September 23, 2016

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Monthly Update:

As I type this, we are just over three weeks away from the 30th Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo and it’s looking like another great weekend for everyone attending.

The entire Weekend Schedule of Films and Events was posted on the CW Show web site a week or so ago, so everyone can start plotting out their Wasteland Weekend in advance. We’ve got some great 16mm films screening all weekend, five different Guest Talks, and plenty of assorted stuff for attending fans to do all weekend long on tap, so take a look at that schedule so you don’t miss anything of interest. We’ve got just over 62 hours of Movies, Panels, and Programming to offer everyone this time around, and it’s always 100% Free with the price of admission.

You’ll find a CLICK HERE button at the top of the Films and Events Page of the site that will give you a printable Weekend Schedule. Feel free to use this handy link to get to the Films and Events page.

If you sent us a short or indy feature to consider screening, take a look at the schedule and get the hype machine rolling so you can let people know when your screening will take place.

Day of show prices are as follows:
3-Day Pass on Friday, Sept. 30th at the door is $50.
Friday single day admission is $20 and includes over 18 hours of stuff to do for your admission money.
Saturday single day admission is $25 and includes over 31 hours worth of stuff to for your admission money.
Sunday single day admission is only $15 and includes plenty of Movies and Films to watch before we close down at 5pm.
* Guests are slated to be with us all weekend, but start to head off to the airport Sunday afternoon. Be sure you arrive when we open at 11am if you’d like to meet all of our attending Guests.

We always get asked, and since we haven’t had one in a few years now, the answer is YES, we do have a Cinema Wasteland Show t-shirt available this time around. Since it seems I never have time to do show specific artwork these days, I went through all of the shirts we’ve done over the years, rearranged some of the best selling shirt art and made three new designs with no weekend date on them. That way fans can expect new shirts over the next two or three shows or as we find time to print them.

We will also have a cool new 16 ounce CW beer glass available at the show, and we reprinted the CW can coolies that sold out at Fall’s show.

And because at least somebody will ask… Prices!
The shirt is naturally a two-sided design and all sizes: Small through XXX Large will be $15. Beer Glasses are $10 each or two for $15. CW Coolies are $3 each or 2 for $5. Buy a t-shirt and a glass and we’ll toss in a coolie for free.
In this day and age where we see single-sided t-shirts running $25 or more, and glasses advertising various bars and businesses for $20+, we’re still striving to give CW fans their monies worth.

HOTEL: The one thing you can always count on is that the hotel will be sold out by show time. We take over the entire hotel, and rooms are filling up a little faster then usual since the motel next door raised its rates and is no longer a significant savings over the Show Hotel. Help support the show and avoid the headache of having to stay down the road by making your room reservations today. Reserve your room through our web site, or by calling The Holiday Inn reservation line at 1-877-408-4913. Remember you MUST ask for “The Cinema Wasteland Room Rate”, or they really should tell you that they are ”sold out” and have no rooms. And PLEASE only reserve as many rooms as you plan on using.

OK, I’m far too busy to blather on this month, so we will see you all in a few weeks now.