The Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo
April 4th, 5th and 6th, 2014

Since the very first CW Show back in September of 2000, Cinema Wasteland has guaranteed everyone through the door more films and events than any one fan can actually attend over the course of the three day weekend. Almost 14 years and 25 shows later, the same philosophy holds true as we continue to fill a three day Wasteland Weekend with as much programming as possible.

We’ve packed just over 61 hours worth of programming into our April Show weekend, so once again, you’ll have to decide what you want to do most every day. Plotting out your weekend early is always a good thing and one of the biggest reasons we try to get the weekend schedule posted a month before every CW Show.

Movies, events and panel times are subject to change from what is listed below between now and show time, so check back the week of the show for any schedule changes.


FRIDAY (April 4th):

4:30pm - All 3-Day Pass holders admitted.

5:00pm -The Show officially begins. Dealer and Guest Room is open to Single Day Pass holders.

5:00pm -
MOVIE: JAGOFF MASSACRE kicks off the weekend screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2.

6:00pm -
SHORT: FEBRUARY 4th continues the screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2.

6:30pm - MOVIE: Another WASTELAND INTERMISSION reel will kick off the 16mm film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

6:45pm - MOVIE: Horror Host regular, Gunga Jim, brings Gunga’s Drive-In to Cinema Wasteland with a screening of THE HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND in MOVIE ROOM 2.

7:00pm - MOVIE: The western, 100 RIFLES, is our first 16mm feature film of the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 1.

8:15pm - MOVIE EVENT: Director Daniel Boyd and the attending cast members from his cult sci-fi comedy, INVASION OF THE SPACE PREACHERS, meet up to reminisce and introduce the movie in MOVIE ROOM 2

9:00pm - LIVE EVENT: The RUSTBELT HONEY’S BURLESQUE TROOP kicks off the night’s live entertainment in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:00pm - The DEALER and GUEST ROOM closes for the night but the evening is far from over. We’ve still got Charles Band’s Roadshow, the Friday Night Short Film Block, more movies, and a cool 16mm film to screen. Catch a second wind and enjoy the nighttime festivities!

10:00pm - GUEST EVENT: Charles Band takes the stage with his all new Full Moon Roadshow in MOVIE ROOM 1.

We’ve got seven great shorts to screen this time around, presented in the following order: THRILL KILL (2013), THE BRIDGE (2013), COUNTER PARTS (2014), SADIE JANE (2013) THE STALL (2013), THE HOURGLASS FIGURE (2013), and THE SAMARITIANS (2013).

11:30pm - SHORT: With so many live events going on tonight, we’re going to kick off the Friday night 16mm film screenings with the classic Little Rascals two-reel comedy, BIRTHDAY BLUES, in MOVIE ROOM 1.

11:45pm - MOVIE: Indy fright-fest, BUNNI, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

MIDNIGHT - Another WASTELAND INTERMISSION REEL will begin before the late night feature in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:30am - MOVIE: Rod Steiger gives a great performance as THE ILLUSTRATED MAN caps off the film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:45am - MOVIE: Bill Zebub’s SCIENCE-LESS FICTION wraps up the screenings for the night in MOVIE ROOM 2.

SATURDAY (April 5th):

9:30am - CARTOON TIME: Start your day the Wasteland way when we present an hour’s worth of classic (& more than likely, politically incorrect) cartoons on 16mm film in MOVIE ROOM 1.

9:30am - SHORT: Catch the continuing saga as THE LAST BROADCAST CHAPTER 3: THE ORIGINS OF IRIS begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:00am - Doors Open for all pass holders.

10:15am - WRESTLING TIME: 42nd Street Pete and “Mr. Insanity” himself, Toby Klein, are unleashing another dose of brutality and bloodshed with the SATURDAY MORNING HARDCORE WRESTLING HOUR in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:30am - MOVIE: Saturday Morning Hangover Theater features the big monster classic, GORGO, on 16mm film, in MOVIE ROOM 1.

11:30am -
MOVIE: The severed head of Robert Gates chews its way through SWAMPHEAD, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

NOON - Son of Ghoul’s 3 STOOGES AT NOON will feature the usual trio of original Three Stooges shorts on real 16mm film. Find out what’s in store this time around in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:00pm - MOVIE & GUEST TALK: Director Kevin Tenney introduces his cult horror film, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

1:30pm - MOVIE: MANIAC COP begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

3:15pm - GUEST EVENT: After the MANIAC COP screening, writer/director Larry Cohen (and whoever else would like to join him from our attending guests that worked with him over the years) will join up for a panel and Q&A in MOVIE ROOM 1.

