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Maniac (1980)
SKU: dvdmaniac
Joe Spinell is Frank Zito, a maniac haunted by childhood trauma and abuse. He stalks the streets of New York murdering and scalping young women. Caroline Munro is a photographer who meets and likes Frank... Little does she know that she may have just befriended a maniac! William Lustig’s gory and disturbing horror flick is a must! Unrated widescreen print includes commentary from director and makeup effects man Tom Savini. Also includes radio interview, the Joe Spinell story, trailers, TV spots and much more! DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Man with the Screaming Brain (2004) , The
SKU: dvdmanscreambrain
Bruce Campbell directs and stars in this mad doctor horror-comedy. Campbell plays a seedy industrialist with plans for a tax scam that will rake him in millions. Meanwhile, mad scientist Stacy Keach and his assistant (Ted Raimi) have just created a drug that can connect human brains. When Campbell is killed after a tryst with a sexy hotel maid, Keach reanimates him by transplanting part of the brain from a KGB agent into his skull. Now the greedy American capitalist has to work with the communist in order to track down the beautiful gypsy who killed them both. Widescreen print, with commentary by Bruce Campbell and the films producer, two different featurettes, trailer, behind-the-scenes footage and more. Now out of print DVD.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $6.99 , save 53%
Man from Planet X (1951) , The
SKU: dvdmanplanetx
It’s your typical 1950s aliens invade Earth and paranoid middle American’s are scared enough to shit themselves sci-fi fun when aliens actually land in the foggy coast of Scotland looking to dominate human kind. It’s up to William Schallert, Robert Clarke, and Margaret Field to put a stop to the alien’s evil plans. Includes original trailer. Out-of-print DVD.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 47%
Man from Deep River (1972)
SKU: dvdmandeepriver
Man from Deep River. After Ivan Rassimov accidentally stabs a guy in a bar fight he high tails it down to the Amazon to get away for awhile. Things go from bad to worse when he’s captured by a tribe of savages and put through a series of excruciating tortures before the tribe accepts him and they head out to fend off the cannibals who are out to kill and eat them. One of the first of the mondo cannibal films from director Umberto Lenzi. Uncut, widescreen print includes interview with the director, photos, trailers, and more. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Mad Dog Morgan (1976)
SKU: dvdmaddogmorgan
2-Disc Limited Edition - Dennis Hopper is Australia’s most notorious criminal, Mad Dog Morgan. This is the true story of how Morgan came looking for gold, and found nothing but inhumanity, savage indifference, and corruption enough to turn him into a ferocious killer. This two disc set includes a conversation with Dennis Hopper and director Philippe Mora, several interviews, an introduction from the director, and more. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1969) , The
SKU: dvdmaddrbldisld
The Mad Doctor of Blood Island. Although second (after Brides of Blood) in director Eddie Romero’s “Blood Island Trilogy”, Mad Dr. of Blood Island is probably the best known title in the series. John Ashley returns to Blood Island as Dr. Lorca’s green-blooded creature begins an orgy of slaughter on anyone that crosses it’s path. Angelique Pettyjohn arrives looking for her father... Is there a tie between the monster and her father? Restored, uncut print, with interviews, commentary, promos, lots of other trailers, and photo gallery. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Machine Girl (2008) , The
SKU: dvdmachinegirl
Ami is your average every day, little skirt wearing, Japanese high school girl... Until the day her brother and his buddy are killed by ruthless bullies! Now she’s out for revenge, but soon finds herself in over her head and minus her left arm. Barely surviving the loss of her arm, Ami escapes and finds shelter with a couple of mechanics... Who just happen to fit her with a high powered machine gun where her left arm used to be! Now she teams up with the chainsaw-wielding mother of her brother’s dead buddy and really go to town in this over-the-top Japanese exploitation outing. Includes behind-the-scenes featurette and trailer. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Love Me Deadly (1972)
SKU: dvdlovemedead
Mary Wilcox is “Lindsay”. She has a problem with any kind of normal relationship, but, due to some creepy shit going on with her late father, finds comfort in the dead. She makes a go at normal life with Lyle Waggoner but soon finds herself lured into a corpse-loving cult by creepy undertaker Chris Stone. Uncut, with the producer, trailers, and more. DVD

Market price: $19.99
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Love Bites (2000)
SKU: dvdlovebites
Freeloading Jordan is hired by a wealthy club owner to track down the elusive Jordan, an alluring beauty that lives by night. He will soon discover that finding her comes with a heavy price. Love Bites stars Asia Argento. US release DVD. Also includes documentary with Asia Argento, photo gallery, trailer and more. DVD

Market price: $19.99
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Lost Boys (1987) , The
SKU: dvdlostboysblr
Sam and his brother Michael are your average, every day teenagers. After they move with their mother to peaceful Santa Clara, CA., things begin to change. And not for the better I might add. You see, Santa Clara is full of vampires. Mostly homosexual-looking, mullet wearing juveniles who couldn’t put the fear into a six year old girl, but vampires none-the-less. And when the pack of feminine-looking blood suckers set their sites on Michael, it’s up to his brother Sam to try and save him. Includes commentary by director Joel Shumacher, additional scenes, documentary, featurettes, music video, trailer and more! Blu-ray DVD

