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Monsters from the Vault #32
SKU: mgmftv32
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman turns 70 and MFTV takes you back to the original films production. In the summer of 1954, they filmed Revenge of the Creature at Florida’s Marineland and MFTV talks to several locals who lived to see the film being made. Jack Pierce’s Wolf Man character is many a classic monster fans favorite. Go back and take a look at the variations on the make-up over the four films where Lon Chaney starred as the classic creature. Plus, plenty of DVD and book reviews like usual.

Our price: $9.98
Shock Cinema #45
SKU: mgsc45
The best movie review and interview magazine out there is back with a new issue, featuring interviews with Stacy Keach (too many cool films to count), Peter Stormare (Fargo, 8mm), Charles Dierkop (The Sting, Police Woman), Jenny Wright (Near Dark) and Robert Loggia (again, with too many cool films to count). It’s also packed with the usual film, DVD, and book reviews you’ve come to expect. And the best art? It’s still only $5

Our price: $5.00
Ultra Violent #11
SKU: mguv11
Interviews with Demons star Geretta Geretta, I Drink You Blood star Lynn Lowry, the Wizard Of Gore himself Ray Sager, and others! Plus, a retrospective on masked supercriminals, Toe Tag Pictures latest; Sella Turcica, a shit load of movie reviews, and so much more. You’ll find it all in the 112 pages that fill out UV #11.

Our price: $6.95
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