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Blu-ray discs do not play in a regular DVD player, you need a Blu-ray Player to play them.


Mother's Day (1980)
SKU: dvdmothersday
A trio of former college roommates decide to spend their annual weekend reunion camping on the shores of a beautiful lake. It isn’t long before the women are captured by Ike and Addley, two backwood degenerates who will do anything to please their demented mother. She likes to direct the boys in acts of violence and rape against the women until they band together to get their revenge on the degenerate trio. This twisted little black comedy from Lloyd Kaufman’s brother, Charlie Kaufman, is one of the best films Troma ever released. Includes commentary, a behind-the-scenes video, and trailer.

Our price: $19.99
Mothra vs Godzilla (1964)
SKU: dvdmothra
aka Godzilla vs The Thing. A typhoon washes a giant egg ashore and two tiny twin fairies soon appear trying to have the egg returned to Mothra’s island. Too late. Greedy promoters have already turned it into an attraction. Meanwhile, Godzilla reawakens and begins to once again trample Japan, making its way towards the giant egg. Now it’s time for Mothra to stand up to the big brut and attempt to save her offspring from destruction, big monster style, before it’s too late. You get both the original Japanese and American versions of the film, complete with commentary, original movie poster gallery, trailers and more. DVD
*Please note that the packaging is metalic looking and does not scan well.

Market price: $19.99
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Mummy's Kiss (2003)
SKU: dvdmummyskiss
Amusingly cheesy soft sex mummy flick from director Don Glut. 3,000 years ago, an evil Egyptian sorceress was buried alive for indulging in pleasures of the flesh. Now, her mummy has been brought to modern day LA and the removal of a golden death mask brings her back in all of her lesbian splendor. Now, with the help of her zombie-like servant, she’s out to reclaim the lost love of her life, whose spirit just happens to be living inside the body of a lovely female archaeology student. Along the way, she seduces several female students. With Richard Lynch as a professor. Includes commentary with director Glut, behind the scenes footage and bloopers, and trailers. Now out of print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 60%
Mutant (1984)
SKU: dvdmutant
Wings Hauser and Lee Montgomery are two brothers who get stranded in a small southern town where toxic waste is turning townsfolk into blue-faced zombies. They team up with sheriff Bo Hopkins to investigate in this B horror outing from director John “Bud” Cardos. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 47%
My Bloody Valentine (1981)
SKU: dvdmybloodyvalentine
Twenty years after a Valentine’s Day tragedy, a psycho wearing miner’s garb starts killing the people of Valentine’s Bluff and hacking out his victim’s hearts with a pick axe. One of the best “slasher” flicks from the early 80’s was neutered by cuts from the MPAA. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009)
SKU: dvdmyblooyval3d
The first My Bloody Valentine still remains one of the best “slasher” films the 80’s had to offer. This remake is, well, not as good and not as gory as the original by a long shot, but was a fun gimmick movie none the less, boasting some great 3-D effects. This widescreen, 103 minute, 3-D version comes with four pair of 3-D glasses for viewing and includes commentary from the director. DVD

Our price: $14.99
Nail Gun Massacre (1985)
SKU: dvdnailgunmass
Following the brutal gang bang style rape of a young woman by a group of Texas construction workers, a mysterious figure wearing a motorcycle helmet begins hunting the sleaze bags down and making them pay... With their lives! The masked avenger’s weapon of choice? A nail gun, naturally. Why a nail gun? Because as the tag line suggests, “It’s cheaper than a chainsaw”, that’s why! Chock full of more deaths than any two films made the same year, Nail Gun Massacre is sure to please any fan into cheesy, low budget, camp horror. Widescreen print, out-takes, trailer, and a new featurette with director Terry Lofton. Now out of print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Naked Horror (1995)
SKU: dvdnakedhorror
Cheesy little SOV gem from the era when “Scream Queen” was beat to death and lost any real meaning it may have ever to that point. Plot? not really. A security guard at a horror convention gets everything he wanted in life when a few hot chicks, including Kelly Smith, Jasmine St. Claire, Melissa Silver, Stacy Warfel, and Debbie D strip in front of him and include him in their “bedroom games.” Also includes the second feature, ATTACK OF THE 40 FOOT TALL INCREDIBLY SHRINKING WOMAN. When two couples break into a closed down military compound, they discover two vials in an old lab. One girl spills one of the vials on herself while the other dips her finger in the other. Soon enough, one girl is growing our of her clothing while the other begins shrinking. (18+ for nudity) DVD

