August 12, 2014

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April 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2005

Most fans remember this show as “The Biker Movie Show” because of the great group of character actors and stuntmen we had as guests that all worked on the biker film, SATAN’S SADISTS. As I was searching for a guy who played bikers and monsters in 60s and 70s Drive-In movies named John Bloom, I learned that he had recently passed away, but came across several people who worked with him on Al Adamson movies and had never done this sort of thing before. I naturally invited them to attend the show, and began filling remaining guest slots with people who worked on the same sort of films, trying to get a 60s/70s Drive-In feel to the guest list. A couple returning friends later and “Spring Spectacular ‘05” was off the hook fun for all attending. By now, I had pretty much developed the “Wasteland Show formula” so I was having more fun running my show for attending fans than I did attending 99.9% of the conventions I set up at as a vender since the late 80’s. That still holds true to this very day.

Guests for our seventh CW show included:
JOHN “BUD” CARDOS - Stunt Man, Director, actor... From biker films to sci-fi dreck. You name it and Bud’s done it! Satan’s Sadists, The Dark, Kingdom of the Spiders, and so many others.
GREYDON CLARK - Actor, writer and producer: Satan’s Sadists, Black Shampoo, Without Warning, Satan’s Cheerleaders, etc.
SYBIL DANNING - Who doesn’t know who Sybil Danning is?...
EILEEN DIETZ - The demon, Pazuzu (“Captain Howdy”), in The Exorcist.
KANE HODDER - Stuntman and actor made his first CW appearance this show.
GARY KENT - Actor and stuntman in Satan’s Sadists, Mighty Gorga, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Angel’s Wild Women, Schoolgirls in Chains, and so many others.
TERRY LOFTON - Nail Gun Massacre writer, producer, co-director and stuntman.
ROBERT QUARRY - Count Yorga himself! Plus Sugar Hill, Madhouse, Deathmaster, etc.
WILLIAM SMITH - Actor and stuntman has been is everything... and I do mean everything!
Our ol’ friends Marilyn Eastman, Karl Hardman, Bill Hinzman, and Kyra Schon from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD made a return to this show as well. It would be the last convention appearance Karl Hardman would make.

Greydon Clark, Gary Kent, and Bud Cardos tell stories to attending fans. (JS)

William Smith and wife Joanne (JS)

CW door guy, Joe, with Robert Quarry, "Ct. Yorga" himself. (JS)

Sybil Danning before the door opens for the day. (TL)

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD's "Cooper Family" - Karl Hardman, Kyra Schon, and Marilyn Eastman. (TL)

Terry (Staff) and Kane Hodder... Yeah, I'm tired of seeing this guy in every picture too. (TL)

The morning crowd checks out the Dealer's Room. (JS)

And at the end of the day, we try to push the crowd out of the Dealer's Room. (JS)

Photos copyright © 2005 by their respective photographers (Terry Luster and Joe Skinnell) and may not be reproduced without written permission.
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