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All of our DVDs are "Original Factory New" and are Region 1 or 0 (NTSC).

Region 1 - U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories (NTSC)
Region 0 - DVDs can be played in any DVD player regardless of their region coding. (NTSC)

Blu-ray discs do not play in a regular DVD player, you need a Blu-ray Player to play them.


Don't Torture a Duckling (1972)
SKU: dvddonttortureduck
When several young boys are found murdered in a small town, it could only be the child-molesting Catholic Priest doing the job, right? You betcha it is! Still, just because the “twist ending’ isn’t so much a twist these days, this uncut thriller from director Lucio Fulci is still well worth watching. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Double Feature: Gamera vs Guiron (1969) & Gamera vs Jiger (1970)
SKU: dvddfgameraguiron
Gamera vs Guiron (1969) & Gamera vs Jiger (1970). Our giant flying turtle, Gamera, is out to save a couple of kids from brain-eating space beauties while taking on the giant monster Guiron in GAMERA VS GUIRON (aka Attack of the Monsters). Gamera invades Expo ‘70 to battle the spear-spiting Jiger in GAMERA VS. JIGER (aka Gamera vs. Monster X). Includes both the original Japanese language, as well as the English dubbed versions of the films. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Double Feature: Hip, Hot and 21 (1967) & Hot Thrills and Warm Chills (1967)
SKU: dvddfhiphot
A double dose of sin-filled sixties “roughies” that begins with Hip, Hot and 21: The story of hillbilly honey Diane. After her stepfather sells her for fifty bucks to studly Rick, he abandons her and sends Diane into the arms of lesbian drug dealer where she befriends a junkie, gets involved in murder and rips off the Mob. In Hot Thrills and Warm Chills, a trio of galpals steal a diamond crown during Mardi Gras and run for their lives... Straight into a local cemetery! Trailers, shorts, photos, stills and more! DVD

Our price: $19.99
Double Feature: Hooked (1957) & The Flaming Teen-age (1956)
SKU: dvddfhooked
It’s a delinquent double feature! Lieutenant Lacey begins to investigate the disappearance of 17 year old Ray in Hooked. What he uncovers is a small town that is chock full of hip teens eager to “get hooked” and that Ray was killed trying to buy a fix on credit. The Flaming Teenager is the story of Fred Garland. Fred is a liquor-lovin’ talent agent and swindler who gets hooker on heroin and ends up becoming... what else... a preacher! Trailers, short films, and more! DVD

Our price: $19.99
Double Feature: Murder A La Mod (1967) & The Moving Finger (1963)
SKU: dvddfmurdermoving
Karen learns that her boyfriend Christopher earns a living making nudie movies with a creep named Otto. She believes that Chris is only making adult flicks in order to earn enough money to marry her, so she steals some cash for him. Sadly, while attempting to deliver it, she is confronted by Otto and his ice pick... It’s MURDER A LA MOD... It’s also Brian de Palma’s first feature film, FINALLY available in any form. THE MOVING FINGER is typical 60s exploitation. $90,000 in stolen cash shakes up a bunch of grubby bohemians when they discover a wounded bank robber hiding in the basement of their coffee house. Includes a ton of extra stuff! DVD

Our price: $19.99
Double Feature: Night of the Bloody Apes (1972 & Feast of Flesh (1967)
SKU: dvddfnightfeast
Double Feature: Night of the Bloody Apes (1972) and Feast of Flesh (1967). Crazy Dr. Krellman gives his sick son Julio the heart of a gorilla and transforms him into a “horrible half beast, half man” that runs around attacking women and mutilating men in this cult favorite NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES from director Rene Cardona. It’s up to a pair of masked female wrestlers to stop the monster’s rampage before his crazy doctor dad transplants half the hearts in Mexico into monkey-monster-Julio. In FEAST OF FLESH, a crackpot in a monster mask is out poking people with syringes and transforming women into drugged out love slaves. Also includes over an hours worth of bonus material, including trailers, outtakes, short films and more! DVD

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 20%
Double Feature: Psycho Lover (1970) & The Heat of Madness (1966), The
SKU: dvddfpsycolover
A couple of twisted sickies the likes of which nobody makes these days! Psycho killer, Marco, believes that he’s just dreaming about killing women. He becomes the patient of a slimy psychiatrist and the doc decides to have Marco murder his wife so he can marry his young mistress in THE PSYCHO LOVER. Johnny’s an oddball photographer who gets a job taking photos for a book called Great Sex Murders. The fake violence fuels the guy with THE HEAT OF MADNESS and before you know it, Johnny believes one of his models is actually his fiancee and he goes berserk. Also includes trailers, short films and more! DVD

