September 16, 2017

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Our Celebration of the “Mom and Pop” Video Store days begins with a NIGHTMARE SISTERS and SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA Reunion!

David DeCoteau
Producer, Director, Cinematographer, occasional Actor… David DeCoteau got his start working as a production assistant for Roger Corman when he was just 18 years old. He has been making movies since he was in his early 20’s. He stuck his toe into filmmaking with a handful of adult films, and got his start working on more mainstream and B films when he made DREAMANIAC (1986) for producer Charles Band and has never looked back. He first worked with fellow CW guest Linnea Quigley on CREEPOZOIDS (1987) and Brinke Stevens (with Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer, the three original Queens of Scream) on SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA (1988), and again on NIGHTMARE SISTERS (1988), which cemented the ladies “Scream Queen” title with any and everyone who ever ventured into a video store. Dave’s output in the 80’s and 90’s was staggering, and you are bound to have seen several of his films, including LADY AVENGER (1988), DR. ALIEN (1989), MURDER WEAPON (1989), PUPPET MASTER 3: TOULON’S REVENGE (1991), NAKED INSTINCT (1993), PREY OF THE JAGUAR (1996), CURSE OF THE PUPPET MASTER (1998), FRANKENSTEIN REBORN! (1998), WITCHOUSE (1999), RETRO PUPPET MASTER (1999), FINAL STAB (2001), LEECHES! (2003), PUPPET MASTER: AXIS OF EVIL (2010), and so many others. DeCoteau has made roughly 30 films for Charles Band, worked with plenty of A list “Hollywood” actors as well as those that make B films so much fun to watch. He’s dabbled in every possible genre and has lent a helping hand to several indy productions, but one thing has remained constant for David DeCoteau. He made movies for himself. Realizing early that you can’t just create a cult film, he’s simply made movies he wanted to make at the time he made them. And that more than anything, has probably been a contributing factor in his longevity in this business.

Richard Gabai

July 19th - Richard is unable to attend the fall show.

Linnea Quigley
Along with fellow CW guest Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley is one of the original Queens of Scream and helped coin the phrase “Scream Queen” for all of her work in some really great cult and B horror films. Originally a midwestern girl from Iowa, Linnea moved to LA with her family and started getting work in low budget films like WHEELER (1975), which is probably better known as PSYCHO FROM TEXAS, where she played a barmaid that’s humiliated by the movie’s killer. This led to small parts in comedies like AUDITIONS (1978) and FAIRY TALES (1978), and thrillers like STONE COLD DEAD (1979), which led to her starting her reign as the Queen of B horror with appearances in movies like Lawrence Folds cult classic DON’T GO NEAR THE PARK (1981) and the slasher film GRADUATION DAY (1981). Although she appeared in lower budgeted movies, Linnea began to firmly establish herself as a talented actress no matter what the role called for when she played the deaf mute rape victim in Danny Steinman’s SAVAGE STREETS (1984) and found herself a notch in the belt of the “Killer Santa” in the original SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT (1984). In 1985, she took the role of “Trash” in the cult horror comedy RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, which seemed to help open the doors to a mountain of roles that came her way ever since. Linnea has worked with fellow CW guests Brinke Stevens, Richard Gabai, and Dave DeCoteau on films like DeCoteau’s NIGHTMARE SISTERS (1988), SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA (1988), DR. ALIEN (1989), MURDER WEAPON (1989), and VIRGIN HIGH (1991). She’s worked with director Fred Olen Ray in HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS (1988), JACK-O (1995) and ZOMBIEGEDDON (2003), cult director Jess Franco in MARI-COOKIE AND THE KILLER TARANTULA (1998) and BLIND TARGET (2000), and was in director Kevin Tenney’s NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988) and WITCHTRAP (1989). You can also find her as “Didi” in VICE ACADEMY (1989) and VICE ACADEMY 2 (1990) (with former CW guest Ginger Lynn), John Landis’ INNOCENT BLOOD (1992), Jeff Burr’s PUMPKINHEAD 2: BLOOD WINGS (1994), and so many more enjoyable B films that I’d need to list them all to do her resume justice. Linnea released the tongue in cheek workout tape, LINNEA QUIGLEY’S HORROR WORKOUT in 1990, and has written two books about her life in the B movie industry. “Bio and Chainsaw” was published in 1992, and “I’m Screaming as Fast as I Can” was published in 1995. Over the past five or so years, Linnea seems more in demand than ever, appearing in over 25 films, including Dave DeCoteau’s 3 SCREEM QUEENS (2014) with Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer, where the ladies play up their classic Queens of Scream image as a trio of legendary horror movie starlets.