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 40%
Lights Camera Dead (2008)
SKU: dvdlightscamera
What happens when a marginally talented director and his screenwriter buddy will stop at nothing to complete their self-proclaimed “zombie masterpiece” even through most of the fed up cast and crew quit and shut down the production? They devise a plan to finish their film no matter what... or who gets in their way. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974)
SKU: dvdletsleepingcorpses
George and Edna are reluctant traveling companions that come across a small English village infested with the living dead. Seems that an experimental agricultural machine using radiation waves to make food grow larger has an even more interesting side effect when it starts to wake the now flesh hungry dead. One of the better zombie films to come out of the 70’s, Jorge Grau’s horror classic is finally back in print. Complete with interview with the director, TV and radio spots, and a poster and still gallery.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Leprechaun Triple Feature
SKU: dvdleprechauntriple
LEPRECHAUN (1992), LEPRECHAUN 2 (1994), and LEPRECHAUN 3 (1995) all in one collection. A deranged Leprechaun goes on a rampage after his bag of gold is stolen; using his powers to trick, terrorize, and kill all who get in his way. OK, I’ll admit it. The first couple of these films were actually quite a bit of fun and the third one is enjoyable for what it is. Can’t beat the price either. DVD

Our price: $14.99
Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 (1989)
SKU: dvdleatherface
A couple of college students driving coast to coast fall prey to a cannibalistic clan on the Texas backroads. Their only hope is survivalist Ken Foree, hell bent on revenge against Leatherface (R.A. Mihailoff) and his demented “family.” Finally available in an “unrated” version (with an extra 6 minutes worth of footage over the original release version of the film AND 5:1 or 6:1 dolby surround sound), Jeff Burr’s third installment in the TCM legacy is actually quite good and well worth a watch. Also includes the “R” rated version of the film, commentary from director Jeff Burr, documentary, alternate ending, trailers and more. DVD

Market price: $24.99
Our price: $14.99 , save 40%
Last House in the Woods (2006) , The
SKU: dvdlasthousewoods
Young lovers escape a group of bullies out to kick their ass by taking refuge with a seemingly kind and understanding older couple. They find out too late that this pair has a dark hidden secret hidden away in their last house in the woods. Called the best and/or goriest Italian horror film made in years by several critics, how can you go wrong? Widescreen print, in English or Italian, with commentary by director Gabriele Albanesi, short film, behind the scenes stuff, and trailer. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Last Horror Film (1982) , The
SKU: dvdlasthorrorfilm
Joe Spinell is Vinney, a New York cab driver who lives with his aging mother and has dreams of becoming a famous film director. He’s obsessed with horror actress Jenna Bates (Caroline Munro) and is determined to have her star in his first film. He follows her to Cannes Film Festival just as a mysterious killer begins slaughtering all of the people in Jenna’s entourage. Is the crazed killer and the obsessed fan one in the same?… Will this be Jenna’s last horror film?! Uncut version of the film, includes interview and commentary with a friend of Joe Spinell, interview with Maniac director William Lustig, the short film Mr. Robbie (aka Maniac 2), original trailers and TV spots, and more. Out of print DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Lady Emmanuelle (1990)
SKU: dvdladyemm
Poor Emanuelle is unsatisfied with her marriage - and men in general. Fortunately for her, she finds comfort in the arms of another woman; but alas, that comfort is only fleeting as nothing can compare to that of a man. Italian exploitation import. Widescreen print with trailer and extended scenes. DVD

Market price: $19.99
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Konga (1961)
SKU: dvdkonga
Lost in the African jungles for over a year, Michael Gough is a doctor who returns to England with Konga, a baby chimpanzee. Having seen a native witch doctor use a rare plant to produce accelerated growth, Gough begins work on his own serum and experiments on Konga, turning him into a berserk beast with an uncontrollable rage. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Kiss of the Tarantula (1975)
SKU: dvdkisstarantula
John Bradley is a mortician in small town USA. His daughter Susan, who is a bit of a loner who collects tarantula’s, is teased and tormented by the other kids for being a little different. When Susan finds out that her mother is plotting to have her dad killed by her secret lover, she places a tarantula in her bed while sleeping to scare her. It actually kills her when she has a heart attack, which is fine by Susan because now she has dear old daddy all to herself. Later, as a teenager, Susan finally has enough of the teasing and tormenting by her classmates and sends her tarantula’s on a mission of revenge in this Drive-In horror classic. Includes original trailer. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Kinky Kong (2006)
SKU: dvdkinkykong
Soft sex spoof of King Kong finds sleazy director, Seymour Ass, heading off to Bone Island with sexpot starlet, Fanny Sparrow, to shoot his next soft core epic. What he finds are several rally big obstacles in his path. Namely a 60 foot ape with a naughty penchant for peeping and a kinky attraction to beautiful women. Includes trailer, behind the scenes footage, full color booklet with liner notes, and bonus DVD offer to receive the uncut version of the film. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 60%
Kinky Killers (2008)
SKU: dvdkinkykillers
Patients of sexy psychiatrist Dr. Jill Keasey and eccentric attorney Alexander Hathaway are being murdered in bloody, satanic rituals. Sex and mutilation of the victims is the MO of the serial killer, who likes to tattoo each victim after they're murdered. Seven murders… Seven suspects… One twist ending. Includes an inside look at a serial killer featurette and trailer. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 47%
King Kong (1933) 2-Disc Special Edition
SKU: dvdkingkong
We just wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t stock the restored and remastered classic. Commentary from Ray Harryhausen and Ken Ralston, movie trailer collection from producer/director Marian Cooper, seven part documentary on the Making of Kong and more. DVD