Our price: $9.99
Natural Born Killers (1994) Director's Cut
SKU: dvdbnatbornkill
Director Oliver Stone comes out with both guns blazing when he takes on violence and the media obsession over serial killers Mickey and Mallory (Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis). This is the 122 minute director’s cut of the film. Also includes commentary and introduction from Oliver Stone, featurette, deleted scenes, interview, alternate ending, and more.

**This is the Blu-ray version of the film and won’t play on standard DVD players.

Market price: $35.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 57%
Nesting (1981) , The
SKU: dvdnesting
In an attempt to cure her writer’s block, novelist Lauren Cochran decides to leave the city and rent a big old house in the country. Unaware of the houses shocking history, people around her begin to suffer increasingly violent deaths. Slowly, Lauren begins to unravel the truth about the house and its past but will she escape from the place or will she herself become just another victim of The Nesting? Includes deleted and extended scenes, trailers, TV spots and a poster and still gallery. DVD

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
New Gladiators (1984)
SKU: dvdnewgladiators
Sci-fi exploitation from director Lucio Fulci. In the future, two competing TV networks vie for ratings by airing violent game shows. One network produces a version of Roman Gladiator games on motorcycles. When they feel they need a champion, they frame a guy for murder and place him on the show. That’s when trouble begins… This now out of print DVD includes interviews, trailers, and more.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 50%
Night Divides the Day (2001)
SKU: dvdntdvd
A psycho is stalking a college campus so surviving dimwits decide to go camping. Betcha the killer won’t follow... NOT! Need a low budget slasher fix? Then here you go. Also includes a bonus featurette or two and loads of trailers. DVD.

Our price: $19.99
Night of the Creeps (1986)
SKU: dvdnightcreeps
An alien spaceship crashes to Earth in 1959 and slug-like creatures infect a young college student. Almost thirty years later, the infected body is thawed out by fraternity pledges and the campus is soon infested by alien slugs that are turning people into zombies. It’s up to a outcast college kid and a hard-nosed cop (Tom Atkins) to stop the invasion before it spreads. Director Fred Dekker’s homage to 50’s sci-fi and horror films is also one of the best horror films the 1980’s had to offer. Also includes commentary with the director and cast, original ending, deleted scenes, several featurettes, and trailer. DVD

