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Black Emanuelle's Box Set Volume 1
SKU: dvdblkemanuellebox
Director Joe D’Amato’s first Black Emanuelle film may have just been a rip-off of the popular European soft sex film, but with Laura Gemser in the lead role, the film caught on with audiences world wide and spawned several popular sequels. Here we have three of those films in one handy box set. In EMAUNELLE IN BANGKOK (1977) photo journalist Emanuelle is sent to the city of Bangkok where her passport is stolen and she’s defiled by thugs. She prowls the underground club scene on a journey of lesbian ecstasy… and yes, it does contain the ping pong ball scene!
In EMANUELLE AROUND THE WORLD (1977) our globe hopping journalist is out to uncover a sadistic ring of white slavers and dwells in the world of bondage, bestiality, and beyond. In SISTER EMANUELLE (1981) she renounces her life of lust to become a cloistered nun… Yeah, like that’s going to last when she’s sent to a remote convent for wayward girls.
Also included in this box set (and packaged with Emanuelle Around the World) is a fourth disc of music compiled by composer Nico Fidenco. Also includes deleted scenes, featurettes, half a dozen full color postcards of various Emanuelle movie art, and more. DVD

Market price: $60.00
Our price: $44.99 , save 25%
Blood Stained Bride (2006)
SKU: dvdbldstainbr
Tracy, fresh from being dumped by his girlfriend meets Madeline, coming off more of a bloody break up of her own. It isn’t long before Madeline is leading Tracy down the isle one emasculated step - and one more dead body - at a time... And nothing is going to stop her in this bloody black comedy. Photos, outtakes, extras and trailers. DVD

Our price: $14.99
Black Shampoo (1976)
SKU: dvdblackshampoo
Jonathan is tall, muscular, ballsy, and one of the most sought after hair stylists around; although that may be due to his reputation as a lover. Everything is cool for Jonathan until he gets between his sexy young receptionist and her former employer, the mob! Now Jonathan must pick up his chainsaw and become a killing machine on the side of the little guy in this slice of 70’s drive-in black exploitation. Widescreen print with commentary by director Greydon Clark, text interviews with stars John Daniels and Tanya Boyd, photo gallery, trailers, deleted scenes and more. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Black Demons (1991)
SKU: dvdblackdemons
Seldom seen zombie stuff from director Umberto Lenzi isn’t all that bad. It really takes you back to the early 80’s style of zombie films when voodoo and black magic are the culprit in bringing the dead back to life. Widescreen, in English, with trailers and interviews. Out-of-print DVD.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 60%
Bird with Crystal Plumage (1970) , The
SKU: dvdbirdcryplum
Dario Argento’s first feature length “thriller” is visually exciting and quite interesting in a Hitchcock sort of way. Tony Musante is an American writer in Rome. He witnesses a murder through a large art gallery window and before you know it, the police won’t let him leave the country until the murder is solved, but the killer threatens his girlfriend’s life if he doesn’t leave... Add in an excellent Ennio Morricone music score and the chills run deep. Includes trailer and the complete soundtrack. DVD

Our price: $14.99
Big Bad Wolf (2006)
SKU: dvdbigbadwolf
A twist on the werewolf legend has Derek Cowley and his friends playing a game of cat and mouse with an unusual monster. With appearances by David Naughton and Clint Howard.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 47%
Friday the 13th (2009)
SKU: dvdbfri13killercut
“Killer Cut” Blu-Ray Edition - You get both the theatrical release of the Friday the 13th remake, as well as the “killer cut” version that adds nine minutes to the film.Also includes the Hacking Back/Slashing Forward and making of featurettes, trivia game, deleted scenes, digital copy and more.

**This is the Blu-Ray version of the film and won’t play on standard DVD players.

Market price: $35.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 57%
Beyond Atlantis (1973)
SKU: dvdbeyondatlantis
John Ashley and Sid Haig are a couple of crooks out to steal a stash of pearls from the population of a small uncharted island. They join up with good guy Patrick Wayne and Lenore Stevens to help plunder the loot. Once on the island, the leader of the islanders has other plans and orders his daughter to mate with one of the strangers in order to continue their race… which just so happens to be a race of pop-eyed water-breathers! Another in the series of Filipino horror and exploitation films from John Ashley and producer/director Eddie Romero. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Embodiment of Evil (2008) Blu-ray/ DVD Combo
SKU: dvdbembodevil
Jose Mojica Marins completes his “Coffin Joe” trilogy forty years after the last installment - and hasn’t missed a beat! Beginning with the classic AT MIDNIGHT I’LL TAKE YOUR SOUL (1964) and THIS NIGHT I’LL POSSESS YOUR CORPSE (1967), EMBODIMENT OF EVIL finds Coffin Joe released from prison after serving forty years for the crimes committed in the first two films. Once out, the sadistic undertaker and his hunchbacked servant, Bruno, once again begin the quest to find the perfect woman to give Joe the perfect child. Haunted by ghostly visions and spirits of past victims, the demonic duo carve a path of horror that hasn’t seen the light of day in the forty years since Coffin Joe was put away. Includes both the Blu-ray and standard DVD versions of the films. Special Features include a Making of featurette, footage from the premier of the film, and original trailer.
Blu-ray / DVD Combo