Market price: $27.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 26%
Jesse James Meets Frankensteins Daughter (1966)
SKU: dvdjjmeetsfrank
Low budget Drive-In fun was originally double billed with Billy the Kid vs Dracula and combines horror and westerns for an experience like no other. After Jesse’s buddy is wounded, he takes him to the only nearby doctor... Doctor Maria Frankenstein. She in turn uses the guy for her experiments while trying to seduce Jesse. Hosted by, and featuring commentary from Joe Bob Briggs, and original trailer. DVD

Market price: $19.99
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
It's Intermission Time!
SKU: dvdintermistime
Here’s a two hour collection of ten original Drive-In intermission countdown’s, complete with original 60’s and 70’s trailers, just the way you would have seen them between movies at the classic American Drive-In theatre. Relive that old movie going experience by playing one between a couple of your favorite horror, sci-fi, or exploitation films tonight!
Please note that this collection is on DVD-R. It features picture quality on par with any other DVD we offer and will play on all newer model DVD players with no problem.

Our price: $15.00
Iron King (1972) The Complete Series
SKU: dvdironking
The Complete Series - In the same vein as Ultraman, Ultra 7, and every other big super hero vs equally as big monsters television show to come out of Japan comes all 26 episodes of Iron King on three DVDs. Gentaro Shizuka is a secret agent with Japan’s National Security Force. His clumsy sidekick Goro seems to get in the way more than help when it comes to taking care of terrorist organizations and various bad guys, but Goro also hides a secret. Goro has the ability to transform into the giant, hydro-powered cyborg known as Iron King when things get tough or mysterious giant monsters attack. Out of print DVD collection.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Intruder (1988) Blu-Ray/DVD Combo
SKU: dvdintruder
Blu-Ray and DVD Combo - A maniac roams a supermarket late at night, slaughtering everyone on the night shift in cool gory ways. An early effort by director Scott Speigel, with Elizabeth Cox and Sam Raimi in an acting role. Early KNB effects really help out too! Unrated directors cut includes commentary from producer and director, Making of featurette, outtakes, cast audition footage, trailer, and more.

Market price: $30.00
Our price: $24.99 , save 17%
Insidious (2010)
SKU: dvdinsidious
Shortly after moving, a family discovers that dark spirits have possessed their home and their son has fallen into a coma. Trying to escape the haunting and save their son, they move again… only to realize that it wasn’t the house that was possessed at all. One of the scarier films of the last five years was not a pathetic shitty remake of an otherwise pathetic shitty original from the 80's. This blu-ray release features the Horror 101: Exclusive Seminar featurette, on the set footage, and more.
*Please Note: This is a Blu-ray DVD, so it won’t play in a standard DVD player.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $15.99 , save 20%
Innocent Blood (1992)
SKU: dvdinnocentblood
John Landis’ underrated vampire comedy stars Anne Parillaud as Marie, a vampire who makes a mistake in not killing one of her victims; mob boss Sal Macelli. This is an out of print “cut out” DVD with a cut through the original UPC code on the back of the box.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Indie Director (2013)
SKU: dvdindiedirector
With tongue firmly placed in cheek, Bill Zebub pokes fun of his own movie making career and delves into the trials and tribulations of an independent movie maker. Everything from unwilling actors, do it yourself productions, distribution, and actually getting paid to how the current convention scene treats the indy filmmaker is covered as Bill takes a poke at trying to do your own thing outside the world of mainstream crap. It’s Bill Zebub’s most accessible film to date, so if you’re looking for something a bit different then give Indy Director a try. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
I Spit on Your Grave (1978)
SKU: dvdispitgrave
Camille Keaton stars as Jennifer Hills, a young woman who rents a secluded cabin on a lake so she can begin writing her first novel. A gang of local red necks attack, rape, and leave her for dead in the surrounding woods, but Jennifer doesn’t die as planned. She nurses herself back to health and sets out for revenge, taking down her attackers one by one. Director Meir Zarchi’s cult classic rape and revenge film still holds up to this day. Uncut directors print includes an interview and commentary from the director, trailers and TV spots, radio spots and more. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
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