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Region 1 - U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories (NTSC)
Region 0 - DVDs can be played in any DVD player regardless of their region coding. (NTSC)

Blu-ray discs do not play in a regular DVD player, you need a Blu-ray Player to play them.


Wicker Man (1973) , The
SKU: dvdwickerman
Edward Woodward travels to a remote Scottish island community led by Christopher Lee in search of a missing teenager. There he discovers a secret society and the secret of The Wicker Man first hand. This is the uncut, widescreen print of the American theatrical version of the film. Also features interviews, trailer, TV and radio spots, and more. Now out-of-print DVD.

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 20%
Willard (2003)
SKU: dvdwillard
Willard Stiles is weak, hopeless, and trapped in a dead end job working for the guy who cheated his father out of his business. Mother is sick and the only reason poor Willard even keeps his job. One night, he discovers that he shares a bond with the rats that live in his basement and he decides to tear up the competition... Beginning with his no good boss! It’s a retelling of the classic 70s horror film with Crispin Glover, who handles the chores incredibly well if you ask me. Widescreen and full screen prints with deleted scenes, commentary, documentary, music video and more! DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Women's Prison Massacre (1983)
SKU: dvdwomensprisonmass
aka Blade Violent, and Emanuelle Escapes From Hell. This film followed director Bruno Matti’s 1982 exploitation classic, Caged Women. Laura Gemser is investigative reporter, Emanuelle. She’s set up by a corrupt politician and sent to a savage women’s prison where she endures all the classic torture and violence one expects from a quality WIP film. Now out of print DVD.

Market price: $20.00
Our price: $7.99 , save 60%
Women's Superstars Uncensored! (2011)
SKU: dvdwomenssuperstars
Here’s a best of hardcore female wrestling DVD that features ten matches, including: Amy Lee vs Awesome Kong, Amber o’Neal and Nikki Rox vs Angel Orsini and Jazz, Mercades taking on Rain in an “I Quit” match, Jessica Havock vs ODB, Mercedes vs Alica, Britney Savage vs Sassy Stephanie, Jana vs Cindy Rogers, Kristin Astara vs Niya, and uncensored rumble, and a bonus Iron Woman match that’s sure to please! DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 20%
Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (2008) , The
SKU: dvdworsthorro
A maniac in the bathroom. Death by playing card. Budget wolf-women... Just what do these things have to do with gays in the military, giant nude chicks, jesus jokes, killer crap, scantly clad chicks, lesbians, weird experiments, New Jersey rednecks, zombie insects, relationships and mental illness? You’ll have to check it out to find out. From Bill Zebub. DVD (18+ to Order)

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Young Hannah Queen of the Vampires (1972)
SKU: dvdyoundhannahq
aka Crypt of the Living Dead. Two archaeologists on a scientific dig in a place known as Vampire Island, uncover and release Hannah, a 13th century vampire, who now plans on making the islands residence a nice tasty snack. A Spanish American co-production with Andrew Prine, Mark Damon, Patty Sheppard, and Teresa Gimpera as our toothy tiara wearing vampire. This is the uncut, widescreen version of this cult horror film. DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Zombie (1979)
SKU: dvdzombie
Lucio Fulci’s zombie classic is a must for every DVD collection! Beautiful uncut remastered print, includes trailers, TV spots, radio spots, a poster and still gallery and a bio for director Lucio Fulci. DVD

Market price: $19.99
Our price: $14.99 , save 25%
Zombie 4: Afterdeath (1988)
SKU: dvdzombie4
Actually titled “After Death” and retitled as a Zombie with a number after it title to be included as one of the Italian “zombie” series, this gore-filled romp through flesh-eating territory is actually pretty good. Voodoo creates an island of the living dead and a boat load of stranded passers-by get caught in a rampage against the living. A couple twists and turns along the way help. Written and directed by Claudio Fragasso, a screenwriter who wrote plenty of decent Italian splatter films (including Zombie 3 and Nightmare City.) Widescreen print with trailers and interview with the director. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 40%
Zombie Christ (2010)
SKU: dvdzombiechrist
A new age is upon us and the druids call upon the skeletal remains of Christ to do their bidding and eliminate the last of his bloodline. Jesus stalks the state of New Jersey, talking trash and taking out hot tattooed chicks. He even bones a nun... literally! A hot babe detective is on his trail. An old guy kicks some slow motion butt. A scholarly guy helps the girl Jesus is hunting down, and a twist ending ties everything up in one neat little package. It’s the latest from filmmaker Bill Zebub and a must see for all no budget naked stripper loving exploitation fans! DVD

Market price: $15.00
Our price: $9.99 , save 33%
Zombie Classics: 4 Movie Collection
SKU: dvdzombieclassics
Here we have four zombie classics (or not so classics as the case may be) on two DVDs that come packaged in a cool tin box. You get George Romero’s classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) along with REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES (1943) with John Carradine as a Nazi scientist creating zombies in the swamps of Louisiana on one disc; and Jess Franco’s story of Nazi’s protecting their hidden old in OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES (1981), along with the Bela Lugosi classic, WHITE ZOMBIE (1932), on the second disc. Like most of the DVDs we sell, this collection is now out of print.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 52%
Zombie Holocaust (1980)
SKU: dvdzombieholo
It’s the original title of what we know in the US as DOCTOR BUTCHER, M.D.. Crazy doctor Obrero set up shop on the isolated island of Keto so he can conduct his “zombie experiments” in relative peace. After a gruesome flesh-eating cult does some nasty deeds in NYC, a couple of nosy do-gooders head out in search of Obrero and get caught up in his gruesome experiments. Widescreen print with trailer, photo and still gallery, interviews, and scenes added to the beginning of the US “Dr. Butcher” version. Out of print DVD.

Market price: $25.00
Our price: $14.99 , save 40%
Zombie Jamboree 1993
SKU: dvdzombiejamboree
Although it’s been done to death on the convention circuit since, 1993 marked the 25th anniversary of George Romero’s cult classic, Night of the Living Dead, and the cast held an anniversary convention in Pittsburgh to celebrate it and here’s a nice DVD that highlites that weekend. By 2008, the 40th anniversary was pretty much no big deal to most fans, but the first one will always be a fond memory for fans like me who were there. DVD

Market price: $30.00
Our price: $11.99 , save 60%
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