Our price: $19.99
Dracula Prince of Darkness (1965)
SKU: dvddraculaprincebr
Four tourists find themselves stranded in the mysterious village of Karlsbad, a sinister and remote village with a dark and deadly legend attached to it. When the English tourists arrive at what seems to be an abandoned castle, a nightmarish destiny awaits them when they resurrect a blood-craving beast known as Count Dracula. A Hammer Films classic, with Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelly, and Andrew Keir. The blu-ray release includes commentary by Christopher Lee and other cast members, a World of Hammer episode about Christopher Lee, a documentary, trailer, and more.
*Please Note: This is a Blu-ray DVD, so it won’t play in a standard DVD player.

Market price: $24.99
Our price: $19.99 , save 20%
Fear No Evil (1981)
SKU: dvdfearnoevil
Shy, awkward high school nerd Andrew has a horrible secret. You see, dorky Andrew was born the Antichrist. And while senior year can be hell for some teens, Andrew unleashes the real thing, complete with zombies and plenty of death. An 80’s drive-in classic, complete with cool punk soundtrack, decent effects, and enough gore and death to satisfy even the most jaded of gorehounds. Widescreen print, complete with commentary by director Frank LaLoggia, behind-the-scenes footage, trailer, TV spots and more. Out of print DVD.

Our price: $19.99
Frankenhooker (1990)
SKU: dvdfrankenhookerbr
Blu-Ray Disc - James Lorinz, stars as “Jeffrey Franken,” your typical well meaning, yet fumbling inventor. After he decapitates his girlfriend with a supped up lawn mower, he becomes obsessed with restoring her. He invents a batch of “super crack” that causes the user to explode and murders a group of hookers with it in order to rebuild his girl. He uses all the best parts to reconstruct a new body and places his girls head on the torso, but things go from bad to worse real quick when all he manages to do is to unleash “Frankenhooker” on the world at large. A hilarious parody from writer/director Frank Henenlotter, with great performances from the cast. Extras include commentary by Frank Henenlotter and effects man Gabe Bartalos, featurettes on star Patty Mullen and creating the make up effects, trailer and more. Blu-Ray Disc.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 20%
Gorgo (1961)
SKU: dvdgorgobr
Blu-ray Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition - A salvage ship is nearly sunk off the Irish coast by an undersea earthquake. A few nights later, something gets caught in the nets of a fishing boat and the fishermen capture a sixty foot sea monster they call Gorgo. Gorgo is taken to London with plans to exploit the beast in a circus, but scientists make a shocking discovery... Gorgo is just a baby. And when “mom” comes looking for her baby, Gorgo, all hell breaks loose as she leaves a trail of destruction across England. Big monster fun with with special effects from academy award winner Tom Howard. Widescreen feature includes mini-documentary, photos, toy and collectible gallery, before and after restoration gallery, original trailer and more.

*Please Note: This is a blu-ray DVD, so it won’t play in a standard DVD player.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 20%
Home Sick (2007)
SKU: dvdhomesick
Bill Moseley is a smiling maniac that shows up with a briefcase full of razor blades to a lame ass party for Claire that her friends are throwing. He forces the party goers to identify people they hate, and before you know it, a black hooded supernatural figure is killing off all of the named victims. With zero plot to get in the way of the bloodshed, Home Sick offers up 89 minutes of nonstop gore guaranteed to please. Shot on video mainstay Tiffany Shepis shows up, and look for Tom Towels in a throwaway role as a crazed chili and gun loving militia man. Includes commentary by director and writer, deleted opening sequence, featurette, short film and interview with Bill Moseley. DVD

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 20%
Humongous (1982)
SKU: dvdhumongous
A group of teens out for a weekend boating trip find themselves stranded on the mysterious “Dog Island” when they run aground in the fog and their boat catches fire. As they head off to find shelter, they discover a single isolated house and thinking it abandoned, enter for the night. That’s when things start to get interesting. An under rated stalk and slash type of horror film from the early 80s is well worth watching if you’ve never seen it. And it’s worth a second viewing if you have since this is an uncut print. Presented as part of Katarina’s Nightmare Theater series, so you can watch it with your hostess, Katarina, or just watch the film itself. Also includes an alternate pre-credit sequence, commentary with director Paul Lynch (and others), and the original trailer.

