February 13, 2015

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This April, the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo is celebrating one of the last true independent Drive-In films made before the Drive-In’s began their long slow slide into oblivion when we Celebrate STREET TRASH with the following Cast and Crew Members:

Jane Arakawa
Jane was “Wendy” in STREET TRASH (1987), where she spent most of her day avoiding the advances of her disgusting boss and hoping for a better life along with Fred’s (Mike Lackey) brother Kevin. She also appeared in the Pink Slip television series, and the Street Trash documentary, THE MELTDOWN MEMOIRS (2006).

Jennifer Aspinall
Make-up artist, Jennifer Aspinall, began her career at the age of 12 working for dinner theaters in Philadelphia, PA. At the age of 18, she moved to New York City looking to expand her opportunities. Her ability to adapt has allowed her to work in several mediums within the field of make-up, including theater, television, commercials, print work, and of course, films. She moved into doing make-up effects for films in the early 1980’s, and found herself working on the cult horror classic, THE TOXIC AVENGER (1984). She’s worked on several other films all Wasteland fans should know, including SPOOKIES (1987), PSYCHOS IN LOVE (1987), STREET TRASH (1987), and director Larry Cohen’s THE AMBULANCE (1990), to name a few. She worked six seasons at the New York City Opera, designed for various Broadway productions, and headed up the art department on Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1993, where she received an Emmy nomination for her work. She headed out West to LA and served as the make-up department head on MAD TV from 1995 to 2009, and won an Emmy in 2009 (along with several other awards over her 14 season run) for her work on the show. She’s also had her fair share of more mainstream Hollywood work, including working on THE MEXICAN (2001) with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, as well as working with Steven Spielberg on INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (2008), to name a couple. It seems that Jennifer is always in demand and working, so her appearance at this April’s CW Show is naturally based on her schedule. The April CW Show would be her first ever appearance at a show of this type, so let’s keep our collective fingers crossed she can get a weekend off to join us.

Tony Darrow
New York native Tony Darrow got his start as a popular lounge singer in the early 1970’s where he performed regularly in the Catskill, NY and Pocano, PA resort areas. In the mid-1980’s Tony decided to pursue an acting career and his first film role was as mobster “Nick Duran” in STREET TRASH (1987), where his banter with James Lorinz is some of the most memorable stuff from the film. After STREET TRASH, you’ll find Tony in a number of films shot in and around New York, including GOODFELLAS (1990), TEAMSTER BOSS: THE JACKIE PRESSER STORY (1992), WHO DO I GOTTA KILL? (1994) with James Lorinz, Woody Allen’s MIGHTY APHRODITE (1995), DECONSTRUCTING HARRY (1997), SWEET AND LOWDOWN (1999) and SMALL TIME CROOKS (2000); THE NORTH END (1997), ANALYZE0 THIS (1999) with Robert De Niro, MICKEY BLUE EYES (1999) with Hugh Grant and James Caan, LYNCH MOB (2009), and KILL THE IRISHMAN (2011) to name just a few. On television, you can find Tony Darrow in six episodes of Swift Justice, a trio of Law & Order episodes, and as the reoccurring character “Larry Boy Barese” on The Sopranos between 1999 and 2007. You’ll also find Tony in several made for TV movies, and he’s got a couple of things currently announced or in various stages of production.

Roy Frumkes
Writer and producer, Roy Frumkes, has also taken the reigns as director and acted in several films over the years as well. Roy played the first zombie to behit with a pie in George Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978) and was allowed behind-the-scenes access to film his documentary on Dawn and the films of Romero, DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD. He added new footage to Document of the Dead during the filming of TWO EVIL EYES (1990) and was on the set for LAND OF THE DEAD (2005) to continue his Romero zombie coverage with DREAM OF THE DEAD (2005). As a writer, Roy wrote THE JOHNSONS (1992), along with THE SUBSTITUTE (1996) and its sequels to name but a few. For STREET TRASH (1987) Roy scripted, produced, and appeared as the businessman who has his face melted off by an oozing glob of toxic wino... Really. Check out the film if you have no idea what I’m talking about. In talking to Roy, I can be sure of one thing. He’s a fan just like you an me. And it shows. He also owns an amazing amount of film footage, rare stuff, and weird out takes like unused footage from the classic LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. Shortly after his last appearance at Cinema Wasteland in October 2006, Roy and Mike Lackey began a comic book adaptation of STREET TRASH, and after several years of hard work, the giant-sized adaption should be available by show time.

