September 1, 2014

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September 14th, 15th & 16th, 2001

On the morning of September 11, 2001, our government, headed up by a never elected, drug addled, Viet Nam deserting man-monkey, not only proved he couldn’t read at a fourth grade level, but more than proved that when the going gets tough, the biggest failure as a leader in American history just sits there in front of the entire world with a look on his face like he splattered his pants with shit, unable to form a single thought in his spongy little brain. I decided that the most American thing I could do is NOT act like America’s pathetic failure-monkey and actually get off my ass and run my show in three days. Frantic calls were made, phone machine messages changed, and the web site updated to reflect that the show must go on. I was able to get all but three of our guests to the show and 1,000 fans showed up to tough out the hardest good time one could imagine. When all was said and done, the show not only went off better than expected, but the Holiday Inn head office called to congratulate us on doing the impossible - we were the only Holiday Inn in the country to turn a profit that weekend - and somehow we paid the show bills in the process. By now we signed a contract with the hotel for another show in 2002. Fortunately, a couple of established shows stopped running about this time, so I moved to the first weekend in October for next year’s show. October is where I wanted to be from the start, so it worked out well.

Guests that we were able to get to the second Cinema Wasteland Show included:
BILL BLAIR - Character actor best know for playing aliens and creatures.
JOHN ERVIN - Indy Director.
CORALINA CATALDI-TASSONI - Star of Bava’s Demons 2, Argento’s Opera, etc. made her first convention appearance this show.
KEVIN VANHENTENRYCK - Basket Case 1, 2 and 3 star.
VIRGIL - Wrestling jabroni.
ROBERT Z’DAR - The “Maniac Cop” himself.
TOM SULLIVAN - The first person I invited to be a guest at a CW show returned because we didn’t know what to do with the little room we put him in and he had a great time the year before.
This was also the show where Dayton Ohio’s A. GHASTLEE GHOUL got sucked into helping out with the show. He hasn’t left since...

Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni made her first show appearance and did her best to have a great time all weekend.(MD)

The "Maniac Cop" himself, Robert Z'Dar, and our long lost friend,Phil.
(They're obviously up to something I'm sure...) (JS)

BASKET CASE star, Kevin Vanhentenryck, with CW staffer, Terry Luster. (TL)

Promoter Ken caught when he was just about to tongue kiss Tom Sullivan's bat creature... Probably for the best. No telling what you'd catch from a giant bat creature... (JS)

The bat creature attacks Tom Sullivan after Ken pissed it off. (JS)

Attending TV Horror Hosts: Dr. Creep, Son of Ghoul and A. Ghastlee Ghoul
(pay a little tribute to Cleveland's very own Ghoulardi.) (MM)

Natalie Wille (of the former Beware Video) with Angus, our very first "Cinema Wasteland baby." We like to hook 'em young when it comes to Wasteland fans. (JS)

Photos copyright © 2001 by their respective photographers
(Mike Manikowski, Joe Skinnell, Terry Luster and Mike Dugge) and may not be reproduced without written permission.
Contact may be made through the VW Inc. website.

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