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Rue Morgue #63
SKU: mgruemorg63
Inside the weird world of Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, complete with interviews. Remembering Bob Clark’s horror classic Black Christmas, the bleak visions of Camille Rose Garcia, paranormal investigations with Will Storr and more, including first news on George Romero’s Dairy of the Dead. Add in the usual news, reviews, and usual RM features, and y

Our price: $8.00
Rue Morgue #64
SKU: mgruemorg64
Take a look at Korean horror THE HOST and other K-Horror to come. Go back in time with the silent era of horror films. Plus, the art of Funerary Violin, plot out your year with the 2007 convention schedule, and 2006 in review. Add in the usual news, reviews, and usual RM features, and you’re set to go with issue 64!

Our price: $8.00
Rue Morgue #67
SKU: mgruemorg67
Alejandro Jodorowsky finally gets a trio of his films released in America. Nacho Cerda’s first feature film. Toe Tag Pictures Fred Vogel and his infamous “snuff” trilogy. Plus, news, reviews, music, and more!

Our price: $8.00
Rue Morgue #68
SKU: mgruemorg68
Take a look at 50’s style zombie comedy, FIDO, plus interviews and more. Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson bring you their new comic book project, City of Others. BLACK SHEEP, more splatter fun from New Zealand. Eli Roth’s HOSTEL 2. Plus, news, tons of reviews, music, comics and more!

Our price: $8.00
Scream Queen Illustrated: Strippers & Showgirls Poster Book: Melissa Wolf
SKU: mgsqistr1
Melissa is a nude model that has appeared in Playboy, Penthouse and just about every other men’s magazine out there. It is a photo magazine that folds out into a 21x33” nude poster of Melissa.
(18+ - Adults only on all SQI)

Market price: $5.00
Our price: $4.00 , save 20%
Scream Queens Illustrated #05
SKU: mgsqi5
Debbie Dutch struts her stuff. Becky LeBeau: centerfold spread. Sex and special F/X , the girls of Corman’s Burial of the Rats and more!

Market price: $6.00
Our price: $3.00 , save 50%
Scream Queens Illustrated #07
SKU: mgsqi7
Early shots of Monique Gabrielle (including a centerfold)and Amazon honey Julie Strain. First look at Naked Horror and Don Farmer talks about Red Lips.

Market price: $7.00
Our price: $3.00 , save 57%
Scream Queens Illustrated #08
SKU: mgsqi8
Debbie Rochon color pictorial. Penthouse pet Alex Taylor. Marilyn Chambers tells the “naked truth” and heavy hootered honey “Fantasia” shoves ‘em in your face!

Our price: $7.00
Scream Queens Illustrated #09
SKU: mgsqi9
Michelle Bauer in her final SQI photo shoot, Becky Sunshine and her big puffy lips. Plus plenty of naked chicks and Debbie D does her best mermaid.

Market price: $6.00
Our price: $3.00 , save 50%
Scream Queens Illustrated #10
SKU: mgsqi10
Rhonda Sheer will keep you up all night! Plenty of naked and half naked vampire bimbos, fantasy girl Julia Hayes and Alyssa Milano in Embrace of the Vampire.

Our price: $7.00
Scream Queens Illustrated #13
SKU: mgsqi13
Lorissa McComas returns. It’s an invasion of the girls from WAVE! Classic babe June Wilkinson adds a touch of class to the rag, Debbie Rochon shows her stuff and Brinke Stevens makes another SQI appearance. (18+ - Adults only on all SQI issues)

Our price: $7.00
Scream Queens Illustrated #17
SKU: mgsqi17
Countess Vladimira. The SQI Cyber-Babe awards show you the coolest Babe sights on the web. The latest SQI discovery, Cari Minster, and more! (18+ for all SQI)

Our price: $7.00
Scream Queens Illustrated #20
SKU: mgsqi20
Melissa Wolf and her Sexy Club Centerfolds, and the honey-blond, 5”8”, 38DD-24-36 Glori Anne is the centerfold! Plus, fantasy art with Chimera Publishing, Frankenstein and Me director Bob Tinnell, fiction and scream queen news from around the world of sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Our price: $7.00
Scream Queens Illustrated #21
SKU: mgsqi21
Christine Cavalier pictorial and centerfold. Monique Gabrielle on Julie Strain, Artist Jennifer Jenesko shows her stuff and photographer Mike Manikowski presents you with half a dozen fetish photos. All this and more

Our price: $7.00
Scream Queens Illustrated #23
SKU: mgsqi23
Playboy centerfold and B movie babe Kym Malin. The girls of EI Independent Cinema. WAVE fave Tina Krause is the centerfold and John Russo talks to make-up effects master, Rick Baker.

Our price: $7.00
Screem #15
SKU: mgscreem15
Jaws: the Documentary, the World of Vampires, Johnny Legend’s Mania Madness and Spider Baby: 40 Years Later with director Jack Hill are all covered in the latest issue of Screem. You also get an interview with John Waters regular Mink Stole, a look at some of the films of Crown International, and plenty of DVD and movie reviews.

