January 6, 2017

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October 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2004

I learned a valuable lesson with the 2004 Fall show. Never celebrate two cult films at the same show without something more "every fan" to go along with it. I was as excited as a fan could be for the show since I was able to track down the LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT “Baddies” for the very first Last House Killers Reunion and team them up with David Durston and Lynn Lowery, director and star of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD. I realize that not every fan needs to enjoy the same films to enjoy the same genre, but this show was a little flat, for lack of a better word to call it. Seems you really have to love exploitation films to enjoy Last House on the Left... Not that attendees, as well as the guests, didn’t have a good time. It just wasn’t as much fun as every past show was to me personally for several reasons. And since we ran the first show in 2000 this was essentially our fifth anniversary show in my eye, so I did my best to make it as memorable to everyone attending as possible. You can never fault me and the Wasteland Staff for not giving it our all though. We tend to put 110% into every show we run.

Guests for our sixth show included:
In addition to David Hess, Fred Lincoln, Jeramie Rain, and Marc Sheffler from LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, we had David Durston and Lynn Lowery, director and star of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, along with a few great first time CW guests in attendance this show:
MARILYN CHAMBERS - Adult film icon made her first CW appearance this show.
DON EDMONDS - “Ilsa” director made his first CW appearance this show as well.
JEFF LIEBERMAN - Writer, producer and director of Squirm, Blue Sunshine, and Just Before Dawn made his first ever convention appearance as well.
ALEX VINCENT - Child’s Play 1 and 2’s “Andy Barclay” also made the show this time around.

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT "Baddies" - David Hess, Marc Sheffler, Fred Lincoln, and Jeramie Rain. (MM)

Dave Durston, director of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD. (JS)

CW staffer, Terry Luster, with Lynn Lowry. How's this guy get into so many photos?... (TL)

ILSA director, Don Edmonds, with Ultra Violent magazine's Art Ettenger. (TL)

Adult film icon, Marilyn Chambers, loves her Cleveland fans. (MM)

Jeff Lieberman and promoter Ken...
Yeah, two guys from "the hood"... Who are they foolin"? (MM)

Basil Gogos with "The Wolfman" (JS)

Chainsaw Sally was in the house! (MM)

The place is starting to fill up for the Wasteland Talent(less) Show on Saturday night. (TL)

Erin Lester, winner of the Talent Show. Who would have thought we could actually find someone with talent at a Cinema Wasteland show?! (TL)

Photos copyright © 2004 by their respective photographers (Mike Manikowski, Joe Skinnell and Terry Luster) and may not be reproduced without written permission.
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