Market price: $24.99
Our price: $14.99 , save 40%
Beast of Yucca Flats (1961), The
SKU: dvdbeastyuccaflats
Tor Johnson is a Russian scientist who escapes to the USA with top secret Soviet documents. Russian agents run his car off the road into a bomb testing site where an H-bomb explosion turns him into a bloodthirsty atomic monster. Ed Wood mainstay Conrad Brooks co-stars. No budget drive-in horror from Anthony Cardoza. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 20%
Basket Case 3: The Progeny (1991)
SKU: dvdbasketcase3
In the third and final installment of Frank Hennlotter’s Basket Case trilogy, we find that brother Duane is still hopelessly insane, while deformed Belial is about to become a daddy! Eve, or “Mrs. Belial” as the case may be, delivers a litter of bouncing baby monsters. When the police show up and cart the critters away, proud papa Belial sets off to gather up his brood of bloodthirsty offspring in a gory climax that’s sure to please. Includes original trailer. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Basket Case 2 (1990)
SKU: dvdbasketcase2
Belial is back for round two, and this time around, he’s bringing some friends! Escaping the media frenzy after the first film, Duane and his deformed basket-brother hide out with Granny Ruth in her secluded mansion. When a tabloid reporter gets too snoopy, it time for the freaks to stand together to keep their secret hideout, well, secret. Widescreen high def transfer looks great! Also includes interview and behind the scenes featurette. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Basket Case (1981)
SKU: dvdbasketcase
Duane and his deformed - and originally growing out of his side - twin brother Belial set out to kill off the doctors who originally separated them and left Belial for dead in a dumpster. This special edition DVD of Frank Henenlotter’s cult classic looks great and includes a ton of extra stuff, including, audio commentary, trailer and TV spots, “In search of the Hotel Broslin” featurette, interviews and more. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Bad Girls from Valley High (2005)
SKU: dvdbadgirlsvalley
What’s the trio of popular girls (Julie Benz, Nicole Bilderback, and Monica Keena) at Valley High to do when a gorgeous foreign exchange student arrives on the scene and sets her eyes on the school’s resident hunk, Drew? Well, plot a murder of course! With Christopher Lloyd and Janet Leigh. Includes deleted scenes. Out-of-print DVD

Market price: $28.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 57%
Bad Biology (2008) Blu-ray/DVD Combo
SKU: dvdbadbiologybr
Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack - Director Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case, Brain Damage, Frankenhooker) returns with one of the most twisted and original movies ever made. Let’s see... How do you describe this film?... A young man and woman suffering from, ah, shall we say “biological excess” are like any other young people and looking for sexual fulfillment and love. Unfortunately, they meet up and their bonding creates “a truly god-awful love story” to say the least. Confused? You won’t be after you take a look at Bad Biology, that’s for sure. Includes commentary from the director and producer, behind-the-scenes featurette, trailer, and more. You get both the blu-ray disc, as well as the regular DVD in this two disc set.

Market price: $21.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 29%
Bacterium (2007)
SKU: dvdbacterium
A handful of friends come across an isolated abandoned building in the woods and come face to face with a biological weapons experiment gone catastrophically wrong as well as a maniacal scientist who predicts life on Earth will end in the next 48 hours. It seems that the flesh hungry contagion spreads from person to person and accelerates as it grows, turning victims into a puddle of infectious ooze. Can it be stopped, or will mankind truly end as we know it? Check out this ambitious indy horror film from director Brett Piper to find out. Includes commentary, making of, and trailers. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 60%
Back Road Dinner (2003)
SKU: dvdbackroaddiner
Four friends from New York City head out on a cross country road trip. Finding themselves in a back assward hick town, racial tensions explode into violence and sets off a chain reaction that will change the four friends forever. Uncut director’s cut of the film includes commentary, deleted scenes, and since it was released by Troma, a ton of stuff nobody ever watches. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 47%
August Underground's Penance (2007)
SKU: dvdaupenance
The final installment in Toe Tag Pictures August Underground trilogy shows the decline of our two nameless killers as they continue their madness and approach the end of their path of destruction. It’s a return to the style of the original August Underground snuff style sickie, filled with enough brutal depravity to fill any two films of this type. Not for the squeamish. DVD - Note all new cover.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 40%
August Underground's Mordum (2004)
SKU: dvdaumordum
Continuing what they began in the original August Underground, Mordum documents extreme deviant sexuality, torture, and murder, while unfolding the classic story of a man and woman in love... There’s plot to this sick and twisted exploitation sickie? Go figure. Not for the squeamish or easily offended. DVD