3:30pm - MOVIE: Take a mid-afternoon big monster break when GODZILLA VS. GIGAN wreaks havoc in MOVIE ROOM 2.

4:30pm - GUEST EVENT: Peace, love, and the glory days of adult films! 42nd STREET PETE’S GRINDHOUSE begins with special guest, Serena, in MOVIE ROOM 1.

5:00pm -
MOVIE: Spend a week with a serial killer in the 7th DAY begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

5:30pm - MOVIE: It’s a classic afternoon at the drive-in when WHITE LINE FEVER begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

6:30pm - MOVIE & GUEST TALK: Cult revenge classic, ROLLING THUNDER, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2 with a little talk and an introduction by the films co-star, Linda Haynes.

7:00pm - The DEALER and GUEST ROOM closes for the night, but we can almost guarantee you that the late night shenanigans will keep most of you awake long past your usual bed time.

8:00pm - EVENT: It’s time for another GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES to begin! Join A. Ghastlee Ghoul as he hosts his usual night of music, laughs, and interactive games with audience members in MOVIE ROOM 1.

8:45pm - MOVIE: Kill a little time, with TIME TO KILL, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:00pm - MOVIE: Amusing indy horror-comedy, CONJOINED, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:30pm - MOVIE: Larry Cohen’s mutant baby classic, IT’S ALIVE, begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

11:15pm - MOVIE: Brian DePalma’s PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

MIDNIGHT - MOVIE: As our evening begins to wind down, catch a WASTELAND INTERMISSION REEL between films in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:30am - MOVIE: Always a crowd favorite, THE CAR, ends the Saturday night screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:00am - MOVIE: Hugh Gallagher’s oddly engrossing cult film, GOROTICA, is a perfect Wasteland way to end the nights screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2.

SUNDAY (April 6th):

11:00am - Doors open for all pass holders.

11:15am - MOVIE: Rod Steiger returns as THE ILLUSTRATED MAN kicks off the days 16mm film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

11:30am - SHORT: All of our weekend shorts return for a second round, starting with THE LAST BROADCAST CHAPTER 3: THE ORIGINS OF IRIS, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

NOON - SHORT: FEBRUARY 4th returns on April 6th… or something like that. In MOVIE ROOM 2.

12:45pm - MOVIE: FRIDAY NITE SHORT FILM BLOCK REVISITED! If you missed them on Friday, here’s your last chance to catch our block of 7 short films once again in MOVIE ROOM 2.

1:00pm - SHORT: Let’s spin one of our WASTELAND INTERMISSION REELS between films again in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:30pm - MOVIE: WHITE LINE FEVER returns for an encore screening in MOVIE ROOM 1.

2:00pm - MOVIE: One of our favorite all time biker films, NORTHVILLE CEMETERY MASSACRE, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

3:00pm - SHORT: I can’t imagine we have to try all that hard to get Eric, Lord of the Film Room, to unspool a WASTELAND INTERMISSION REEL between features in MOVIE ROOM 1.

3:30pm - MOVIE: THE CAR pulls in for a return visit and ends the 16mm movie screenings for the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 1.

3:15pm - MOVIE: Catch CW Guest Linda Haynes as a sassy escort “Meg” as we round out the weekend screenings with Jack Hill’s COFFY, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

5:00pm - Cinema Wasteland officially turns out the lights, bolts the doors, and calls our 25th CW Show another fond memory for everyone attending. Make your plans to join us this October 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2014 when we celebrate our 14th anniversary by doing this three day drive-in movie celebration thing all over again.

* All events happen in one of two Movie and Guest Rooms. See the map in our Weekend Events Schedule to find out which room the event you’re interested in will be taking place. The schedule of events is available the weekend of the show or you can print this one here and already have it available.

* Events are subject to last minute changes from the posted schedule. See the daily event schedules posted at each Movie Room door for any last minute changes from those printed here.

* All of the Movies, Films, and Events we offer are absolutely Free to Cinema Wasteland pass holders. Can’t afford to buy a pass into the show? Then keep your dead beat ass at home. The CW regulars who are here to have a good time all weekend really don’t want you freeloaders around, so do yourself a favor and listen to them.

* Don’t Miss the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo’s 14th Anniversary Show this October 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2014. An advance flier for the October 2014 Show will be available at registration the weekend of April’s show.