Market price: $19.99
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Night of the Creeps (1986)
SKU: dvdnightcreepsbr
Blu-Ray Director’s Cut. An alien spaceship crashes to Earth in 1959 and slug-like creatures infect a young college student. Almost thirty years later, the infected body is thawed out by fraternity pledges and the campus is soon infested by alien slugs that are turning people into zombies. It’s up to a outcast college kid and a hard-nosed cop (Tom Atkins) to stop the invasion before it spreads. Director Fred Dekker’s homage to 50’s sci-fi and horror films is also one of the best horror films the 1980’s had to offer - and it’s now available as an unrated blu-ray DVD. Also includes commentary with the director and cast, original ending, deleted scenes, several featurettes, and trailer.
*Please Note: This is a Blu-ray DVD, so it won’t play in a standard DVD player.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Night of the Living Dead '90 (1990)
SKU: dvdnotld90
Tom Savini directed remake of the 1968 zombie classic wasn’t really all that bad when you think about it. Good performances from Tony Todd, Pat Tallman, Tom Towels and the rest of the cast helps. Directory commentary, making of featurette, trailers and more. Now out of print.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
SKU: dvdnotld
It’s George Romero’s trend setting zombie classic, and I’m sure it needs no plot write up here to do it justice. Well, they up and remastered the film in 3-D… Yep, 3-D. Also in it’s origial flat, 2-D form just in case you don’t feel the need to gimick out. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Nightmare City (1980)
SKU: dvdnightmarecity
A radioactive spill transforms people into flesh-craving zombie killers in this horror outing from director Umberto Lenzi. Originally released in the US as “City of the Walking Dead” this uncut print features the original title and all the gore missing from original video prints. Widescreen print with interview with Lenzi, trailer and director bio. Now out of print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Nightmare Never Ends! , The
SKU: dvdnightmareneverends
Here’s a collection of 3 films released by Troma.
THE NIGHTMARE NEVER ENDS (1980) finds author James Hanson (Richard Moll) trying to uncover the truth behind the belief in God and the Devil.
IGOR AND THE LUNATICS (1985) After a stretch in prison, a 60’s cult leader returns to wreck havoc and get revenge on the small town and remaining “family” members that turned on him.
FROSTBITER: WRATH OF THE WENDINGO (1995) finds a deadly creature of the North stalking anyone who dares desecrate his resting place.
Extras include a Lunachicks music video, trailers, and more! DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) , A
SKU: dvdnightmareelmst
2-Disc InfiniFilm DVD - One of the best horror films to come out of the 80’s. Digitally mastered from the original film negatives. Includes “Never Sleep Again” making of documentary, two other featurettes, commentary with director Wes Craven, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, and the cinematogrpher Jacques Haitkin, alternate ending, and a bunch of interactive features like pop-up prompts and exclusive content for this DVD release. Now out of print, this is a cut out DVD with a scratch in the box across the UPC code.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 52%
Northville Cemetery Massacre (1976)
SKU: dvdnorthvillecemmass
Happy go lucky bikers vs small town, red neck cops. After a young girl is raped by a rough-neck cop, he naturally blames “those motorcycle mongoloids” (real life Detroit motorcycle club, The Scorpions) and the battle lines are drawn after he and the girls father take out a couple of the bikers during a wedding celebration. With the help of a local gun nut, the bikers stock up on weapons and the big shoot out occurs at the local cemetery. It’s the bloodiest biker movie ever made, with a climax that would make Sam Peckinpaw smile with delight. This is the remastered director’s cut of the film. Extras include commentaries by the co-directors, a look at The Scorpions MC, making of photo gallery, artwork for the film, and more.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy) (2009)
SKU: dvdnotthemessiah
Blu-ray Disc - Featuring Monty Python’s Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, and Terry Gilliam performing music from the 1979 film, Life of Brian, with a complete orchestra. Special features include sing-along tracks, along with pre and post show footage. Blu-ray Disc.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Nuns of Saint Archangel (1973) , The
SKU: dvdnunsstarch
Behind the walls of St. Archangel, the Mother Superior is dying and three eager candidates with selfish motives all wait for her death so they can take over. After the Mother Superior is found poisoned, shit really hits the fan in the form of greed, betrayal, torture, and lesbian lust, naturally. Released cut under the title Sisters of Satan back in the video days, Nuns of St. Archangel is one of the sleaziest and best nunsploitation films made! Uncut, in English, with photo gallery and trailers. DVD