Brinke Stevens

At an early age, San Diego, CA native Brinke Stevens was acting in school plays, tap dancing on stage, and editing the school newspaper. After graduating from San Diego State University, Brinke went on to earn a Masters Degree in marine biology from Scripps Institute of Oceanography in La Jolla, and for a time, she worked as a scientist for San Onofre Nuclear Power Station and National Marine Fisheries. Brinke also had a successful career as a model and her print and commercial work soon led to employment as an actress, and she’s appeared in over 150 films to date, making her one of the hardest working actresses in independent cinema if you ask us. One of her first feature film roles was as “Linda” in THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE. Director Amy Holden Jones wanted to cast her in one of the lead roles, but a modeling assignment during the film’s shoot caused her to accept a smaller role as the films first “driller killer” victim. As the 1980s progressed, Brinke found herself working more and more until, as one of the original queens of scream, she helped coin the term “Scream Queen” back when it actually meant something. During the true “scream queen” era, you can find Brinke in several cult movie classics (from directors like Fred Olen Ray, Jim Wynorski, and David DeCoteau), including SLAVE GIRLS BEYOND INFINITY (1987), SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMBALL BOWL-O-RAMA (1988), NIGHTMARE SISTERS (1988), TRANSYLVANIA TWIST (1989), HAUNTING FEAR (1990) which she sites as one of her favorite films of the time, BAD GIRLS FROM MARS (1989), TEENAGE EXORCIST (1991), and JACK-O (1995). Brinke has appeared in several films that we’ve screened at the CW Show over the years, including REPLIGATOR (1996), THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS CLUB (2001), MARK OF THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES (2002), HEAD CASE (2007), and DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009). As we write this little bio, Brinke has ten new films or shorts currently in some stage of post-production or completed (including TERROR TOONS 4 with Linnea Quigley). Her resume is quite extensive and we could never do it justice, so feel free to punch her up on the IMDb and be prepared to be amazed at just how many films you’ve seen Brinke in over the years. In addition to acting, modeling, and dance, Brinke has written and sold several screenplays, as well as fiction and non-fiction articles for such genre publications as WEIRD TALES, MONSTERLAND, and FEMME FATALES. She’s also the inspiration, writer and publisher of the “Brinke of Destruction” comic book series. As a producer, Brinke has helmed and hosted the SHOCK CINEMA and SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT video documentaries, and in 2012 she made her directorial debut with PERSONAL DEMONS.

The Celebration Continues with a return from the infamous “Ilsa” herself!

Dyanne Thorne
Dyanne studied acting in New York with Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg and made her film debut with an uncredited role in the comedy WHO’S WAS THAT LADY? (1960). Before she wound up in the cult role she’s known the world over for, she had notable roles in TV’s STAR TREK (Season 2, Episode 17: A Piece of the Action), as a faithless wife in the thriller POINT OF TERROR (1971), the bumbling fairy godmother in THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO (1971), “Alotta, Queen of the Witches” in BLOOD SABBATH (1972), and as “Boo-Boo” the barmaid in THE SWINGING BARMAIDS (1975). After Barmaids, Dyanne took the role of wicked Nazi villainess, “Ilsa”, in ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE S.S. (1975), reprised the role in ILSA, HAREM KEEPER OF THE OIL SHEIKS (1976) and returned for ILSA: TIGRESS OF SIBERIA (1977). She also starred in director Jess Franco’s Ilsa-like exploitation film, GRETA THE MAD BUTCHER (1977), which was released as ILSA THE WICKED WARDEN to obviously cash in on the popular character and films. You can also find Dyanne in the sex-comedy CHESTY ANDERSON US NAVY (1976), and as a inmate in the cult Women’s Prison flick HELLHOLE (1985). Recently, Dyanne has returned to movie work, appearing in a couple of indy horror films: HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS (2014) and HOUSE OF THE WITCHDOCTOR (2014). Outside her film and television work, Dyanne Thorne has performed in Broadway road tours and starred in her own popular Las Vegas comedy, SEX OVER 40, along with husband Howard Maurer. For the last several years, ordained minister Dyanne and actor/musician husband Howard have run their own private wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Be sure to look her up next time you’re in the mood for a Vegas wedding!

