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Coma (1978)
SKU: dvdcoma
Why are young, healthy patients admitted for minor surgery ending up on life support? Dr. Susan Wheeler (Genevieve Bujold) wants to know. Sadly, just for asking around, somebody now wants her dead in this cool Michael Crichton thriller, also starring Michael Douglas. DVD Includes trailer. This is a “cut out” DVD with a small cut through the UPC code on the back of the DVD box. Otherwise, it’s a factory wrapped original.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Cold Eyes (1971)
SKU: dvdcoldeyes
Enzo Castellari directed “giallo” thriller import is set in swinging 60s London where corrupt cops, vengeful ex-cons, feisty femme fatales, and fist fights are normal. Motivated by revenge, an ex-con abducts the son of the judge who put him away. A deeper betrayal thickens the lot and leads us to an erotic S&M nightclub setting… and a cool jazz music score, naturally.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Clive Barker's Salome (1973) and The Forbidden (1978)
SKU: dvdclivebarker
Two early short films from Clive Barker feature Barker and his life long pal, Doug “Pinhead” Bradley. Also includes interviews with Barker, Bradley, and other key players. Out of print DVD.

Our price: $19.99
Clash of the Titans (1981)
SKU: dvdclashtitans
Ray Harryhausen’s biggest fantasy-adventure is fun, but not his best film. It pits some hammy actors playing “gods” who toy with the machinations of gods over the fates of mortals. Perseus, the mortal son of Zeus sets out to fulfill his destiny by rescuing his beloved Andromeda from the wrath of the Goddess Thetis. Along the way, he meets up with all kinds of cool Harryhausen creatures, including Medusa, the Kraken, Pegasus, giant scorpions, two-headed dog Dioskilos, and more. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
City of the Living Dead (1980)
SKU: dvdcityotld
It’s Lucio Fulci’s gore classic, “The Gates of Hell”, uncut, widescreen, and under its original title. “Woe be unto him who opens one of the seven gates to Hell...” A priest hangs himself and opens one of the gates to Hell. A reporter (Christopher George) and a psychic (Catriona MacColl) attempt to close the portal before it’s too late. Includes interviews with Catriona MacColl and Michele Soavi (the guy who pukes up his intestines in the car) and a bunch of crew members. Plus, trailers and radio spots. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $17.99 , save 10%
Cinderella 2000 (1977)
SKU: dvdcinderella2000
Director Al Adamson outdoes even his bizarre standards with this soft core sci-fi version of Cinderella - set in the future where sex is illegal. So dopy it will bring back memories of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, with men in tights and bunny masks, the fairy godfather, the fornication police, and adorable Catherine Erhardt as “Cindy”, a girl who will overcome every erotic obstacle (and silly musical interlude) she comes across to be with her prince. Includes both the US and European versions of the film, commentary with producer Sam Sherman, full color booklet with liner notes and Al Adamson trailers. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
C.H.U.D. (1984)
SKU: dvdchud
Beneath the streets of New York there are hundreds of miles of unused tunnels. Up from these tunnels comes something horrible… some sort of monster… and it’s now stalking the sewers of Manhattan, causing the homeless to mutate into hideous and hungry creatures… Cannibalistic, Humanoid, Underground, Dwellers… of C.H.U.D. for short. The 90s were one of the worse decades for horror films - nowhere near as wretched as it is today, but an awful decade with very few decent horror films produced. CHUD is one of the rare enjoyable horror films from the 80s. DVD

Our price: $14.99
Chopping Mall (1986)
SKU: dvdchoppingmall
High tech robots take over security at the Park Plaza Mall. After a lightning bolt short circuits the main computer control, the robots turn into “killbots” and go after people caught in the mall after closing one night. Camp horror from director Jim Wynorski with a who’s who of cameo rolls from the likes of Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov, Barbara Crampton etc. Commentary, trailer, photo gallery, featurette and more. DVD

Our price: $14.99
Chilling (1989) , The
SKU: dvdchilling
At Universal Cryogenics, entire families are preserved in cold storage awaiting their future resurrection. Unfortunately, a freak lightning storm reanimates the frozen bodies and they come back as more or less zombies. With Linda Blair, Dan Haggerty, and Troy Donahue. Includes out takes, behind-the-scenes stuff, trailer, and more. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Chillers (1988)
SKU: dvdchillers
Anthology horror as told by five people waiting for a bus that is late in picking them up. When the bus finally arrives, the passengers get more than they bargained for! Includes original trailer. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1972)
SKU: dvdchildrenshouldplay
35th Anniversary Disc. A group of actors head off to a small cemetery island where they dig up a corpse, play childish games, and accidentally bring the dead back to life in a supernatural ritual that finds everyone eaten by zombies by film’s end. A cult classic that made a name for itself with repeated late night TV showings in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Includes commentary, memories of Bob Clark, music videos, trailer, photo gallery and more! DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Children of the Corn (1984)
SKU: dvdchildrencornbr
Another in one helluva long line of horror films made from Stephen King stories finds a traveling couple (Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton) taken hostage by the creepy children of Humpcuzin, Nebraska. It seems that there is something stalking the cornfields of this backwater town, and that evil entity has taken control of its children. The children, in turn, have become the servants of this evil force and have sacrificed the grown-ups in town. Now they’ve turned their attention to any outsiders who may venture into their sleepy little town. This 25th anniversary Blu-Ray edition includes commentary with the director and some of the actors, interviews, featurettes, trailer, original title sequence, and much, much more!
*This is a blu-ray DVD, so it won’t play in a standard DVD player.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 52%
Chi Guy: Weapons of Mass Decibels (2007)
SKU: dvdchiguy
This is the story of Alan Wilensky, aka The Chi Guy, the record holder for the loudest and highest voice in the world. He’s a guy who stares directly at the sun for ”energy”, can move objects with his voice, and tends to irritate people more than amuse them. Check out this documentary for yourself and find out exactly how Alan Wilensky can captivate, as well as agitate, people across the globe. DVD

