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Most of the posters we sell are "Original US one-sheet posters", anything else is clearly stated in the description (reprint, daybill, half-sheet etc.).

The Posters we sell can fit into the following four categories:

Near Mint to Mint - A poster in about the best condition you can find it. Not displayed, only the most minimal of wear, no fading, rips, tape etc.
Very Good - Basically a NM poster that may have something preventing it from being NM like an extra fold, perhaps a single pin hole in the corners, a bit of storage wear or scuffing, pencil marks in the border, etc. This is what we notice most other people call “NM to Mint” condition.
Good - Pretty much an average everyday poster from the collection of any average collector. May have been displayed, theatre used, tacked to somebody’s wall etc. Can have prominent fold lines, small border rips or tears, some writing on the poster (front or back), a crinkle, slight fade or anything that may keep it from being considered better than just “good”. Still desirable and worth adding to your collection - especially if it’s a rare or hard to find poster to begin with. We will also use a good+ or good - rating.
Fair or Poor - Just that, a “Fair” or “Poor” condition poster. If it’s listed in our catalog as fair or poor, it will say why in the description. We don’t generally bother with any thing considered fair or poor, but you never know what kind of really rare stuff may pop up, and you can repair even the most damaged poster, so hey, maybe from time to time, a fair or poor poster may show up in our listings.


Visiting Hours (1982)
SKU: povisithrsins
Horror in the hospital with William Shatner and Lee Grant. Original 14x36” US insert poster in Near Mint condition.

Our price: $20.00
Vixen (1968)
SKU: povixen
The Russ Meyer sexploitation drama with Erica Gavin that launched Russ’ film making career. Original “review style” US poster in good to VG overall condition.

Our price: $125.00
Voluptuous Graduates (198?)
SKU: povolupgrad
Early 80s sexploitation fun. Original US one-sheet poster.

Our price: $20.00
Voyage of the Damned (1976)
SKU: povoyagedamn
All star cast in this studio horror-thriller. Style B one-sheet in good condition.

Our price: $20.00
Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984)
SKU: povoyrockaliens
80’s sci-fi and rock ‘n roll cheese with Pia Zadora, Tom Nolan, and Ruth Gordon. Original US one-sheet in Very Good condition.

Our price: $12.00
Voyage to the Edge of the World (1976)
SKU: povoyedgeworld
Documentary on whales and oceans from Jacques Cousteau. Original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $15.00
Vulture (1966) , The
SKU: povulture
The Vulture. Camp horror classic with Robert Hutton and Brodrick Crawford. Original Australian one-sheet poster features the same artwork as the US poster, but costs much less. In Very Good condition with the number “35” written on the back in marker.

Our price: $25.00
W (1974)
SKU: pow
Hitchcock-like thriller. Uncommon advance style US one-sheet poster in good condition.

Our price: $15.00
Walk in the Spring Rain (1970)
SKU: powalkspring
Western with Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn. Original 13x28” Italian poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $20.00
Walk of the Dead (1981)
SKU: powalkotdead
AKA Vengeance of the Zombies. US release one-sheet for director Leon Klimovsky’s 1973 Spanish horror tale with Paul Naschy. In Very Good to Near Mint overall condition. Tri-folded, with no center fold, so it will be shipped rolled.

Our price: $30.00
Walking Tall (1973)
SKU: powalkingtall
Style “C” U.S. one sheet poster. Joe Don Baker and his big stick don’t walk to softly in this Drive In classic.

Our price: $45.00
Walking Tall Part 2 (1975)
SKU: powalkingtall2
Bo Svenson, Richard Jaeckel, and Bruce Glover star in a sequel that rivals the original. Original US one-sheet poster in good+ overall condition.

Our price: $25.00
Warlock Moon (1973)
SKU: powarlockmoon
Supernatural horrors with Laurie Walters and Joe Spano. Uncommon poster to come across. Original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $25.00
Warlords of Atlantis (1978)
SKU: hswarlordatlantis
Fantasy-adventure with Doug McClure, Peter Gilmore, Cyd Charisse, and Daniel Massey. Beautiful artwork on this rolled 22x28” US half sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $30.00
Warrior Within (1976) , The
SKU: powarriorwithin
The Warrior Within. Documentary on martial arts features several well known kung fu masters. Original US poster in Very Good condition is slightly smaller than a regular one-sheet poster.

Our price: $20.00
Watch Me When I Kill (1977)
SKU: powatchmekill
Director Anthony Bido murder-thriller with Richard Stewart. Cool artwork on this original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $25.00
Watcher in the Woods (1981)
SKU: powatcherwoods
Disney produced horror film with Bettie Davis, Carroll Baker, David McCallum, and Lynn-Holly Johnson. Original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition. We also have one in good overall condition and for less.

Our price: $25.00
Wax Mask (1997), The
SKU: powaxmask
13x28” Italian “window card” sized poster.

Our price: $15.00
Wedding Night (1970)
SKU: poweddingnt
Sex drama with Dennis Watterman and Tessa Wyatt. Original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $15.00
Weekend at Dunkirk (1965)
SKU: poweekenddunkirk
World War 2 action film with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Catherine Spaak. Original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition but has a Canadian film stamp near the bottom of the poster in a light area.

Our price: $30.00
Weekend Cowgirls (1983)
SKU: poweekendcowg
Ray Dennis Steckler directed X-Rated flick with Debbie Truelove. Great photo style artwork of two chicks on a motorcycle on this original US one-sheet poster in good+ to Very Good condition.

Our price: $25.00
Weekend Fantasy (1980)
SKU: powkendfant
X-Rated roughie with Jennifer West and William Margold. Original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $25.00
Weekend Murders (1971)
SKU: poweekendmurders
Murder mystery with a touch of comedy. US one-sheet poster.

Our price: $12.00
Weekend with the Babysitter (1970)
SKU: powkndwbabysit
Drive-In exploitation from Crown International Pictures. Original US one-sheet poster.

Our price: $20.00
Weekly World News: Bat Boy
SKU: powwnbatboy
24x36” rolled poster features the popular “Bay Boy” spread all over the once popular Weekly World News front cover.

Our price: $10.00
Welcome to Arrow Beach (1974)
SKU: powelcomearrowb
Cannibal fun with Lawrence Harvey, Joanna Pettet, Stu Whitman, and Meg Foster. US one-sheet poster has some storage wrinkling but is in good+ condition overall.

Our price: $25.00
Werewolves on Wheels
SKU: ppwwwheels
Werewolves on Wheels poster print.

*Please note: That this is NOT a one sheet poster, it is a print of a poster. All of our poster prints measure 13x19”. They are printed on glossy, 72 lb (10 mil) archival stock.

Our price: $10.00
What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice (1969)
SKU: powhatalice
PG rated horror with Geraldine Page and Ruth Gordon. Beautiful eye-catching artwork on this US one-sheet poster!

Our price: $10.00
What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (1969)
SKU: powhathappenaunths
Creepy drive-in horror with Geraldine Page, Ruth Gordon, and Rosemary Forsythe. Original 22x28” US half sheet poster. Has been folded, but is in good overall condition and displays well.

Our price: $18.00
What Happened to Bruce Lee? (1982)
SKU: powhathappen
“Quien Mato a Bruce Lee?” Good condition Spanish poster for yet another after death Bruce Lee flick. Nice poster art.

Our price: $20.00
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