Howard Maurer
Actor and musician Howard Maurer appeared as “Charlie” in WHAM BAM THANK YOU SPACEMAN (1975), as a Sheik at the slave auction in ILSA, HAREM KEEPER OF THE OIL SHEIKS (1976), and in ILSA: TIGRESS OF SIBERIA (1977) where he played a soldier in the Gulag camp and lover to real life wife Dyanne Thorne’s Ilsa character. You can also find him in Jess Franco’s GRETA THE MAD BUTCHER (1977) which was released as ILSA THE WICKED WARDEN, as a newscaster in ROCKY 3 (1982), and numerous TV shows as both an actor and singer. Recently, Howard has returned to movie work, appearing in HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS (2014) and HOUSE OF THE WITCHDOCTOR (2014) with Dyanne Thorne. Howard is an accomplished pianist and jazz vocalist who loves to jam latin music. He also conducts an 18 piece orchestra and has headlined several Las Vegas Hotel showrooms over the years.

And who Doesn’t Love a few great First Time CW Guests?!

Veronica Hart
Respected adult starlet of the 1980’s, Veronica Hart, graduated from the University of Nevada with a B.A. in theater, which served her well as she went on to more mainstream film roles. She worked with popular former CW guest, Seka, on several films, including THE SEDUCTION OF CINDY (1980), PRINCESS (1980), BETWEEN THE SHEETS (1981) and CONFESSIONS OF SEKA (1992). Veronica also appeared in several adult films that were popular rentals in the video store days, including AFTERNOON DELIGHTS (1980), WAND WHIPS WALL STREET (1981), ROOMMATES (1981), DELICIOUS (1981), AMERICAN DESIRE (1981), AMANDA BY NIGHT (1981), ANGEL BUNS (1981), and LIQUID ASSETS (1982) to name but a few. In the mid to late 80’s Veronica appeared in several non-adult B movies, like the crime drama DEATH MASK (1984), comedies like DELIVERY BOYS (1985), SEX APPEAL (1986), WHIMPS (1986), SLAMMER GIRLS (1987), STUDENT AFFAIRS (1987), SENSATIONS (1987), CLEO / LEO (1989), YOUNG NURSES IN LOVE (1989) and WILDEST DREAMS (1990). You’ll also find her in a bunch of horror movies, sci-fi films and thrillers like IF LOOKS COULD KILL (1986), DERANGED (1987), TATTOO VAMPIRE (1988), BAD BLOOD (1989), BLOODSUCKING PHARAOHS IN PITTSBURGH (1991), FEAST (1992), ALIEN INTRUDER (1993), DOUBLE DECEPTION (1993) and the amusing horror-comedy ONE-EYED MONSTER (2008). Many of the non-adult B films from the mid-1980’s Veronica was in were directed by Chuck Vincent who always said that she was one of his favorite actresses to work with. And as an actress, Veronica went on to appear in some mainstream Hollywood films like RUBY (1992), BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997) and MAGNOLIA (1999) as well. Still very much active both in and out of the adult industry, Veronica Hart continues working to this very day and we couldn’t be happier that she is taking the time to join us this Fall when she makes her first ever CW Show appearance.


Brett Kelly

Canadian born actor, writer, and director, Brett Kelly got his start at the tail end of the video store glory days as the star and director of THE FERAL MAN (2002) and THE BONESETTER (2003) and has directed over twenty five features, making him Canada’s “Duke of Doom” (according to Penny Blood Magazine). Other features by Brett Kelly include FINAL CURTAIN (2005), THE BONESETTER RETURNS (2005), MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND (2006), ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES (2008), JESSIE JAMES: LAWMAN (2015) with Kevin Sorbo and Peter Fonda, and the more recent GHASTLIES (2016) to name a few that you may have seen. Brett isn’t a first time CW Guest, but it’s been years since he was last with us, so we’ll stick him with the rest of the first timers. Pop Cinema will be releasing a few of Brett’s films, and you’ll find Brett at the Pop Cinema tables all weekend at the Fall show where you’re more than welcome to stop over and pick up one of Brett’s DVD’s or talk filmmaking with an actor and filmmaker that’s been doing his thing for over 15 years now.


