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Doctor Dracula (1977)

Doctor Dracula (1977)
Al Adamson hatchet job started out life as a reedited version of Svengali, released in 1974 with some new footage added as the soft sex Satan flick, Luciferís Women. More new footage with John Carradine was added to turn it into a Satanic vampire movie, and presto, Dr. Dracula was born! Confused? Then you probably donít know much about Independent International Pictures... But you should, so start with any of the Al Adamson films until you get through as many as you can find. Includes original trailer for Luciferís Women, a rare spook show promo, and plenty of other Al Adamson movie trailers. Tough to find DVD.
This is a ďcut outĒ DVD with a small cut through the UPC code on the back of the DVD box. Otherwise, itís a factory wrapped original.
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