Our price: $19.99
King Kong (1933) 2-Disc Special Edition
SKU: dvdkingkong
We just wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t stock the restored and remastered classic. Commentary from Ray Harryhausen and Ken Ralston, movie trailer collection from producer/director Marian Cooper, seven part documentary on the Making of Kong and more. DVD

Market price: $27.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 26%
Last House in the Woods (2006) , The
SKU: dvdlasthousewoods
Young lovers escape a group of bullies out to kick their ass by taking refuge with a seemingly kind and understanding older couple. They find out too late that this pair has a dark hidden secret hidden away in their last house in the woods. Called the best and/or goriest Italian horror film made in years by several critics, how can you go wrong? Widescreen print, in English or Italian, with commentary by director Gabriele Albanesi, short film, behind the scenes stuff, and trailer. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Maniac Cop (1987)
SKU: dvdmaniaccop
Innocent people are being brutally killed on the streets of New York by a uniformed police officer. After his wife is murdered, patrolman Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell) finds himself the main suspect. Lieutenant Frank McCrae (Tom Atkins) investigates, and as the death toll rises, begins to suspect a police cover up may be hiding the identity of the real killer. Remastered high-def print with commentary, trailer and TV spots, scenes filmed for Japanese release, all new featurette with “maniac cop” himself, Bob Z’Dar and more. DVD

Market price: $24.99
Our price: $19.99 , save 20%
Monster Squad (1987) , The
SKU: dvdmonstersquad
Count Dracula has risen. He’s got until midnight to retrieve an ancient amulet that will give him control over the balance of good and evil in the world so he calls on some ol’ friends to help him retrieve it: Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolfman, the Gillman, and a Mummy. The only thing standing in Drac’s way is a band of kids calling themselves The Monster Squad and they aim to put a stop to his evil plans in this cult horror-comedy from director Fred Dekker. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit "Special 6-DVD Edition"
SKU: dvdmoribito
Japanese anime (broadcast on adult swim) about Prince Chagum, who’s been imbued with the power to stave off drought and bring new life to his empire. When he’s accused of being possessed by evil spirits, his punishment is death by the hands of his own father. Salvation comes in the guise of Balsa, a spear woman and mercenary from the mountains who is bound to a mysterious vow to save eight souls before she dies. Will Prince Chagum be her eighth soul, or will she fail fending off an entire empire and its armies? This special edition contains the first ten complete episodes of the series on six DVDs.

Market price: $45.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 56%
Mother's Day (1980)
SKU: dvdmothersday
A trio of former college roommates decide to spend their annual weekend reunion camping on the shores of a beautiful lake. It isn’t long before the women are captured by Ike and Addley, two backwood degenerates who will do anything to please their demented mother. She likes to direct the boys in acts of violence and rape against the women until they band together to get their revenge on the degenerate trio. This twisted little black comedy from Lloyd Kaufman’s brother, Charlie Kaufman, is one of the best films Troma ever released. Includes commentary, a behind-the-scenes video, and trailer.

Our price: $19.99
Night Divides the Day (2001)
SKU: dvdntdvd
A psycho is stalking a college campus so surviving dimwits decide to go camping. Betcha the killer won’t follow... NOT! Need a low budget slasher fix? Then here you go. Also includes a bonus featurette or two and loads of trailers. DVD.

Our price: $19.99
Nuns of Saint Archangel (1973) , The
SKU: dvdnunsstarch
Behind the walls of St. Archangel, the Mother Superior is dying and three eager candidates with selfish motives all wait for her death so they can take over. After the Mother Superior is found poisoned, shit really hits the fan in the form of greed, betrayal, torture, and lesbian lust, naturally. Released cut under the title Sisters of Satan back in the video days, Nuns of St. Archangel is one of the sleaziest and best nunsploitation films made! Uncut, in English, with photo gallery and trailers. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Opera (1987)
SKU: dvdopera
When a young opera singer takes over for the leading lady in a bizarre production of Macbeth, she is soon stalked by a crazed fan who repeatedly forces the young diva to watch in horror as he murder’s her friends. Does a recurring nightmare hold the key to the killer’s identity?... Co-written and directed by Italian murder maestro Dario Argento, Opera is really worth a look. Includes interviews with Argento and the crew, trailers, and music video.

