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Godzilla 1984
(Toho SF Series Vol. 1)
SKU: bkgodz1984
Over sized, 140 page import book covers the film we here know as Godzilla 1985. Complete story and story boards, cast and crew info and 44 pages of all color photos. Text is in Japanese but you won't need to read anything to enjoy the book anyway.

Our price: $32.00
Making of Gamera 2: Gamera vs Legion
SKU: bkmakeg2
Complete scene by scene photo guide, highlites of the battle scenes, complete character design, storyboards and more.

Our price: $75.00
Marvel Vault: A Museum in a Book , The
SKU: mimarvalvault
The Marvel Vault. If you grew up reading Marvel Comics, then this interactive scrapbook is for you. It features over 30 removable, archival reproductions representing over 60 years of Marvel Comics. It showcases things by decade, complete with details on prominent creators and characters but the real treat is the “stuff” contained within. Facsimiles include original sketches, story synopsis, christmas and holiday cards, convention booklets, value stamps, a Howard the Duck campaign button, Marvel office visitors pass, no-prize book, trading cards, and much, much more! Hardcover book, 10x13” size, 192 pages plus tons of cool stuff.

Our price: $49.95
Video Wasteland Rental, Reference and Review Guide
SKU: bkreviewg
The VW rent-by-mail service may be gone, and we may have shut down that end of business, but the Wasteland Review Guide stands alone as a straight forward movie review book designed for the fans of horror, exploitation and schlock cinema. Reviews to over 2,500 films; including films from all your favorite cult directors, Euro-trash offerings, Hong Kong films, cult classics, animation, Mexican wrestling movies and more are contained within its 160 pages of honest, no bull shit reviews. We packed it with over 150 photos and illustrations too! Nobody offers a review book packed with this much stuff for so little coin.
Just because we have closed down the rent-by-mail end of business doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a review book written by a “bad film” fan - for bad film fans!

Our price: $10.00
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