Craig Muckler
Producer, Actor, Writer… Minnesota born Craig Muckler is, according to his own words, one of those people that tried most everything to make it in show biz. After his high school rock band days, he moved to Los Angeles and fell in with the group of people that produced the fun drive-in film, MALIBU HIGH (1979), before he went on to give acting, script writing, and producing a try over the years. His part in the film about skyjacker D.B. Cooper wound up on the cutting room floor, while he became a series regular as both a cadet and The Spaghetti Monster in the second season of JASON OF STAR COMMAND in 1980, had his own show: “Craig Muckler’s Hollywood Showcase” that ran for years on LA cable access TV, and appeared in his own written and produced horror-comedy (and video store staple), MICROWAVE MASSACRE (1983), as well as THE FLESH MERCHANT (1993) with Michelle Bauer, which he also produced; and the sci-fi comedy, THE NAKED MONSTER (2005) with Brinke Stevens. Craig seems like a genuinely fun guy to be around and we know he’ll have a blast when he makes his debut as a CW Guest this Fall.


Chris Mulkey

Where do you start with actor CHRIS MULKEY? You may not recognize his name right away, but you damn sure will know some of the films and characters he’s played. Chris got his start in the drama LOOSE ENDS (1976) and the drive-in crime-thriller TOMCATS (1977) which you may know better under its video release title, AVENGED. With well over 200 film and television credits to his name since TOMCATS, you’ll find Chris Mulkey in everything from films like Walter Hill’s western, THE LONG RIDERS (1980) and Hill’s cult comedy, 48 HOURS (1982), to Sylvester Stallone’s first “Rambo” movie, FIRST BLOOD (1982), and the sci-fi film, TIMERIDER: THE ADVENTURE OF LYLE SWANN (1982). You’ll find him in horror films like DREAMSCAPE (1984), THE HIDDEN (1987), JACK’S BACK (1988), CLOVERFIELD (2008), DARK MOON RISING (2009), SANITARIUM (2013), and THE PURGE (2013); sci-fi films like RUNAWAY (1984), crime and action movies like QUIET COOL (1986), IN DANGEROUS COMPANY (1988), FROM HOLLYWOOD TO DEADWOOD (1988), THE SILENCER (1992), John Woo’s BROKEN ARROW (1996), BEHIND ENEMY LINES (1997), TWIST OF FATE (1998), and UNKNOWN (2006) along with a ton of comedies, dramas, made for TV movies, and TV shows, like David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS where he played “Hank Jennings”, LOST, ARRESTING BEHAVIOR, 24, SAVING GRACE, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, and so many others.


Jill Schoelen
Jill Schoelen got her acting start with the TV pilot, Best of Times, along with Nicholas Cage and Crispin Glover. A few more television roles came her way before moving on to feature film work in the comedies D.C. CAB (1983), and HOT MOVIES (1985), along with the drama THUNDER ALLEY (1985). Her nitch in the horror genre began with Wes Craven’s made for TV movie, CHILLER (1985) and continued with the cult horror-thriller THE STEPFATHER (1987), CUTTING CLASS (1989), CURSE 2: THE BITE (1989), THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1989) with Robert Englund, POPCORN (1991) and the made for TV thriller, WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK (1993). Between the horror movie roles most Wastelanders know, Jill continued to work on made for TV movies like SHATTERED SPIRITS (1986), BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB (1987), and TRIUMPH OVER DISASTER: THE HURRICANE ANDREW STORY (1993), did a few dramas like THAT WAS THEN… THIS IS NOW (1985) with Emilio Estevez, and continued to show up on various popular television shows. In the mid-1990’s Jill slowed down to raise her kids and be a mom for awhile, and recently returned to acting with the made for TV crime drama, FAULT (2017).

Martin Stephens

Martin was one of the most popular child actors in Great Britain. Beginning with the drama The Divided Heart in 1954, Martin appeared in almost 20 feature films and popular television series. He appeared in dramas like ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE (1958) and THE BATTLE OF VILLA FIORITA (1965); action adventure films like HARRY BLACK (1958) and THE HELLFIRE CLUB (1961); comedies that include COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS (1959), BEWARE OF CHILDREN (1960), and A TOUCH OF LARCENY (1960); crime flick THE WITNESS (1959); and a trio of horror films most Wastelanders may know, including VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960), the creepy underrated ghost story, THE INNOCENTS (1961), and the Hammer Horror film, THE WITCHES (1966). Martin lost interest in acting as he approached adulthood and moved to Belfast in 1968 to study architecture. He later returned to his native England where he pursued his career in architecture and became a teacher of meditation. In the last few years, Martin Stephens has made a couple of appearances at movie conventions here in the U.S. and we couldn’t be happier that he’s able to attend his first CW Show this Fall.

You Want a Couple More Great Guests this show?... You got it!