Our price: $8.00
Screem #16
SKU: mgscreem16
Spine Tingler, the new documentary on William Castle, plus a look at some of his films. Simon King of Witches, Barn of the Naked Dead and Centerfold Girls: The 70’s exploitation trilogy of Andrew Prine. RIP Carlos Aured. Masters of the Grind documentary interview. Director Kim Ki-Duk, Ray Dennis Steckler, news, reviews, and so much more!

Our price: $8.00
Screem #17
SKU: mgscreem17
Celebrating 50 years of the gill man. Remembering the original “Creature From the Black Lagoon”, Ben Chapman. Interview with the three time gill man, Ricou Browing. Plus, Mexican fantasy films, interviews with Brother Theodore, Ted V. Mikels, tons of movie and DVD reviews, and much, much more! This issue has two different covers while they last choose cover A or B.

Our price: $8.00
Screem #18
SKU: mgscreem18
Several of Screem’s writers reminisce about the “Films That Scarred Us For Life” in this special edition. You also get articles and/or reviews on Ace Records two latest releases, Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, vocalist/singer Edda Dell’Orso, remembering the movie 5IVE, a guide to the first season of Tales From the Crypt, and the usual batch of movie and DVD reviews.

Our price: $8.00
Screem #19
SKU: mgscreem19
The Phantom of the Paradise: 35 Years Later! More on the weird world of Mexican cinema; Anton Lavey’s stamp on the films he was a part of, interviews with director Greydon Clark, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and William Grefe. Plus all of the usual news, views, and reviews you’ve come to expect from Screem!

Our price: $8.00
Screem #20
SKU: mgscreem20
Reanimating the dead with Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated, interviews with Mary Waronov and Michael York, 70s horror host Doctor Shock, in depth look at Logan’s Run, “Women Rule” movies from Mexico, Carla Laemmle remembers her days in showbiz, the cast and crew of Kingdom of the Spiders, and plenty of movie and DVD reviews!

Our price: $8.00
Screem #21
SKU: mgscreem21
Hitchcock’s PSYCHO and all its sequels. Interview with Bert Gordon about his film, CYCLOPS, on DVD. A look at SLITHIS, HORROR HIGH, Ingrid Pitt, Playboy playmates and horror films, the new version of METROPOLIS, and so much more. Add in a few movie reviews and you can’t beat the new issue of Screem as one of the best horror movie mags out there today.

Our price: $8.00
Screem #22
SKU: mgscreem22
It’s the big Vampire Issue, with a brief history of Salem’s Lot, including a Stephen King interview. Universal’s Dracula turns 80... and is even more boring than ever before! Take a look at hopping vampires with Mr. Vampire, Hammer vampire films, George Romero’s Martin, John Landis on his underrated Innocent Blood, and the vampire obsession of French director, Jean Rollin. All this and much, much more!

Our price: $8.00
Screem #24
SKU: mgscreem24
Screem takes a look at Dark Shadows, old and new. Ted Bohas talks about his 1983 cult film The Deadly Spawn, check out a retrospect of killer doll movies, Andy Milligan lost film Nightbirds is covered along with the story of Rock and Roll comics, the film careers of Francoise (you may not know her name, but you’ll know some of the movies she was in) Pascal and Ray Milland are covered, and they take a look at the horror classic, Black Zoo. Plus, an interview with Prometheus screenwriter Jon Spaihts and the usual mountain of movie and DVD reviews are all within the pages of Screem 24.

Our price: $8.00
Shock Cinema #18
SKU: mgsc18
Interviews with Victor Argo, Jessie Vint and Kinji Fukasaku pad out this issues regular stash of movie reviews-a-plenty. Whatcha waiting for? Buy an issue and get reading!

Our price: $5.00
Shock Cinema #19
SKU: mgsc19
Interviews with James “Drugstore Cowboy” Remar, scriptwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr., Don Gordon and Jared Martin. Plus, plenty of the expected movie and video reviews and more!

Our price: $5.00
Shock Cinema #20
SKU: mgsc20
Interviews with actors Michael Moriarty, Joseph Turkel and Keith David; screenwriter W.D. Richter, and producer/director Lee Frost. Plus, all the usual reviews you’ve come to expect!

Our price: $5.00
Shock Cinema #21
SKU: mgsc21
Interviews with actors Malcolm McDowell and Kurtwood Smith, cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond,and writer -director Oscar Williams. Plus, more honest film, DVD, video and movie reviews than you will find in one place, ever!

Our price: $5.00
Shock Cinema #22
SKU: mgsc22
Interviews with actors M. Emmet Walsh, Bradford Dillman, Nick Mancuso, and cinematographer Michael Chapman. Plus, over 90 honest film, DVD, video and movie reviews. You can’t go wrong with Shock Cinema.

Our price: $5.00
Shock Cinema #24
SKU: mgsc24
Interviews with actor/filmmaker Tom Noonan, actors Edmund Purdom and Lance Henriksen, and director Irvin Kershner. Plus reviews, reviews, and more reviews.

Our price: $5.00
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