Our price: $19.99
Prey (1978)
SKU: dvdprey
Quirky Norman J. Warren directed horror outing finds the lives of reclusive lesbian lovers Jessica and Josephine thrown into turmoil when they meet up with a stranger near their remote country cottage. After Jessica invites him to stay with them, man-hating Josephine gets jealous while a string of brutal deaths begin in the surrounding countryside. Is the stranger and the deaths connected?... Well, sure they are. This is a Norman Warren film after all. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Prowler (1981) , The
SKU: dvdprowler
On her graduation celebration night, Rosemary and her date are brutally murdered by a jilted soldier just home from the war. Thirty years later, the graduation dance will be held for the first time since the murders took place... And the murderer has returned along with the event! This golden age slasher film is presented here uncut for the first time in the USA and is well worth adding to every fans collection. Includes commentary with director Joseph Zito and makeup effects artist Tom Savini, gore footage behind-the-scenes with Savini, trailer and poster gallery. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Red Nights of the Gestapo (1977)
SKU: dvdrednitsgestapo
A group of German industrialists seek to end Hitler’s reign by killing him. After their plan is discovered, the SS forms an elite squad of 12 beautiful women fully trained in the, shall we say, sexual arts. Their job is to root out the traitors, discover their sexual weaknesses, and exploit them to destroy them and their conspiracy. What results is an orgy of sex, violence, and death as you’ll only find in one of the few Italian Nazi exploitation films can deliver! Uncut, and very uncommon to find. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $30.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 33%
Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
SKU: dvdresidentevilretribution
Blu-ray Disc - The latest in the Resident Evil series finds most of humanity transformed into legions of zombies and survivors heading quickly towards extinction. With their last hope resting with Alice (Milla Jovovich) and a few people who were previously enemies, is everything you knew about the film series even true any longer? This Blu-Ray DVD release includes out-takes, a featurette on the creatures, commentary from the cast, deleted and extended scenes, behind the scenes featurette, and more.

*Please Note: This is a Blu-ray DVD, so it won’t play in a standard DVD player.

Market price: $36.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 44%
Satan's Slave (1976)
SKU: dvdsatansslave
After her parents car mysteriously explodes, a young girl (Candice Glendenning) moves in with her Uncle Alexander (Michael Gough) and cousins. She soon begins suffering strange visions and has no idea of the plans her new family has for her as she slowly discovers that her Uncle is the leader of a coven of witches. This is an uncut, scope print. It’s hosted by horror hostess Katarina, so you can either watch it with her doing her thing during the movie or play the feature only and ignore ol’ Kat. Includes a vintage featurette on the film as well as a new additional featurette, an interview with composer John Scott, short film (Fragment) from director Norman Warren, deleted scenes and trailers. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Serial Killer Massacre (2005)
SKU: dvdserialkillermass
Serial killer, Ted, meets up with psycho Leah. Together, they go on a murder-happy rampage, stalking and slaughtering victims. It isn’t long before they fall in love - Which will become their downfall! Low budget gore for the entire deranged family! DVD

Our price: $19.99
Sexcula (1974)
SKU: dvdsexcula
Debbie Collins, a Marilyn Chambers look-alike, stars in duel roles as Countess Sexcula as well as a horny bride who can’t wait for her ring to get started on consummating her marriage in this legendary “lost” Canadian sex and horror romp. Watch in amazement at such delights as a naked picnic, a “girl-on-gorilla” strip tease, and the female pleasure robot. Includes a new transfer made from the only existing print of the film, and the original trailer. (18+ to order) DVD

Market price: $24.99
Our price: $19.99 , save 20%
Spaghetti Western Bible Volume 3: The Fast, the Saved and the Damned
SKU: dvdspagwest3fast
This 10 film collection features westerns that are available on DVD for the first time. You get BLINDMAN (1971) with Tony Anthony and Ringo Starr, THE BEAST (1970) with Klaus Kinski at his manic best, MASSACRE TIME (1966) aka The Brute and The Beast from director Lucio Fulci with George Hilton and Franco Nero, BOUNTY KILLER (1967) aka The Ugly Ones with Tomas Millan, THEY CALL HIM GRAVEYARD (1971) aka A Bullet for a Stranger with Gianni Garko and William Burger, PRICE OF POWER (1969) with Gulliano Genna, ONE DOLLAR TOO MANY (1968) with John Saxon and Antonio Sabata, APOCALYPSE JOE (1970) with Anthony Steffen, MINNESOTA CLAY (1964) with Cameron Mitchell and Georges Riviere, and SEVEN DOLLARS ON THE RED (1966) with Anthony Steffen and Fernando Sancho.

Market price: $30.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 33%
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