Tom Atkins
Pittsburgh, PA native Tom Atkins was a horror movie fan since childhood when movies like the original THING (FROM ANOTHER WORLD) left a mark on him. After college, Tom did a little TV work before making his film debut in the Frank Sinatra private eye outing, THE DETECTIVE (1968), playing the first of what would become a career full of police officer roles for Atkins. After doing a few more years of television, appearing on popular TV shows like Rhoda, The Rookies, The Rockford Files, and Baretta to name just a few, Tom Atkins started appearing in a number of films all Cinema Wasteland fans should know and love. After the made for TV movie, TARANTULAS: THE DEADLY CARGO (1977), Atkins then did both THE FOG (1980) and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (1981) for director John Carpenter. He played “Dr. Dan Challis” in Tommy Lee Wallace’s underrated HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH (1982), worked with Fred Dekker on NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (1986), Richard Donner in LEATHAL WEAPON (1987), and showed up in William Lustig’s MANIAC COP (1988). Between numerous TV and non-horror related movie roles, Tom worked with George Romero three times. He’s “Stan” the grumpy father in the CREEPSHOW (1982) wraparound segments, “Detective Grogan” in Romero’s segment of TWO EVIL EYES (1990), and plays another detective role in Romero’s BRUISER (2000). Proving that no actor ever really retires when a role comes their way, Tom recently showed up as the Sheriff in MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D (2009) and has appeared in several films since, including TRAPPED (2009), DRIVE ANGRY (2011), JUDY’S DEAD (2014) and the recently completed ENCOUNTER (2017).

Charles Craig

Long time Pittsburgh voice-over talent and announcer, Charles Craig, was tapped to play the newscaster on the farmhouse TV in George Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) who kept the cast up to date on rescue centers and the growing zombie epidemic around them. He also played a featured zombie in the film (and is featured on the one-sheet poster, right there at the top with his head poking into the white border under the “D” in They Won’t Stay Dead!) giving him the advantage of a double whammy for fans. You can also catch Charles Craig in the drama CHASING DREAMS (1982), as well as the indy race film, BORN TO RACE (1988).
Charles Craig missed our last NOTLD reunion show due to illness, but he’s back on his feet and ready to meet with attending fans this Fall.


A. Ghastlee Ghoul
The host of the Dayton and Springfield Ohio area’s long running, late night, horror-comedy schlockathon known as “The Ghastlee Movie Show” has been spewing video-vaudevillian cheese and sleaze to the untold millions... ah, hundreds... OK, dozens of fans held captive by his wit and wisdom for well over twenty five years now. Regularly joining Ghastlee for a Cinema Wasteland weekend is long time cohort in crime, Jeff McClellan: American, as well as Louu the XXXmas Devil, and Suspira; members of the garage-punk band, SPLATTERTUDE. In addition to having Ghastlee and his band mates prowling our dealer and guest room all weekend long, why not join A. Ghastlee Ghoul every Saturday night, beginning at 8:00pm in Movie Room 1, as he presents A GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES LIVE SHOW, where he hosts a night of music, comedy, skits, interactive games and prize giveaways that has become somewhat of a drunken Saturday night tradition at Cinema Wasteland over the years. A. Ghastlee Ghoul has been with us since our very first show and we’ve sort of adopted him as our official Wasteland horror host. And although many a horror host have come and gone from Cinema Wasteland shows over the years, you can always count on Ghastlee to be with us twice a year.

Amy Lynn Best
Amy Lynn Best, a Pittsburgh PA native, has studied acting and dancing since she was three years old. She co-produced and costarred in the independent feature horror film, THE RESURRECTION GAME (2002), and like many independent film producers, she learned the film business from the ground up. On the short haunted house film, TENANT, Amy studied cinematography from that film's director of photography, Bill Fuller. Out of necessity, she learned the basics of grip work, camera operation, and the fine art of line producing. Since meeting her film making husband, Mike Watt, she has acted or worked on nearly a dozen films, including the critically-acclaimed feature, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2000), DR. HORROR’S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS (2003), along with ABATTOIR (2007), SPLATTER MOVIE (2008), DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009), “The Gorge” segment of George Romero’s DEADTIME STORIES 2 (2011), LITTLE BIG BOY (2012), TALES OF POE (2014) and RAZOR DAYS (2015) to name a few.