Our price: $9.99
Chaos (2005) Director's Cut
SKU: dvdchaos
Emily and her friend Angelica head off to a rave in the woods. When they arrive, they meet Swan, who says he can get them some ecstasy. They follow Swan to a cabin where they meet sadistic gag leader, Chaos, who promptly abuses, tortures, and rapes the girls in a night of unspeakable violence and murder. Definitely not for the squeamish, this is the out of print director’s cut of the film. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Changeling (1981) , The
SKU: dvdchangeling
The Changeling. After he witnesses an accident that kills his wife and daughter, music teacher George C. Scott moves to a new town, rents a creepy old house, and begins to talk to a dead kid. He finds out that a respected Senator had somethig to do with the kids death. Creepy ghost story stuff on a no frills DVD.

Market price: $19.99
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Chainsaw Sally (2007)
SKU: dvdchainsawsally
At the age of ten, Sally witnessed the brutal murder of her parents. Haunted by the nightmares of the past, she raised her little brother as best she could and became a quiet young lady obsessed with images of violent, torture, and pain. Sally became something different one day. She became Chainsaw Sally; judge, jury, and executioner to those she feels are evil and deserving of her vegeance. Decent little indy features Gunnar Hansen and Herschell Gordon Lewis in nice little roles. Includes commentary, interviews, making of doctumentary and more. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Central Park Drifter (1986)
SKU: dvdcentralpkdrift
aka Graveyard Shift. Stylish vampire outing finds bloodsucker Silvio Oliviero working as a nighttime cabbie to kill some time. He falls for terminally ill video director Helen Papas and romances her away from her dull husband. An underrated film and not really all that bad to tell the truth. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell (2012)
SKU: dvdcelluloidbb
It’s more or less Mad Ron’s Previews From Hell Part 2, when you get another 61 trailers from Drive-In and Grindhouse classic like THE TWILIGHT PEOPLE, FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE MONSTERS, SUGAR HILL, and so many more! Everything from HG Lewis to Dario Argento films are presented, with a ton of alternate trailers we’ve never seen before. Celluloid Bloodbath features introductions and commentary from film makers, actors, critics, fans, and industry professionals that include several past Cinema Wasteland guests like Linnea Quigley, Ginger Lynn, Caroline Munro, Michelle Bauer, and William Forsythe, to CW Staff members like 42nd Street Pete, Art Ettenger, and CW promoter Ken Kish, as well as cream of the crop horror personalities like John Zacherle, and the returning Happy (the zombie) Goldsplatt. If you’re looking for a trailer fix, CB will do you right! Includes photo and poster gallery, promotional trailers, behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Cat O' Nine Tails (1971) , The
SKU: dvdcato9tails
After a simple robbery leads to a series of brutal murders, a reporter (James Franciscus) and a blind puzzle maker (Karl Malden) begin their own investigation of the crimes. With nine different clues to follow, they uncover a shocking web of twisted genetics and dark sexual secrets that lead them ever closer to a climax of violence and suspense. Dario Argento’s film was - as always - cut heavily when it was first released in the US. This is the uncut, widescreen print of the film. Includes interviews, trailers, TV spots, radio spots, and more! Now out of print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Carrie (1976)
SKU: dvdcarrie
One of the few good horror films based on a Stephen King novel, director Brian DePalma hit a home run with the story of high school misfit Carrie (Sissy Spacek), who unleashes her telekinetic powers on her psychotic mother (Piper Laurie) and classmates (including John Travolta, PJ Soles, and Amy Irving) after years of torment and abuse at their hands. Special features include two different documentaries, a featurette on “Carrie the Musical”, trailer, and more. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Carnies (2010)
SKU: dvdcarnies
In 1936, a traveling sideshow sets up in another dustbowl town hoping to collect a few dollars from its depression era inhabitants. When a sinister force begins to tear apart members of the sideshow, detective Ellison (Reggie Bannister) is on the case trying to figure out exactly who, or what, is killing people. With Doug Jones as the snake handler. Includes interviews with Doug Jones and Reggie Bannister, behind the scenes footage, and a music video. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Car (1977) , The
SKU: dvdcar
Small town sheriff Wade Parent (James Brolin) has his hands full when a mysterious possessed car begins mowing down innocent victims and crashing through buildings around town. Driven by pure evil, the car seems indestructible and unstoppable. Can Sheriff Parent stop the monster on four wheels before it lays waste to his town? Catch this cult horror camp classic to find out.
*Please note: The cover of the DVD is printed on silver, therefore it does not scan well, but looks great in person.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989)
SKU: dvdcannwomavocjungle
To avoid a serious avocado shortage, the US government hires a feminist anthropology professor (Shannon Tweed) to find the man-eating Piranha Women who inhabit the wild avocado jungle of Southern California. Assisted by douche bag chauvinist Jim (Bill Maher) and a dim-witted student, they track down the tribe and try to convince them to move to Malibu. Definitely not a high point in 80s horror or action films, but I’ll be damned if we don't get asked for this thing on a regular basis. DVD

