It’s a good thing that alcohol is the cure to to the alien anal attacks! Before long, it’s drunken red necks vs alien invaders in this homage to the era of fun 50s sci-fi flicks.

SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS (1977) Billy, the janitor at a local high school acts as the scout for a coven of Satanists led by Yvonne DeCarlo who are on the prowl for a virgin to sacrifice. One day Billy kidnaps the cheerleading squad without knowing that one of the girls is actually a witch who has plans of her own for the Satanic cult. With John Ireland as the local sheriff and John Carraadine as a street wise bum.

SKID ROW (2013) The violent murder of a junkie hooker leads to the discovery of another corpse found in the woods and yet another violent murder by a mysterious masked assailant. Detectives are on the case and suspects pile up yet the murders continue. Chock full of seedy characters and a nice giallo-type twist ending. Skid Row is a nice throwback to the gritty exploitation flicks of the 1970s.

SYNDROME (2014) War. the most profitable business on the planet unless you’re one of the countless people who have given up their lives for the military industrial complex that owns and controls your government. For far too many of our “home town heroes” life after war is a living hell of crippling injury, anxiety, depression, or worse. Nate is one of these heroes. One of thousands… hundreds of thousands who returned home in a wheelchair and are completely ignored by the people who sent him off to die in the first place. Nate’s story isn’t pretty.

THEY CAME FROM THE ETHER (2013) John Henry is a down on his luck door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. He’s given a chance at success when he comes across an alien that tells him to simply call him “Master” and offers him advanced technology in exchange for help in acquiring subjects for human experimentation. Blinded by his sudden success and ambition, John continues to help the Master with his plans. It’s up to detective Washburn to get to the bottom of several disappearances related to the alien and put a stop to his evil plans in this clever homage to 1950’s style sci-fi films.

WITHOUT WARNING (1980) An alien lands on Earth and stalks humans using little creatures that resemble blood sucking star fish. Jack Palance is veteran hunter Joe Taylor. He decides to stalk and hunt the alien creature. Martin Landau is Fred “Sarge” Dobbs. He’s pissed when the alien stalks and kills a group of draftees (that includes a young David Caruso), and Cameron Mitchell shows up to make it a trifecta of cool old character actors. Greydon Clark’s Without Warning was finally released on DVD and makes a great party film to watch with a group. It’s actually a fairly rare film since it’s never been released before, so check it out if you get a chance.

ZOMBIES OF CARNAGE (2013) Creepy legends of a killer cult and a group of friends out to spend a few days in the cabin on the cult’s old property sets the story in motion. Add in a grave robber who digs up the skull of Bernard Lacroix, leader of the cult, and can’t follow simple instructions while doing it, and it’s not long before it’s a fight for survival as the group of friends and unlucky campers slowly turn into flesh hungry monsters.

THE FRIDAY NITE SHORT FILM BLOCK - The Friday Night collection of Short Films has been a popular event with attending fans since our very first show. And with technology what it’s become, the shorts seem to get better and better every show. We’ve got some fun stuff to screen at October’s Show, so grab a seat in MOVIE ROOM 2 early and thrill to the following:

BACK ROAD (2013) A flat tire is no big deal. A flat tire in the middle of nowhere and no spare in the trunk while on your first date with a chick you never thought would go out with you really sort of sucks. After Michael and Tabathia find themselves stranded, a seemingly harmless stranger offers them a ride. And that’s when the fun begins.

CHASING SKIRTS (1913) Two backwood hillbillies “hit” on a city girl one night while a snobby yuppie makes a startling confession to his mistress during dinner in this enjoyable little black comedy short.

ELMIRA AND BONEHILDA GO TO THE MOVIES (2014) A spoof of movie review shows that actually made us laugh a time or two.

MENSTRU-MINUTE! (2013) What happens when medical science creates a pill that will allow a women to go through her monthly visit with Aunt Flow in just one short minute?…

POSSESSED FORKLIFT OF DEATH (2014) The title tells all with this one. Sort of a trailer spoof for a movie with a really silly name.

SCUM (2004) After a guy takes out his cheating ol’ lady, the beast is unleashed and the urge to kill and take what he wants becomes all consuming.


** Please consult the Cinema Wasteland Program Guide upon checking in for a complete film show listing and their approximate starting times. The film line-up is subject to last minute changes. **