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Most of the posters we sell are "Original US one-sheet posters", anything else is clearly stated in the description (reprint, daybill, half-sheet etc.).

The Posters we sell can fit into the following four categories:

Near Mint to Mint - A poster in about the best condition you can find it. Not displayed, only the most minimal of wear, no fading, rips, tape etc.
Very Good - Basically a NM poster that may have something preventing it from being NM like an extra fold, perhaps a single pin hole in the corners, a bit of storage wear or scuffing, pencil marks in the border, etc. This is what we notice most other people call “NM to Mint” condition.
Good - Pretty much an average everyday poster from the collection of any average collector. May have been displayed, theatre used, tacked to somebody’s wall etc. Can have prominent fold lines, small border rips or tears, some writing on the poster (front or back), a crinkle, slight fade or anything that may keep it from being considered better than just “good”. Still desirable and worth adding to your collection - especially if it’s a rare or hard to find poster to begin with. We will also use a good+ or good - rating.
Fair or Poor - Just that, a “Fair” or “Poor” condition poster. If it’s listed in our catalog as fair or poor, it will say why in the description. We don’t generally bother with any thing considered fair or poor, but you never know what kind of really rare stuff may pop up, and you can repair even the most damaged poster, so hey, maybe from time to time, a fair or poor poster may show up in our listings.


"11" (1980)
SKU: po11
aka Eleven. “As good as a 10, but does so much more!” X-Rated spoof of the movie 10 with Brooke West and Susan Nero. Original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $30.00
2001: A Space Odyssey
SKU: po2001video
Here we have a circa 1985 or 1986 one-sheet sized “Special Offer” video release poster for Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 sci-fi classic that uses the “Space Station” artwork that was used on the R-1980 theater release posters. In good to Very Good condition. Uncommon poster to find.

Our price: $50.00
2001: A Space Odyssey (R-1972)
SKU: po2001starchild
Director Stanley Kubrick’s cult sci-fi film with Kier Dullea and Gary Lockwood. Original 1972 issue “Star Child” one-sheet poster for the 1968 film. In good displayed condition, and at a great price compaired to what other poster dealers ask for it.

Our price: $75.00
2001: A Space Odyssey (R-1980)
SKU: po2001spacest
Director Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi cult classic with Kier Dullea, Gary Lockwood, and killer computer HAL. Original 1980 release “space station” style one-sheet poster for the 1968 film in Very Good condition, and at a nice price.

Our price: $65.00
2010: The Year we Make Contact (1984)
SKU: po2010
Director Peter Hyams takes us beyond 2001 with Roy Shieder, John Lithgow, Hellen Mirren, and Kier Dullea. Original US one-sheet poster in Very Good overall condition.

Our price: $20.00
52 Miles to Terror (1967)
SKU: po52miles
aka Hot Rods to Hell. Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain, and Mimsy Farmer in cult JD drag racing film. No date on this reissue poster, bu Litho #7577 is printed in the bottom left corner, so it may be a 1975 re-release poster for the film? Either way, it’s got beautiful drive-in style artwork, and it’s an original, tri-folded - so no center fold and will be shipped rolled - US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition, so it’s sure worth adding to your collection.

Our price: $85.00
Abby (1974)
SKU: poabby
Director William Girdler’s blaxploitation version of “the Exorcist” became a cult rarity when Warner Bros sued to have it pulled from theaters. With William “Blacula” Marshall, Austin Stoker, and Carol Speed as “Abby”. Great artwork on this hard to find original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $75.00
Abductors (1971), The
SKU: poabductors
Cheri Caffaro is back as secret agent “Ginger” in the 3rd film in the series. US one-sheet poster.

Our price: $35.00
Adam and Eve (1956)
SKU: poadameve
Notorious Mexican sexploitation film with Miss France 1953, Christiane Martel, as “Eve.” Original US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $30.00
Adios Sabata (1971)
SKU: poadiossabata
Producer Alberto Grimaldi spaghetti western with Yul Brynner in the “Sabata” role. Beautiful graphics on this good+ condition US one-sheet poster.

Our price: $25.00
Against All Odds (1983)
SKU: poagainstodds
Action-adventure-sex-flick with Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges and James Woods. US advance style one-sheet poster.