Mike Lackey
Mike starred as “Fred”, the homeless older brother and wino who witnesses the gooey and destructivesecret of “Tenafly Viper” first hand in the cult classic STREET TRASH (1987), where he also served as part of the make up and effects crew. He also did make up effects for the horror-comedy I WAS A TEENAGE ZOMBIE (1987) before turning his attentions outside movie making. After STREET TRASH, Mike joined the Marvel Comics staff where he wrote and edited comic books for SPIDER-MAN, FANTASTIC FOUR, and SILVER SURFER. Mike was also the Creative Director for Central Park Media, producing Japanese anime and manga for rabid American audiences. After his last appearance at Cinema Wasteland back in October 2006, Mike Lackey began a comic book adaptation of STREET TRASH with producer Roy Frumkes. After several years of hard work, the giant-sized Street Trash adaption should be available by show time.

James Lorinz
James Lorinz “doorman” character in STREET TRASH (1987) remains oneof the funniest scene-stealing characters to ever grace the screen.And to the many fans who happened upon STREET TRASH once or twice during its limited theater or original video release, “the doorman” seems to be the one character that lingers in the minds of those fans the most. After STREET TRASH, director Frank Henenlotter found James working as an usher at the Cinema 1,2,3 in New York City and cast him as “Jeffrey Franken” in his cult classic, FRANKENHOOKER (1990). You can also find James Lorinz in Abel Ferrara’s KING OF NEW YORK (1990), working for the mob in WHO DO I GOTTA KILL? (1992) (aka Me and the Mob) where he also wrote the script. He showed up as an upset driver in ROBOCOP 3 (1993), and can be found in GOD HAS A RAP SHEET (2003), LAUGH KILLER LAUGH (2015), and THE TRANSFIGURATION (2015) to name a few. He’s also appeared in several TV shows over the years, including NYPD Blue, Brooklyn South, Judging Amy, Titus, and Unforgettable to name a few. In 2000 James wrote, directed, and starred (along with David Caruso) in the short film SWIRLEE, the tragic story of a down on his luck ice cream spokesman - Who just happens to be a living ice cream cone willing to due himself in by taking a hot bath!



Graydon Clark
Actor, writer, producer and director... Greydon Clark is another one of those people who made the Drive-In so much fun in the 60’s and 70’s. As an actor, he was in some great B movie stuff, including SATAN’S SADISTS (1969), THE MIGHTY GORGA (1969), HELL’S BLOODY DEVIL’S (1970), and DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN (1971). As a director and writer, Greydon brought the world THE BAD BUNCH (1973) where he also acted, PSYCHIC KILLER (1975) where he acted and was producer, BLACK SHAMPOO (1976), SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS (1977), ANGEL’S BRIGADE (1979), WITHOUT WARNING (1980), and SKINHEADS (1989). He spoofed the slasher movie craze with his film, WACKO (1982), exploited the rise of video games with his comedy, JOYSTICKS (1983), dabbled in action films with FINAL JUSTICE (1985) and returned to the tried and true horror genre with UNINVITED (1988) to name but a few of the 20+ films Clark produced and directed during his career. He also dabbled in TV when he wrote and directed a couple of the better episodes of the MIKE HAMMER, PRIVATE EYE TV series with Stacy Keach in 1997. Recently, Greydon Clark penned the career spanning book, ON THE CHEAP: MY LIFE IN LOW BUDGET FILMMAKING, in which he covers the ups an downs of spending a lifetime on the fringes of Hollywood making the movies he wanted to make for almost thirty years.


Sharon Farrell

2/5/16 - Sharon is scheduled for some surgery mid-March and her doctor has advised her to take a couple weeks rest afterwards. She’s got enough on her mind, so instead of stressing out about trying to make the April Show, she will reschedule her appearance for the September 30 - October 1 & 2, 2016 Fall Show, and we will contact her to see how she is doing and confirm her Fall Show appearance a week or so after the April Show.
Because she was also excited to be screening a couple of great 16mm films she was in, we will also replace those while we have time and run them at the Fall Show when she is here to introduce them.