Market price: $12.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 17%
Cannibal Girls (1972)
SKU: dvdcannibalgirls
Early Ivan Reitman directed horror comedy finds (SCTV regulars) Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin starring as a young couple who settle in at a little bed and breakfast while on a romantic holiday. Run by a trio of flesh-hungry women, they fancy the couple not as guests, but more as tomorrow’s menu. Cannibal Girls is a cult film worth a watch. Includes interviews with Reitman, producer Daniel Goldman, and star, Eugene Levy; original radio spots, trailer and an alternate audio track that features the “Warning Bell” sounder gimmick used in theaters

Our price: $24.99
Cannibal Ferox (1980) aka Make Them Die Slowly
SKU: dvdcannibalferox
aka Make Them Die Slowly. When college student Lorraine grabs up a few friends and heads into the Columbian jungle to disprove the theory of cannibalism, she didn’t count on a sleazy drug dealer (played by John Morghen) mucking things up by raping and killing a native girl. The tribe seeks revenge by capturing, torturing, killing, and eating everyone except Lorraine, who gets away to ponder that whole cannibalism thing for the rest of her life. this is Umberto Lenzi’s gut-munching cannibal classic, widescreen and uncut. Includes commentary from director Lenzi and star John Morghen, trailers, photos and posters, and a new interview with the director that was done for this DVD release.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $19.99 , save 20%
Candy Stripers (2006)
SKU: dvdcandystripers
An alien craft lands in a small California town with a mission to take over the world. The nasty aliens first stop is the local hospital where they inhabit the bodies of a trio of beautiful candy strippers (featuring Playboy Playmates Deanna Brooks and Serria Tawan) and turn them into voracious sexual predators on the lookout for men to use as breeders for their alien race. Ah yes, how can you go wrong? DVD

Market price: $24.99
Our price: $14.99 , save 40%
Campus Corpse (1977) , The
SKU: dvdcampuscorpse
Class jock, Craig, and class brain, Barney, are out to pledge the Delt Fraternity. During a grueling five mile run down the side of a mountain in freezing weather and wearing only a jock strap, Barney falls and breaks his leg. Now only one question remains? What are the Delt’s going to do with a frozen, half naked corpse? And how is Craig going to lie about the death of his buddy? A Hitchcock-like feel helps the movie. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Carlito's Angels (2003)
SKU: dvdcalitosangels
Roxy, Tina, and Marisol. Three sexy crime fighters working for a guy named Carlito. Whether it’s a dead beat dad in need of a little persuasion, or low life thugs trying to mussel in on a neighborhood numbers racket, these sexy angels know what to do and how to get it done. Follow their thrilling misadventures in this amusing indy flick. Includes making of documentary and trailers. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 60%
Vampire Circus (1971) Blu-ray/DVD Combo
SKU: dvdbvampirecirus
A supernatural circus run by a vampire returns to the 19th century town to avenge the death of Count Mitterhaus, who was killed by the town fifteen years earlier for the death of a little girl. Mitterhaus cursed the town and vowed that their children would pay for their crimes... Now it appears the curse is coming true! This Hammer Film horror classic was one of the better films the company put out in the 1970’s. It’s finally seen its day on DVD, complete with a making of featurette, a history of circus horror, a look at House of Hammer magazine, trailer and more.
Includes both the Blu-ray and standard DVD versions of the films.

Market price: $30.00
Our price: $24.99 , save 17%
Brutal Massacre : A Comedy (2008)
SKU: dvdbrutalmass
The career of once famous B movie director Harry Penderecki (David Naughton) is in serious decline since his heyday of the 1980s. He hasn’t had a hit in forever and his clout dries up to the point that he’s now on the outside of Hollywood looking in. Determined to return to his glory days of films like Bowel Movement, People Pesticide, and I’ll Take the Ring Back and the Finger Too, he returns to direct what he believes will be his ultimate masterpiece of horror and brings along a documentary crew to document his comeback. Things don’t go so good… Packed with recognizable faces from horror and B movies past and present (like Brian O’Halloran, Ellen Sandweiss, Ken Foree, and Gunnar Hansen), Brutal Massacre is sure to at least amuse long time horror movie fans looking for a decent horror comedy homage. Includes extended and deleted scenes, behind the scenes featurette and trailer. Now out-of-print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
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