September 13, 2014

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Monthly Update:

With a month to go until we celebrate our 14th year of running one of the only movie shows that hasn’t completely changed from what it started out as, we once again have nothing but good news to report at this time.

All of our Guests are booked and ready to enjoy their weekend right along with all of you attending fans, and we were once again able to get the entire Weekend’s Schedule of Films and Events finished and posted a month before show time so everyone can start to plot out their weekend early.

You’ll find a printable Weekend Schedule button at the top of the FILMS and EVENTS page of the web site, or just use this handy link to the schedule.

Once again, we’ve squeezed over 60 hours worth of Movies and Mayhem into the three day weekend and just like always, everything we do is 100% free with the price of admission.

Some of the things we have planned for our 26th CW Show will include:

Greydon Clark will kick off the weekend talks on Friday night after a show opening double feature of his cult classics, Satan’s Cheerleaders, and Without Warning.

Mink Stole will be introducing the John Waters cult classic, Pink Flamingo’s Friday night as we shut down the Vendor and Guest Room. We have a nice 16mm print we’ll be screening so be sure to grab a seat early as the 200 seat room is bound to fill up. (And if, by chance, you miss the screening due to a standing room only crowd, we will screen the film again on Sunday afternoon.)

A Hammer Films panel with Martine Beswick, Veronica Carlson, and Caroline Munro is bound to be a fun time on Saturday afternoon after a screening of Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed.

We’ll see if Amber Lynn will do a talk on Saturday afternoon since we know our adult film loving fans would like to hear from her, and she’s the kind of person to invite Joanna Angel to join her, so you may in in store for a time you won’t soon forget with those two girls.

We’re also going to squeeze a small talk and introduction out of Patty Mullen on Saturday before a screening of the camp slasher flick, Doom Asylum.

Geretta Geretta will be talking up her career in Italian sci-fi and horror films before a screening of Lamberto Bava’s cult horror classic, Demons, on Saturday afternoon.

A. Ghastlee Ghoul is giving up a part of his Saturday Night Show so CW friends Brandy and Mark can get married Saturday night (after 8pm), and naturally, everyone attending the show is invited. Yeah, it’s like the 167th wedding we’ve had at CW over the years but it comes with cake, so stop rolling your eyes and sugar up.

We also have Gunga Jim presenting Drive-In Massacre on Friday night, our usual 16mm film double features on Friday and Saturday nights (that come complete with intermission reels and shorts subjects), the Friday Night Short Film Block, Saturday morning cartoons on 16mm film at 9:30am, the Saturday Morning Hardcore Wrestling Hour, and a dozen or so independent movies scheduled to screen all weekend.

A big “Thank You” to everyone who helped pass out Cinema Wasteland postcards and fliers this time around. We appreciate the help in spreading the CW word more than you’ll ever know.

We’re down to the last couple of weeks to buy your 3-Day Pass and enjoy everything we offer for only $40, so get hoppin’! See TICKETS below for more.

OK, looks like a busy week getting last minute stuff in order so we can get the Weekend Schedule posted, so I’m outta here right after last minute show reminders:

TICKETS: We don’t just say it. We prove it twice a year. For the 60+ hours worth of Movies, Panels, and Programming we offer our attending fans over the course of three days, there is no better bargain out there than an advance ticket to a Cinema Wasteland Show. No “hidden fees” at a Wasteland show guarantees every fan through the door is treated just like the person standing next to you in line; and your ticket in gets you everything we have to offer except for an autograph from our guests.
Between now and September 12, 2014 you can get an advance 3-Day Pass to April’s Show for only $40. And don’t forget that a 3-Day Pass always gets you into the Dealer and Guest Room half an hour before single day pass holders without paying “early admission fees” other conventions charge their attendees extra for.
Single day passes are also available until September 12th for only $20 each, and both single day or 3-Day Passes will be available at the door after the September deadline.
Grab your passes on line by clicking here.
* This is also looking like it will be the last show where we offer a $20 single day pass on Saturday at the door. We offer over 32 hours of continuous programming on Saturday’s alone, so we’re jacking up at the door prices to $25 on Saturday’s next April while leaving the early bird and advance ticket prices alone.

HOTEL: Looks like you may be shit out of luck if you didn’t make your hotel reservation by now. The hotel was supposed to make the last few rooms they had available by the time I wrote up this update. If you couldn’t get a room, then keep calling the Holiday Inn reservation line at 1-877-408-4913 (or hotel itself at 440-238-8800 to see if they had any last minute cancellations.) Although we always sell out the hotel, a handful of rooms usually becomes available in the days before the show so don’t despair. And remember you MUST tell them you’re there for the “The Cinema Wasteland Show” or they will tell you that they are ”sold out” and have no rooms.

And finally, my favorite reminder of all…

IF YOU DIDN’T BUY A PASS INTO THE SHOW, THEN STAY HOME! If you don’t have a single day wrist band, three day pass, or hotel room key, then there is absolutely zero reason to make the drive or show up at the hotel as you will be asked to leave the hotel grounds by the convenient cop the hotel posts in the lobby on Friday and Saturday nights. CW regulars do not want you around ruining their fun, so just stay home. It’s their party and unless you have a pass in, you’re not invited to join us. It’s really just that simple.

OK, that’s it for me this time around. I’m back to trying to get everything done before show time, so I’ll see you all in four short weeks.