William Grefe
Born and raised in and around Miami, writer, director, and producer, William Grefe gave the world some of the most enjoyable films the drive-in’s had to offer in the 60’s and 70’s. When biker and racing films started to become popular, Grefe made RACING FEVER (1964) the first speedboat racing film, and followed that up with his first horror film, STING OF DEATH (1965) a year later. During his career, he touched on all popular genre’s, including crime drama’s with THE DEVIL’S SISTERS (1966) and THE HOOKED GENERATION (1968), biker films WILD REBELS (1967) and WHISKEY MOUNTAIN (1977), the comedy THE GODMOTHERS (1973) and several other horror and exploitation films, including DEATH CURSE OF TARTU (1966), THE NAKED ZOO (1971), STANLEY (1972), IMPULSE (1974) with William Shatner, and MAKO: THE JAWS OF DEATH (1976). Early in his career, he was second unit director on the infamous I EAT YOUR SKIN (1964) and did the shark scenes in the Bond film LIVE AND LET DIE (1973). Bill Grefe continued to write and produce films into the mid 1990’s and even returned to directing with the drama, ELECTRIC SHADES OF GREY (2001) and more recently, the short film CONSIDER US EVEN (2014).

Linda Miller
Linda Miller was a model living and working in Japan when she was cast as “Lieutenant Susan Watson” in the classic Japanese big monster movie, KING KONG ESCAPES (1967), where MechaKong does battle with the real Kong (who just so happens to have a crush on Miller’s character.) From there, she appeared as a nurse in the enjoyable Japanese sci-fi monster movie, THE GREEN SLIME (1968), where she and the rest of the cast does their best to avoid the hoard of one-eyed tentacled monsters threatening to destroy their space station.

David Naughton
Lots of actors struggle for that one role people will remember. David Naughton started his career in theater and TV in the 1970’s and will best be remembered for several of the things he’s done during his long career in film and television. He was cast as the lead singer/dancer in the enormously popular “Be A Pepper” ad campaign for Dr. Pepper soda and starred along with Michael J. Fox in Fox’s film debut, MIDNIGHT MADNESS (1980), before he was cast as “David Kessler” in John Landis’s cult classic horror film, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (1981), which also happened to win effects artist Rick Baker his first Oscar. He also recorded the popular (disco) single “Makin’ It” in the late 70’s and starred in the 1979 series of the same name. Naughton appeared in several popular TV series, including Planet of the Apes, The Love Boat, My Sister Sam, and Granite Flats to name a few. In addition to his ever remembered role in American Werewolf, he’s also done his fair share of films most Cinema Wasteland fans would know, including HOT DOG… THE MOVIE (1984), Paul Bartel’s NOT FOR PUBLICATION (1984), the thriller KIDNAPPED (1987) with Barbara Crampton, cult horror flicks THE SLEEPING CAR (1990) and STEEL AND LACE (1991), WILD CACTUS (1993), AMITYVILLE: A NEW GENERATION (1993), John Carpenter’s BODY BAGS (1993), ICE CREAM MAN (1995) with Clint Howard, BIG BAD WOLF (2006), BRUTAL MASSACRE: A COMEDY (2007), and so many others.

George "The Animal" Steele
Detroit, Michigan native, George Steele, enjoyed a 30+ year career in professional wrestling. He first wrestled under a mask as “The Student” before a Pittsburgh, PA promoter gave him his more famous wrestling name. Steele spent years as a “heel” - the wrestling term for a bad guy - before getting the chance to turn good in 1985 and finish out his career with the fans behind him. His most popular run as a wrestler was in the WWF, where he was known to chew off the corner turnbuckle covers and throw the stuffing into the crowds. He wrestled all the top stars of the day, including Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, and Randy Savage, in which he had a feud that ran throughout 1986 and 1987 to the delight of fans world wide. George retired from full time wrestling in 1989 and continued to work in the business as a road agent and make occasional wrestling appearances for the next decade or so. As his full time in-ring wrestling career was winding down, George found himself with the opportunity to get into acting. He appeared in a couple of music videos and as a wrestler (naturally) in RUTHLESS PEOPLE (1986) before he was cast as (another wrestler turned B movie actor), “Tor Johnson” in Tim Burton’s ED WOOD (1994), which is probably his most famous role. He’s continued to appear in other shorts and features since ED WOOD, including the dramas BLOWFISH (1997), and SMALL TOWN CONSPIRACY (2003), the crime comedy, SOUTH OF HEAVEN (2008), and the horror flick, BOSTON GIRLS (2010).


