The Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo
October 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2015

Since the very first CW Show back in September of 2000, Cinema Wasteland has guaranteed everyone through the door more Films and Events than any one fan can actually attend over the course of the three day weekend. Now, as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary with our 28th show, things have never changed. The CW Show seems to be one of the very last of the old school fan shows left standing and we continue to fill a three day Wasteland Weekend with as much programming as possible.

In addition to the 20+ hours that the Vendor and Guest Room is open, we’ve packed just over 61 hours worth of programming into our October Show weekend. Once again, you’ll have to decide what you want to do most every day. Plotting out your weekend early is always a good thing and one of the biggest reasons we try to get the weekend schedule posted a month before every CW Show.

Movies, events and panel times are subject to change from what is listed below between now and show time, so check back the week of the show for any schedule changes.


FRIDAY (October 2nd):

4:15pm - MOVIE: Why stand around the lobby waiting to get into the Vendor and Guest Room when BLOODSUCKING PHARAOHS IN PITTSBURGH begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

4:30pm -
All 3-Day Pass holders admitted.

5:00pm -The Show officially begins. Dealer and Guest Room is open to Single Day Pass holders.

5:00pm -
MOVIE: A couple of CLEVELAND HORROR HOSTS CONQUER THE CONS… or at least attend a few of them around Ohio... in MOVIE ROOM 2.

5:45pm - MOVIE: CREEPSHOW 2 continues our Pittsburgh connection (and leads up to the first Guest Panel of the weekend) in MOVIE ROOM 1.


7:15pm -
MOVIE: The monster craves a mate when MONSTERS OF CARNAGE: DINOBEAST begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

7:30pm -
GUEST: We’re continuing the Day of the Dead celebration we started at the last show when Michael Gornick, Debra Gordon, Mark Tierno, and Mike Trcic gather to kick off the first Guest Talk of the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 1.

8:30pm -
MOVIE: Our “DRUG HORRORS” SCARE FILM BLOCK begins. Catch the following five classic Drug Scare Films: ALCOHOL AND YOU (1969), MARIJUANA, THE GREAT ESCAPE (1970), UPS AND DOWNS, THE AMPHETAMINE & BARBITURATE STORY (1971), ANGEL DEATH (1979), and 11:59: LAST MINUTE TO CHOOSE (1970), in MOVIE ROOM 1.

8:30pm -
MOVIE: Horror Host regular, Gunga Jim, brings Gunga’s Drive-In to Cinema Wasteland with a screening of THE REVENGE OF DOCTOR X in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:00pm - The DEALER and GUEST ROOM closes for the night but the evening is far from over. Movies and Events roll on until 2:00am, so read on!

10:30pm - TV ON FILM: Need something a little lighter after our block of classic Drug Films? This 1985, Halloween themed Fall Guy episode, “October the 32nd,” with Elvira, should do the trick. In MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:45pm -
MOVIE: The amusing horror-comedy, BIGFOOT: THE MOVIE begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

11:30pm -
FUN STUFF: Catch one of the popular WASTELAND INTERMISSION REELS between 16mm films in MOVIE ROOM 1.

MIDNIGHT - MOVIE: The much better than it sounds construction workers vs mobsters movie, STEEL, wraps up the 16mm film screenings for the night in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:30am -
MOVIE: Indy horror outing, THE AXEMAN OF HENDERSON COUNTY, caps off the screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2.

SATURDAY (October 3rd):

9:30am - CARTOON TIME: Start your day the Wasteland way when we present an hour’s worth of classic (& more than likely, politically incorrect) cartoons on 16mm film in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:00am - Doors Open for all pass holders.

10:30am - MOVIE: Saturday Morning Hangover Theater begins with the classic 50s sci-fi thriller, I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE, on 16mm film, in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:30am -
WRESTLING TIME: 42nd Street Pete and Mr. Insanity himself, Toby Klein, present the SATURDAY MORNING HARDCORE WRESTLING HOUR in MOVIE ROOM 2.

Son of Ghoul’s 3 STOOGES hour begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

MOVIE: Can Suzanna Leigh stop THE DEADLY BEES, or will she burn down the village trying? Find out in MOVIE ROOM 2.