Dirk Manning
Dirk is the writer/creator of the horror comic series Tales of Mr. Rhee (Devil’s Due) and Nightmare World (Image Comics/Shadowline) as well as several other comic book series and graphic novels. Aside from writing horror comics, Dirk is also the author of Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics (Caliber) and has written several short films for the popular YouTube horror series BlackBoxTV, including “The Hunger,” “The Night Shift” and “Zombie.” Dirk’s been a regular at the October CW Show for the past few years, and if you’ve been yearning to read some great modern horror comics or are interested in the craft of writing for comics or film, be sure to stop and chat with him. He’s always willing to offer a little advise for the asking. When he’s not set-up at Cinema Wasteland or assorted comic shows and conventions, you can find Dirk prowling the internet.

The Mummy and the Monkey Show
In the grand tradition of Cleveland Horror Hosts comes The Mummy and the Monkey Show, hosted by Janet Decay and Grimm Gori, which combines two - count them - two productions in the time honored tradition of no budget Horror Shows: JANET DECAY’S ROTTEN REELS and GRIMM GORI’S EERIE CINEMATERY, which naturally offers up cheesy flicks and silly skits. Janet Decay and Grimm Gori grabbed themselves a table in the Guest and Vendor Room a couple of shows ago and decided to stay. You’ll find them once again prowling the Show all weekend so stop over, say hello, and check out what they have to offer as you pass through the Guest and Vendor Room.

Son of Ghoul
With 30+ years and thousands of shows broadcast on TV, Son of Ghoul is Akron and Cleveland’s longest continuous running horror host; as well as a long time regular here at the Cinema Wasteland show. Live in the Cleveland or Akron area? Then by all means, see if you can’t catch Son of Ghoul’s movie show on television. A life long Three Stooges fan that can actually boast that he owns all 190 Columbia produced Three Stooges shorts on 16mm film, Son of Ghoul presents a trio of Stooge Shorts every Saturday at Noon in Movie Room 1 and has recently started to put together the Saturday morning “politically incorrect” cartoon block for us. After all, Cinema Wasteland, cartoons, and the Three Stooges go together better than drunks and strippers. Well, almost better...


Tom Sullivan
TomTom was the makeup effects man, prop builder, stop motion animator... ah, hell, he did so much behind-the-scenes work that we feel Tom is at least partially responsible for the entire look and feel of Sam Raimi’s cult horror favorite, EVIL DEAD. Before EVIL DEAD, Tom was the special effects guy on Sam Raimi’s WITHIN THE WOODS (1978), the short film that Sam Raimi made to secure financing for EVIL DEAD. He also worked plenty an uncredited job on EVIL DEAD 2 and did some sculpting work on THE FLY 2 for Chris Wallas. A talented artist, Tom has also done illustrations for collectible card games, film production companies, book illustrations, and designed the ultra-cool “Book of the Dead” DVDs for the Anchor Bay limited edition EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2 releases. He also penned the TOM SULLIVAN’S BOOKS OF THE DEAD comic series and found himself taking a few acting roles in films like the horror-comedy BUDDY BEBOP VS THE LIVING DEAD (2009), SPLATTER MOVIE:THE DIRECTOR’S CUT (2008), DOG (2009), A SHEER AGENDA (2009) and a few short films. Tom is a regular here at Cinema Wasteland and has become a real fan favorite guest. Tom’s had his own “Sullivan Museum Room” at the CW Show for more years than we can count, where he puts original EVIL DEAD props, storyboards and artwork on display for all attending fans to see up close and personal. Tom was actually the first guest we invited to be a part of the very first Cinema Wasteland Show back in September 2000, and he’s been a part of the Cinema Wasteland Family ever since.


Mike Watt
Writer, director, and journalist Mike Watt wrote and directed THE RESURRECTION GAME (2001) and Bloody Earth Film's A FEAST OF FLESH (2007) (aka "Abattoir") through Happy Cloud Pictures, which he co-founded with the lovely and talented Amy Lynn Best and the less lovely but also talented Bill Homan. He also wrote the screenplays for SEVERE INJURIES (2003), WERE-GRRL (2002), SPLATTER MOVIE: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT (2008), DEAD MEN WALKING (2005) for The Asylum, THE SCREENING (2007) for G. Cameron Romero, as well as DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009) and RAZOR DAYS (2015). Mike has worked as an editor, producer, actor, and most any other job needed to complete a film or short. He was the editor of Sirens of Cinema Magazine and is always tirelessly persueing most anything to pay his rent… ah, further the independent film spirit and commerodity all of us in this business equally share.

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Guest appearances are based on schedules permitting. Guests do charge a nominal fee for autographs. Show events are naturally subject to change.