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Terms & Conditions

Any $0.00 shipping totals from the website will be adjusted to the actual shipping charges (rounded to the next dollar)

Read the following statement and make sure your info is correct:
Make sure your name, address, and phone number match the name, phone number, and billing address for your credit card. We carefully check this information on every order we receive. If any of the information is inconsistent we will automatically assume your card is stolen and you will be immediately reported to our Credit Card Fraud Protection Services.

Most packages are shipped USPS Priority Mail, however as packages get heavier (5lbs or more) it is often much cheaper to ship a package by UPS Ground.
All postage is now figured by weight and distance (ie. the closer you live to Cleveland, OH the cheaper the shipping) The website is set to round up weight and shipping costs. Therefore your shipping maybe less than stated, see receipt enclosed with merchandise for exact total.
*If paying by credit card we will automatically charge you the least amount of shipping possible.

Shipping Error: If you receive a shipping error it may be that you ordered too many items. Most of our orders online are for a couple of items, so we have our site set to a maximum of 12lbs. If this is the case just split your order into 2 and place 2 orders. All orders are hand pulled and packed, so we will combine your orders into 1 and charge you the least possible shipping. If your ordering rolled posters this may require 2 packages, we will email you if this is the case and more shipping is required.

Although we will gladly ship to any address you supply us with, anything we ship to an apartment or condo address is considered in our eye as risky and unsafe (especially if packages are left in the hallway). We use "Delivery Confirmation" and if a package is delivered to an apt./condo address and disappears we will not replace or refund the money for something that the Post Office said they delivered and then disappeared at an unsafe address.

Yes, we gladly accept orders from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. We find that shipping to different countries all cost different amounts. The website is an estimate and usually is too much or it says $0.00. If you pay by credit card we only charge the amount the Post Office charges us to mail your package airmail.


Returns on defective merchandise only for same item, unless that item is one of kind or no longer in stock. If no longer in stock, you may choose another item of equal value. You have 30 days from invoice date to contact us about a return. You MUST contact us before sending any merchandise back. Postage on returned item and postage of replacement item is buyers responsibility.

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