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West, Mae
SKU: auwest 4546
Here we have an 11x14” B&W promo photo from the movie MYRA BRECKINRIDGE, nicely signed “To Jess, Sin-cerly Mae West” in the lower left corner. The promo has been nicely matted to an overall 15x18” size for easy display.

Our price: $85.00
Turner, Tina
SKU: auturner5101
High energy singer Tina Turner nicely signed in black on an 11x14” heavy stock program page. A nice, attractive, full length photo of Turner standing on a deck overlooking the water dressed in jeans and a white top. The backside is also pictured below.

Our price: $65.00
Tomei, Marisa
SKU: automei5042
Nicely signed in black by Marisa Tomei on an original color 10x8” lobby photo for the film Only You (1994) with Robert Downey, Jr.

Our price: $25.00
Smith, William
SKU: ausmith5129
On 8x11” color poster art for the film, FORGOTTEN HEROES (1990). Boldly signed in black by William Smith.

Our price: $25.00
Psycho Cop (1989)
SKU: popsychocopsigned
Autographed Poster - Here we have a rolled original one-sheet for the Maniac Cop rip-off, Psycho Cop, boldly signed by three stars from the film: Jeff Qualle, Palmer Lee Todd, and Bobby Ray Shafer. The poster is rolled, and in Very Good condition.

Our price: $75.00
Palmer, Betsy
SKU: aupalmer5252
Color 10x8” print of Friday the 13th lobby photo #7, featuring Betsy (as the film’s original killer) peering out from behind a tree. Nicely signed “Happy Birthday Jason, Mommy Voorhees” by Betsy Palmer in red in a light area.

Our price: $40.00
Original Archie Comic Strip
SKU: audecarlo4403
Original “Archie” Comic Strip - Cartoonist Dan DeCarlo did the Archie comic from 1957 until 2000 and is credited for giving the whole gang their timeless look. He passed away in 2001. Here we have an original 4.25x13.5” four panel newspaper comic strip featuring the main character, “Archie,” himself. It’s signed and dated 11/26/88 and was folded in half between the panels at one time. It’s otherwise very clean and in great condition.

Our price: $75.00
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Signed Playbill
SKU: auoneflewcuckooplaybill
From a stage version at the Royal Theater in July 2001 with Gary Sinise in the title role, comes this playbill signed in blue on the cover by John Watson and Michael Nichols, two members of the cast. The playbill itself is 6.24x8.5” and contains 52 pages of cast and crew information, articles on future plays, etc.

Our price: $20.00
Lucas, Henry Lee
SKU: aulucas5-94
Henry Lee Lucas, American serial killer with a body count of 350+ passed away in prison on 3/13/01. Here we have an authentic one page letter to Phyllis Wilcox, (who obviously spent a great deal of time taking killers with no chance of parole for a ride since we have letters to and from several of them in our possession), postmarked May 19th, 1994. The wonderfully misspelled letter has to do with selling a guy (Ken Karnig, the same guy we have a Charles Manson note and envelope from for sale) a painting and Phyllis collecting the money for it. The letter is typed and signed with his first name “Henry” only so we’ll sell it cheaper than we would a full name signature. Includes the original envelope and letter.

Our price: $150.00
Lucas, Henry Lee
SKU: aulucasletter
With somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 victims to his credits, Henry Lee Lucas is one of America’s most notorious serial killers. He passed away in prison on 3/13/01. Here we have an authentic one page letter to Phyllis Wilcox, postmarked September 19, 1994. The letter is typed (and wonderfully misspelled in places) but signed in full by Lucas in pen at the end of the letter. Includes original envelope and letter.

Our price: $250.00
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) Signed by Peter Jackson
SKU: polordotrings2towersigned
Rolled, single-sided US one-sheet poster for director Peter Jackson’s epic fantasy adventure film. Some dings along the sides that would frame out. Otherwise in Very Good condition. Signed by Peter Jackson in silver in a nice black area.

Our price: $145.00
Jekyll and Hyde Signed Playbill
SKU: aujekyllhydeplaybill
From a September 2000 performance of Jekyll and Hyde at the Plymouth Theater with Sebastian Bach in the role of Henry Jekyll comes this playbill signed on the front cover by Coleen Sexton, Barrie Ingham, and Whitney Allen, three members of the cast. The playbill itself is 6.24x8.5” and contains 68 pages of cast and crew information, articles on future plays, etc.

Our price: $20.00
Dawn of the Dead - 4 Signature Promo Card
SKU: audotd5051
Here we have a 6x9” full color promo card from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead signed by the films stars Michael Kelly (CJ), Ty Burnell (Steve), Jake Weber (Michael), and one more person that sadly, we just can’t remember who it is… Consider it a bonus mystery autograph.

Our price: $35.00
Burstyn, Ellen
SKU: auburstyn4416
Ellen Burstyn nicely signed in purple marker on an original 8x10 scene card from the horror film, Resurrection.

Our price: $25.00
A Piece of Pin-Up Queen Bettie Page's Nightie
SKU: mibettienightie
Here’s a beautiful B&W cheesecake photo of pin-up Queen Bettie Page taken by photographer Bunny Yeager in 1954. It’s a tasteful and sexy shot of Bettie leaning back on a bed with one leg in the air. She’s wearing white heels and a sheer black full length nightie. The photo is approximately 10x10” and printed on 11x14” stock and perfect for framing. Affixed below the photo is an approximately .5x.75” swatch of the actual fabric Bettie made her nightie with and it’s signed by Bunny Yeager. Own a piece of Bettie Page’s actual outfit and a photo of her wearing it!

Our price: $65.00
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