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 40%
August Underground (2001)
SKU: dvdaugustundgd
2-Disc Special Edition - Imagine walking down the street and finding an unmarked video tape. Curiosity peaked, you take it home and pop it in. What starts off as a couple of guys screwing around with a video camera quickly degenerates into realistic torture as we find these guys have taped their exploits and seem to enjoy tormenting their victims just a little too much. It’s Toe Tag Pictures snuff style exploitation sickie, updated for this 2006 release with an introduction by director Fred Vogel, documentary, commentary and more. Not for the squeamish. DVD

Market price: $30.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 50%
Attack of the Puppet People (1958)
SKU: dvdattpuppetpep
Mr. Franz is a kindly old doll-maker who just happens to turn people into living puppets. John Agar, June Kenny and Kenny Miller star in this Bert I. Gordon classic. Uncut print with trailer. Now out of print DVD.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 20%
Astro Zombies (1969)
SKU: dvdastrozombies
Ted V. Mikels cult Drive-In classic has John Carradine creating “Astro Men” out of the bodes of dead criminals. Tura “Faster Pussycat” Satana works for a secret organization that wants his secrets at all costs. Uncut print with trailer. This is the out of print Image DVD.

Our price: $14.99
Argento's Dracula (2012)
SKU: dvdargentosdracula
Dario Argento’s spin on the classic Dracula story. 400 years after the immortal bloodsucker’s beloved passes away, he discovers that local newlywed Mina Harker bears a striking resemblance to his lost love. Dracula sets his sights on her until the arrival of vampire expert Abraham Van Helsing, who hopes to put an end to the vampire once and for all. With Asia Argento and Rutger Hauer as Van Helsing. Unrated version includes behind the scenes footage, a music video, and trailer. DVD

Our price: $24.99
Antichrist (1974) , The
SKU: dvdantichrist
Left paralyzed by the trauma of a childhood accident, a young woman is placed under hypnosis to see if it can help her overcome her illness. It doesn’t. She’s possessed by some sort of demon and her only salvation is a harrowing exorcism that will either help cast out the devil or open the door for the birth of the Antichrist. Released with heavy cuts as The Tempter in the States, this puke-spewing Italian Exorcist rip off is presented here uncut and widescreen with director interview, TV spot, and poster gallery. Now out of print, so supplies limited. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Animation Greats (2002)
SKU: dvdanimationgreats
Here’s a collection of eight classic animated shirt films from the National Film Board of Canada that includes Special Delivery, Getting Started, The Big Snit, Get a Job, The Cat That Came Back, Juke Bar, Blackfly, and The Lump. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Animalada (2001)
SKU: dvdanimalada
Distracted and unhappy with his marriage, Alberto seeks comfort with “Fanny”, a sheep at his family’s vacation ranch. He attempts to hide his beastly relationship but is eventually found out... And that’s when the killing starts. Alberto begins to kill and grind up people, disposing of the bodies by feeding them to Fanny, in one of the oddest black comedies this side of Bloodsucking Freaks. Uncut print includes trailer. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
And Now the Screaming Starts (1972)
SKU: dvdandnowscream
While Hammer studios seemed to have trouble hanging onto their audience in the 70’s, Amicus, the other British horror company, was doing some fun stuff in the 70’s. Stephanie Beacham and Ian Ogilvy are newlyweds in 1795 England that move into his ancestral family home. Before you know it, Beacham is raped by an evil spirit, plagued by haunting visions, and begins to think she’s going insane in this creepy British horror film by director Roy Ward Baker. Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom and Patrick Magee co-star. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
American Werewolf in London (1981) , An
SKU: dvdamerwwlondon
“The Full Moon 2-Disc Edition.” Director John Landis’ cult classic combines horror and comedy like few films could. And it features groundbreaking effects work from Rick Baker. Beware the moon... Special 2-disc edition includes a re-mastered widescreen print, a brand new feature-length documentary with the cast, crew, and director, “I Walked With a Werewolf” featurette with Rick Baker, making of featurette, interviews, commentary, and more! DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Amazon Jail (1982)
SKU: dvdamazonjail
Deep in the Amazon jungle, a group of women escape a group of whip-cracking white slavers only to fall into the hands of a perverted priest whose followers just adore painted women. Caught between bounty hunters and horny holy henchmen, it’s a battle of wits, weapons, and feminine wiles as the desperate damsels trade it all to escape this poison paradise alive. Sleazy South American WIP stuff from Oswaldo de Oliveria, the man who brought the world Bare Behind Bars a couple of years earlier. This widescreen, uncut print is definitely 18+ rated. DVD

Market price: $24.99
Our price: $19.99 , save 20%
Amazonia (1985)
SKU: dvdamazonia
Based on the true story of Catherine Miles, who was kidnapped at her parents Amazon plantation by head hunters and forced into slavery. One of the tribe’s warriors becomes her only salvation, and helps her get her revenge against those that were really responsible. Widescreen print with photo gallery and trailers. DVD

Market price: $19.99
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
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