1:30pm - GUEST: Suzanna Leigh meets with fans to talk killer bees, bloodthirsty vampires, and Elvis, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

2:30pm - MOVIE: LUST FOR A VAMPIRE wraps up our Suzanna Leigh double feature in MOVIE ROOM 2.

3:15pm - GUEST EVENT: Join the attending cast and crew of LEATHERFACE: TCM 3 after the movie wraps up to catch up on what everyone is up to these days, in MOVIE ROOM 1.

4:15pm - MOVIE: Catch an afternoon dose of blackmail, betrayal, and greed when THE ICING begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

4:30pm - GUEST PANEL: Join Kay Parker, with special guest Jill Nelson, as they talk about the golden age of adult cinema in MOVIE ROOM 1.

6:00pm - FILM FUN: Journey back to a time when television was just plain old weird, when THE LANCELOT LINK SECRET CHIP HOUR begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

6:30pm - SHORT FILM: A day in the life of a bum… MANUER begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

7:00pm - The DEALER and GUEST ROOM closes for the night, but we can almost guarantee you that the late night shenanigans will keep most of you awake long past your usual bed time.

7:15pm - MOVIE: The anthology horror film, VOLUMES OF BLOOD, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

8:00pm - EVENT: It’s time for another GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES to begin. Join A. Ghastlee Ghoul as he hosts another night of… well, whatever it is he does, in MOVIE ROOM 1.

9:00pm - MOVIE: The horrors of a dick joke gone too far! FANGBONER begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:30pm -
MOVIE: Cult sci-fi flick, DAMNATION ALLEY, kicks off the night’s 16mm double feature in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:45pm - MOVIE: HEADLESS continues the night’s screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2.

MIDNIGHT - MOVIE: Catch another WASTELAND INTERMISSION REEL between the night’s 16mm film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:30am -
MOVIE: Travel back to the 60s and 70s with the animated cult classic, FRITZ THE CAT, as we wrap up the 16mm Saturday night screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:30am -
MOVIE: Bill Zebub’s not at all politically correct exploitation flick, LOVING A VEGETABLE, ends the nights film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2.

SUNDAY (October 4th):

11:00am - Doors open for all pass holders.

11:15am - MOVIE: The made for television thriller, HIGH RISK, kicks off the days 16mm film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

11:30am -
MOVIE: Indy crime thriller, ANDROGYNYM, kicks off the days movie screenings In MOVIE ROOM 2.

12:30pm - SHORT: Let’s continue the days 16mm screenings by revisiting one of the weekend’s WASTELAND INTERMISSION REELS in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:00pm - MOVIE: Our gritty western pick of the weekend; THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN, begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:30pm - MOVIE: Grindhouse crime flick, MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE, must be seen to be believed as it begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

3:00pm -
SHORT: How about one more WASTELAND INTERMISSION REEL between flicks as we begin to wind down the day in MOVIE ROOM 1.

3:15pm -
MOVIE: LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3 returns to wrap up the screenings for the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 2.

3:30pm - MOVIE: DAMNATION ALLEY returns to end the 16mm movie screenings for the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 1.

5:00pm - Cinema Wasteland officially turns out the lights, bolts the doors, and calls our 15th Anniversary Show finished. Make your plans to join us next April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2016 when we enter our 16th Year with our Annual Spring Show.

* All events happen in one of two Movie and Guest Rooms. See the map in our Weekend Events Schedule to find out which room the event you’re interested in will be taking place. The schedule of events is available the weekend of the show or you can print this one here and already have it available.

* Events are subject to last minute changes from the posted schedule. See the daily event schedules posted at each Movie Room door for any last minute changes from those printed here.

* All of the Movies, Films, and Events we offer are absolutely Free to Cinema Wasteland pass holders. Can’t afford to buy a pass into the show? Then to put is as kindly as possible: Stay Home. The CW regulars who are here to have a good time all weekend really don’t want you around mucking things up for them, so do yourself a favor and listen to them.

* Don’t Miss the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo’s “Spring Spectacular” Show next April1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2016. An advance flier for next April’s CW Show Show will be available at registration the weekend of October’s Show.