Our price: $15.00
Alchemist (1985) , The
SKU: poalchemist
Robert Ginty stars in low budget horror stinker directed by Charles Band. Original style B US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition is really kind of rare since it wasn’t put out by Band’s Empire Pictures or Full Moon Films.

Our price: $25.00
Alchemist (1985) , The
SKU: poalchemista
Low budget horror with Robert Ginty and Lucinda Dooling. Uncommon original style A US one-sheet poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $30.00
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1975)
SKU: poalicedontlivehere
Martin Scorsese directed drama with Ellen Burstyn and Kris Kristofferson. Original US one-sheet poster in good overall condition.

Our price: $20.00
Alien Warrior (1985)
SKU: poalienwarrior
aka King of the Streets. Canadian alien fun for the whole family! 24x36” video release poster.

Our price: $10.00
Alligator People (1959), The
SKU: poalligatorpeop
Classic 50’s horror with Beverly Garland, Bruce Bennett and Richard Crane. Linen backed, fair/good condition US one-sheet. No touch-up’s were done to the poster other than backing it. The poster is complete with no corners or pieces missing and the colors are not faded at all. Looking for vintage 50’s horror? Then here you go.

Our price: $250.00
Altered States (1980)
SKU: poalteredstatesins
Director Ken Russell’s fantasy horror film with William Hurt, Blair Brown, and Bob Balaban. Rolled original 14x36” US insert poster in Very Good overall condition.

Our price: $30.00
Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)
SKU: poamazwom
Classic “70’s style” skit comedy with an all star cast of actors and directors. Folded, original US one-sheet poster.

Our price: $25.00
America Naked and Violent (1970)
SKU: poamernakedviolentbelg
Italian mondo documentary from director Sergio Martino. Rolled 14x21” belgian poster in Very Good condition.

Our price: $20.00
American Gigolo (1980)
SKU: poamericangigolohs
Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton star in this Paul Schrader film. Rolled 22x28” US half sheet poster in Very Good to Near Mint condition.

Our price: $20.00
American Graffiti (R-1978)
SKU: poamergraffiti
That George Lucas movie from 1973 that isn’t Star Wars but has an all-star cast and a bunch of cool old cars in it. This is the 1978 reissue “Then and Now” one-sheet poster with cast photos along the bottom of the poster. In Very Good condition with no center fold so it will ship rolled.

Our price: $75.00
American Hot Wax (1978)
SKU: poamerhotwax
The early days of rock ‘n roll with Tim McIntire, Laraine Newman, Jay Leno, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Original US one-sheet poster in good- displayed condition.

Our price: $12.00
American Pop (1981)
SKU: poamerpop
Popular Ralph Bakshi animated classic. Uncommon rolled original.

Market price: $75.00
Our price: $30.00 , save 60%
Amityville 2: The Possession (1982)
SKU: poamityville2
More fun than the first film. With Burt Young and Andrew Prine. US one-sheet poster.

Our price: $25.00
Amityville 3-D (1983)
SKU: poamityv3aus
The 3-D installment of the series. Beautiful 13x28” Australian daybill poster.

Our price: $20.00
Amityville Horror (1979) , The
SKU: poamityvillehorror
Cult horror with James Brolin, Rod Steiger, and Margot Kidder was one of AIP’s last films. Original US one-sheet poster in good overall condition. Has some dampness wrinkling due to storage but doesn’t look like it was ever displayed.

Our price: $30.00
Amuck (1972)
SKU: poamuck
Italian horror thriller with Farley Granger, Barbara Bouchet, and Rosalba Neri. Beautiful artwork on this original US one-sheet poster in good- condition. Some separation at center folds, but colors bright and displays well.

Our price: $25.00
Anaconda (1997)
SKU: poanaconda
A giant snake is after Jennifer Lopez’ ass in this fun B movie stink fest. Rolled original double sided US one-sheet poster.

Our price: $15.00
Angel, Angel, Down We Go (1969)
SKU: poangelangeldown
aka Cult of the Damned. Hippy exploitation with Jennifer Jones and Roddy McDowall. US one-sheet poster in good displayed condition.

Our price: $20.00
Angels Die Hard (1970)
SKU: poangelsdiehardsp
Classic biker exploitation with Tom Baker, William Smith, and R.G. Armstrong. Beautiful artwork on this original Spanish language one-sheet poster in good to Very Good condition.

Our price: $55.00
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