March 2, 2015

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Monthly Update:

As I sit down to write up this month’s update, we’re six weeks away from April’s Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo. Things are running as smoothly as they usually do since we always take care of things early and I’m just putting the finishing touches on the entire Weekend Schedule of Films and Events so we can post it the week of March 9th.

Since the show is one week later than usual this time around, you’ve still got until March 20th to grab yourself a 3-Day Pass for only $40 or a Single Day Pass for only $20, which will save you five bucks off Saturday’s at-the-door admission price.

If you haven’t looked at the show’s web site over the past few weeks, then you may have missed the announcement that Melissa Moore, star of several enjoyable B films from the late 80s and 1990s will be joining director Jim Wynorski and Peter Spellos for what might as well be considered a mini-reunion for Wynorski’s cult horror films, Sorority House Massacre 2 and Hard To Die, which we will be screening over the show weekend.

We also got word that Carter Stevens is going to make the trip to hang out with Jeanne Silver and Shaun Costello so if you missed the golden age adult film director and star when he was with us, you get another chance to meet him.

All in all, we’ve got 63 hours worth of Films and Programming scheduled for the three day weekend, and just like always, everything we offer our attending fans is absolutely free with the price of admission.

Highlights from the Weekend Schedule include:

Attending horror host regular, Gunga Jim, will once again be bringing Gunga’s Drive-In to CW with a screening of Michael Reeves SHE BEAST on Friday night.

The adult film panel with Jeanne Silver, Shaun Costello and Carter Stevens was moved to Friday night this time around (from it’s usual Saturday afternoon time slot) and promises to be a panel to remember this time around.

We’ve also gathered up a few of the regularly attending indy film makers for a panel we’re calling: SO YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE OR SHORT FILM, AYE? on Friday night. We’ll go over all things indy movie making, so if you’ve ever aspired to make your own movie, you’re not going to want to miss this panel.

The Friday night Short Film Block remains popular, and as always, it will return for an encore screening on Sunday.

On Saturday, 42nd Street Pete will once again be joined by Mr. Insanity Toby Klein when they present 7 of Toby’s most brutal matches as part of the Saturday Morning Hardcore Wrestling Hour.

Son of Ghoul will be screening a rare 3-D Three Stooges short as part of his Three Stooges Hour at Noon on Saturday, and we will have 3-D Glasses available for everyone to use and return after the screening.

The giant Day of the Dead cast panel will happen on Saturday afternoon after a screening of the film, but please note that the film and the panel will happen in two different rooms, so don’t get confused as we screen the movie in the smaller screening room and move the panel to the larger guest and screening room.

Jim Wynorski, Peter Spellos, and Melissa Moore will be telling more than a few great stores when they meet up with fans after a screening of Hard to Die on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, we’re starting a new 16mm feature: Made for TV Theater, where we’ll be presenting a different made for television movie from back when the big three networks actually made and broadcast their own original films. First up is the 1974 horror feature, Killer Bees, with television commercials from the time spliced back into the movie.

You’ll also find the Spaghetti Western feature of the show, Red Sun, on Sunday this time around. It’s a cool film and one of the first westerns to mix martial arts with a spaghetti western story line.

I fiddled around with the schedule this show a bit, so take a look at the schedule and you’ll see that we’ve jammed in more 16mm films and shorts into this show than ever before. And we’ve got a couple of great double features set to go for Friday and Saturday nights in both of the screening rooms as well as plenty of things peppered throughout the weekend to see and do.

We’re going to be busy for a week or so before we get back to organizing the show, but we’ll have the entire Weekend Schedule of Films and Events posted the week of March 9th so you can begin to plot out your weekend in advance. You’ll find a link to a printable Weekend Schedule of Films and Events at the top of the FILMS and EVENTS page on the web site in another week.

OK, let’s commence with the last reminders before show time, shall we?...

TICKETS: We don’t just say it. We prove it to the best of our ability twice a year. For the 60+ hours worth of Movies, Panels, and Programming we offer our attending fans over the course of three days, there is no better bargain out there than an advance ticket to a Cinema Wasteland Show. No “hidden fees” at a Wasteland show guarantees every fan through the door is treated just like the person standing next to you in line; and your ticket in gets you everything we have to offer except for an autograph from our guests.
Between now and March 20th, 2015 you can get an advance 3-Day Pass to April’s Show for only $40. And don’t forget that a 3-Day Pass always gets you into the Dealer and Guest Room half an hour before single day pass holders without paying “early admission fees” other conventions charge extra for.
Single day passes are also available until March 20th for only $20, and both single day or 3-Day Passes will be available at the door after the March deadline. Grab your passes on line by clicking here.
Day of Show Admission Prices are as follows: Friday - $20 for the day or $50 for a 3-Day Pass. Saturday - $25 for the day, which includes 33 hours of programing. Sunday - $15.

The hotel is under new ownership and they are remodeling. We take every available room they have but it looks like we’ll be down a few rooms this show. You can keep trying the Holiday Inn (440-238-8800) and something may open up as we get closer to show time, or you can check the Super 8 across the parking lot at 440-238-0170. There is a lot of lodging in the area, but you will have to go up or down the highway an exit to find it - which also sucks since most CW attendees like to party late into the evening… well, morning actually. Still, if you search for hotels in the area of the show hotel (Holiday Inn, 15471 Royalton Road, Strongsville, Ohio 44136), you will find something a few minutes of the show hotel. Just be careful when driving.

OK, that’s it for me this time around. We’ve got our first convention trip of the season quickly approaching as we make the drive to the Horror Realm show in Pittsburgh, PA the weekend of March 6-8. Live in the area? Then maybe we’ll see you there.
You can check out what they have to offer at: http://www.horrorrealmcon.com/