Our price: $19.99
Omega Man (1971) , The
SKU: dvdomegaman
In the not so distant future, biological war has decimated life on earth. In this alternate future, the world has become populated by those who come out at night. The “inhabitants” of a new age so to speak. But one man, Robert Neville (Charlton Heston) still haunts the sunlit streets in search for supplies… and a cure for what he may, or may not have helped create. Then he finds others who are not affected, and things go from bad to worse… Richard Matheson novel I Am Legend, has been adapted on a trio of occasions, but only the 2007 Hollywood produced turd with Will Smith actually sucked. This one doesn’t, and is a must see. Features an introduction by a couple of the films stars, a featurette, and trailer. Out of print DVD.
This is a “cut out” DVD with a small cut through the UPC code on the back of the DVD box. Otherwise, it’s a factory wrapped original.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
One Missed Call (2007)
SKU: dvdonemissedcallbr
Blu-ray Disc. - College students begin to get weird phone calls. First one, then another… And all the calls are actually the voice of the student who gets the call during his or her last moments alive. And every call comes true. Based on an original Japanese horror film that’s more than likely spawned over 10,000 pale remakes to date, One Missed Call is at least creepy enough to hold your attention. Blu-ray Disc.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 40%
Opera (1987)
SKU: dvdopera
When a young opera singer takes over for the leading lady in a bizarre production of Macbeth, she is soon stalked by a crazed fan who repeatedly forces the young diva to watch in horror as he murder’s her friends. Does a recurring nightmare hold the key to the killer’s identity?... Co-written and directed by Italian murder maestro Dario Argento, Opera is really worth a look. Includes interviews with Argento and the crew, trailers, and music video.

Our price: $19.99
Orloff and the Invisible Man (1970)
SKU: dvdorloffinvman
One rainy night, doctor Garondet is summoned to the castle of Professor Orloff (Howard Vernon at his manic best) but finds his journey blocked at several turns. The locals won’t direct him to the castle, and when he does find a willing coachman, his horse refuses to venture beyond a certain point so he’s forced to walk the rest of the way. Once the good doctor does arrive at the castle, he finds Orloff’s deranged daughter Cecile (Brigitte Carva) spewing nonsense about an invisible phantom that prowls the castle grounds. Orloff himself fills the doctor in on Cecile’s insanity, but as he spends the night in the castle, he begins to share in her delusions. Another mind-numbing piece of cinematic “what the fuck” from director Jess Franco is sure to have you scratching your head in amazement at times. Includes original French trailer and alternate “clothed” sequences that replaced some of the films nude scenes. Now out of print DVD.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 60%
Other Hell (1980) , The
SKU: dvdotherhell
The Other Hell. Beautifully sleazy and blasphemously delightful tale of being butchered in a convent by director Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso. Delightful scenes of a priest set on fire, the dead body of a woman having her vagina ripped out, a child being stabbed several times, a baby tossed into a vat of boiling water, and another priest being stabbed in the crotch (to prevent him from molesting young boys, perhaps). Turns out that the killings were committed by the illegitimate offspring of a nun that had a mutant baby out of wedlock and hid it deep beneath the church. Soundtrack by Goblin. Anamorphic widescreen print with interviews and trailers. DVD

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 60%
Pagan Metal: A Documentary (2009)
SKU: dvdpaganmetal
Pagan metal is taking over the Black Metal scene in Europe and Bill Zebub is here to explore its slow but steady invasion of America. With live performances from a bunch of bands I’ve never heard of, along with interviews and insight, why not explore the music of Korpiklaani, Primordial, Finntroll, Ensiferum, Tyr, and others? DVD

Market price: $12.99
Our price: $9.99 , save 23%
Pale Rider (1985)
SKU: dvdbpalerider
Clint Eastwood returned to the western after nine years away with Pale Rider. Seems a corporate mining company is making life hard for a group of independent miners when Preacher (Eastwood) rides into town to become their avenger against hired thug John Russell. With Michael Moriarty, Carrie Snodgrass, Chris Penn, and Richard Kiel. Also includes trailers.

**This is the Blu-ray version of the film and won’t play on standard DVD players.

Market price: $30.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 50%
Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
SKU: popanslabyrinthblr
Blu-ray Disc. From director Guillermo del Toro comes a dark fantasy-thriller about a young girl who enters a mysterious labyrinth and finds herself at the center of a battle between good and evil. Includes commentary from the director, video prologue, featurettes, appearances, DVD comic, storyboards, and tons more. Blu-ray Disc.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 40%
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