A. Ghastlee Ghoul
The host of the Dayton and Springfield Ohio area’s long running, late night, horror-comedy schlockathon known as “The Ghastlee Movie Show” has been spewing video-vaudevillian cheese and sleaze to the untold millions... ah, hundreds... OK, dozens of fans held captive by his wit and wisdom for well over twenty five years now. Regularly joining Ghastlee for a Cinema Wasteland weekend is long time cohort in crime, Jeff McClellan: American, as well as Louu the XXXmas Devil, and Suspira; members of the garage-punk band, SPLATTERTUDE. In addition to having Ghastlee and his band mates prowling our dealer and guest room all weekend long, why not join A. Ghastlee Ghoul every Saturday night, beginning at 8:00pm in Movie Room 1, as he presents A GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES LIVE SHOW, where he hosts a night of music, comedy, skits, interactive games and prize giveaways that has become somewhat of a drunken Saturday night tradition at Cinema Wasteland over the years. A. Ghastlee Ghoul has been with us since our very first show and we’ve sort of adopted him as our official Wasteland horror host. And although many a horror host have come and gone from Cinema Wasteland shows over the years, you can always count on Ghastlee to be with us twice a year.

Amy Lynn Best
Amy Lynn Best, a Pittsburgh PA native, has studied acting and dancing since she was three years old. She co-produced and costarred in the independent feature horror film, THE RESURRECTION GAME (2002), and like many independent film producers, she learned the film business from the ground up. On the short haunted house film, TENANT, Amy studied cinematography from that film's director of photography, Bill Fuller. Out of necessity, she learned the basics of grip work, camera operation, and the fine art of line producing. Since meeting her film making husband, Mike Watt, she has acted or worked on nearly a dozen films, including the critically-acclaimed feature, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2000), DR. HORROR’S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS (2003), along with ABATTOIR (2007), SPLATTER MOVIE (2008), DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009), “The Gorge” segment of George Romero’s DEADTIME STORIES 2 (2011), LITTLE BIG BOY (2012), TALES OF POE (2014) and RAZOR DAYS (2015) to name a few.

Count Gore De Vol
Count Gore De Vol has been hosting horror movies since 1971 in three markets: Paducah, KY, Washington, DC, and The Entire World! After a year at WDXR in Paducah, he moved to WDCA, Channel 20 in Washington, where he hosted Creature Feature and competed with Congress for the title of chief blood sucker for more than 15 years. In 1998, Count Gore responded to the calls of his fans and returned to his chosen profession by becoming the first horror host on the Internet with “Creature Feature”, his Weekly Web Program at www.countgore.com that continues to this day. In 1999 he triumphantly returned to Washington to host Channel 20’s "Countdown with the Count" Millennium Special. Recently, the ol’ vampire can be found as “the narrator” in the indy vampire flick, THE DEAD MATTER (2009), just happens to be the main topic of interest in the documentary EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN (2009), and showed up in the DREADFUL HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (2010). Count Gore is a semi-regular guest at Cinema Wasteland, and we’re happy to have him back in April after a couple years away.

42nd Street Pete
Long time Wasteland friend, 42nd Street Pete, is our “go to guy” when it comes to all things Grindhouse. Why? Because he was there. He lived the era. In the Grindhouse heyday through its demise in the 80’s, the guy lived Times Square and all of the good, bad, and ugly, that went along with it. Hookers, peep shows, drugs, bums, mobsters, and the infamous grind houses were all part of Pete’s life. Back in 2004, Pete hosted UNCONVENTIONAL, a look at the 13th anniversary of the Chiller Theater convention in New Jersey. A few years back, he started hosting 42nd STREET PETE’S 8mm MADNESS; DVD collections of forgotten 70’s stag loops. That’s turned into all kinds of film loop and feature film collection DVD’s fans can pick up for their own collections. Recently, he’s found himself in a few soft core spoofs like THE INSATIABLE IRON BABE (2008) and BATBABE: THE DARK NIGHTIE (2008). In addition to hosting his share of Drive-In and Grindhouse movie panels at past and present Cinema Wasteland shows, Pete can be found hosting the “42 Questions From 42nd Street Pete” trivia game during A GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES LIVE SHOW on Saturday nights. He also puts together the Saturday morning Hardcore Wrestling Hour, so we keep the guy busy. We have to. If we don’t give him enough stuff to do, he wanders off in search of stray head shops and peep show booths.

The Mummy and the Monkey Show
In the grand tradition of Cleveland Horror Hosts comes The Mummy and the Monkey Show, hosted by Janet Decay and Grimm Gori, which combines two - count them - two productions in the time honored tradition of no budget Horror Shows: JANET DECAY’S ROTTEN REELS and GRIMM GORI’S EERIE CINEMATERY, which naturally offers up cheesy flicks and silly skits. Like so many other Horror Hosts from around the country, Janet Decay and Grimm Gori are usually in attendance and can be found somewhere around the CW Show. They’ve got their own table in the main Guest and Dealer Room this time around, so you’ll easily be able to find all weekend long without searching the crowded lobby area. And if you’d like more info on their show, why not check ‘em out at http://www.themummyandthemonkey.com/

Son of Ghoul
With 30+ years and thousands of shows broadcast on TV, Son of Ghoul is Akron and Cleveland’s longest continuous running horror host; as well as a long time regular here at the Cinema Wasteland show. Live in the Cleveland or Akron area? Then by all means, see if you can’t catch Son of Ghoul’s movie show on television. A life long Three Stooges fan that can actually boast that he owns all 190 Columbia produced Three Stooges shorts on 16mm film, Son of Ghoul presents a trio of Stooge Shorts every Saturday at Noon in Movie Room 1 and has recently started to put together the Saturday morning “politically incorrect” cartoon block for us. After all, Cinema Wasteland, cartoons, and the Three Stooges go together better than drunks and strippers. Well, almost better...


Tom Sullivan
TomTom was the makeup effects man, prop builder, stop motion animator... ah, hell, he did so much behind-the-scenes work that I feel Tom is at least partially responsible for the entire look and feel of Sam Raimi’s cult horror favorite, EVIL DEAD. He also worked plenty an uncredited job on EVIL DEAD 2 and did some sculpting work on THE FLY 2 for Chris Wallas. A talented artist, Tom has also done illustrations for collectible card games, film production companies, book illustrations, and designed the ultra-cool “Book of the Dead” DVDs for the Anchor Bay limited edition EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2 releases. He’s also penned TOM SULLIVAN’S BOOKS OF THE DEAD comic series from Dead Dog Comics and found himself taking a few acting roles in films like the horror-comedy BUDDY BEBOP VS THE LIVING DEAD (2009), SPLATTER MOVIE:THE DIRECTOR’S CUT (2008), DOG (2009) and A SHEER AGENDA (2009) to name a few. Tom is a regular here at Cinema Wasteland and has become a real fan favorite guest. He has his own “Sullivan Museum Room” at the show where he puts original EVIL DEAD props, storyboards and artwork on display for all attending fans to see up close and personal. Tom was the first guest we invited to be a part of the very first Cinema Wasteland Show back in September 2000, and he’s been a part of the Cinema Wasteland Family ever since. Be sure to stop in and see what Tom has in store for all you fans as CW’s first family member prepares to celebrate 15 years of the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo this October.

Mike Watt
Writer, director, and journalist Mike Watt wrote and directed THE RESURRECTION GAME (2001) and Bloody Earth Film's A FEAST OF FLESH (2007) (aka "Abattoir") through Happy Cloud Pictures, which he co-founded with the lovely and talented Amy Lynn Best and the less lovely but also talented Bill Homan. He also wrote the screenplays for SEVERE INJURIES (2003), WERE-GRRL (2002), SPLATTER MOVIE: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT (2008), DEAD MEN WALKING (2005) for The Asylum, THE SCREENING (2007) for G. Cameron Romero, as well as DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009) and RAZOR DAYS (2015). Mike has worked as an editor, producer, actor, and most any other job needed to complete a film or short. He was the editor of Sirens of Cinema Magazine and is always tirelessly persueing most anything to pay his rent… ah, further the independent film spirit and commerodity all of us in this business equally share.

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