January 2, 2019

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Films and Events


* MOVIE, MOVIES and more MOVIES! We cram in as many classic Drive-In movies, independent films and shorts as we can pack into a weekend. You’ll find movies and shorts on real 16mm film in our 200 seat “Film Room” and all kinds of indy films, shorts, and guest related features in our smaller, 100+ seat “DVD projection Room” all weekend long.

* Q&A Sessions, Live Movie Commentaries, Guest Talks and Movie Introductions... Our guests are always willing to interact with attending fans, and we’ve come up with all kinds of fun stuff for them to do over the years. Let’s see what we come up with for the next show shall we?

* Join us for “A GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES” every Saturday Night beginning at 8:00pm. Hosted by Dayton, Ohio’s very own A. Ghastlee Ghoul, “A Ghastlee Nite at the Movies” isn’t really a film screening at all. It’s more a night of “live entertainment” and laughs. Join us for an evening of silly skits, bad music, interactive games and contests, surprise guests and more.

* SURPRISES and MORE SURPRISES! With most of the shows we run, things fall together a few weeks before show time. Be sure to check back as the show draws closer to see if we may have a surprise guest addition, extra film screening, or special event added to the weekend schedule.

* EVERY CINEMA WASTELAND MOVIE AND MEMORABILIA EXPO offers attending fans over 60 Hours worth of Movies and Programming over the course of three days. And it’s all 100% Free with the price of admission. It can be a bit overwhelming, so be sure to check over the complete Weekend Schedule of Films and Events before you arrive so you can plot out your weekend early. The Weekend Schedule is usually posted 3 or 4 weeks before any given show.


You can't have a "Movie Convention" without them, can you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! And we plan on showing plenty of films on both 16mm Film and Video at Cinema Wasteland - Many of which may be hosted by the Stars and Directors appearing as Guests at the show. Our evening film show is Free to all attendees and hotel guests.

Here are the movies we are showing on 16mm film:

DOCTOR FRANKEN (1979) After a “John Doe” is found near death in the trunk of an abandoned car he’s brought to the Manhattan hospital where transplant specialist, Dr. Arno Franken (Robert Vaughn) begins to replace his damaged organs. The head of surgery, Dr. Mike Foster (David Selby) is a jealous and shady bastard after Kelli Fisher (Teri Garr). While out jogging with Fisher’s boyfriend Arthur he takes advantage of Arthur’s heart attack and smothers him in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Franken gives his “John Doe” Arthur’s eyes. As the months pass Franken makes it his personal mission to keep “John” alive, replacing organs as they become available and replacing limbs as they become gangrene. Eventually he moves “John” to his basement lab and continues with his work with the help of his wife Anita. Against all possible odds and thanks to Dr. Foster’s interference, “John” awakens and lives again. He escapes into the city, prevents a mugging in central park, finds some clothing, and begins to see visions of Kelli through Arthur’s transplanted eyes. He eventually finds Kelli, who also feels a weird connection to “John.” Eventually “John” helps expose Dr. Fisher as the crook he is before he meets his demise. The original story was written by CW guest Jeff Lieberman, who also co-directed it. And although Jeff isn’t all that thrilled with the finished product, it’s pretty enjoyable for a made for TV horror movie. It originally aired on January 13th, 1980 and it’s our Sunday made for TV Movie pick of the show this time around.

In one of John Waters most well known cult films, Divine lives in a crappy trailer with her son Crackers (Danny Mills), Cotten (Mary Vivian Pearce), and mother, Edie (Edith Massey), who looks forward to visits with The Egg Man. They happily rest on their laurels as “the filthiest people alive” until challenged for the crown by Connie and Raymond Marble (Mink Stole and David Lochary respectively), who gladly sell heroin to school children and kidnap and impregnate female hitchhikers so they can sell their babies to lesbian couples. Once they challenge Devine and her family of malcontents directly, the game in on! Who will be crowned the The Filthiest People Alive when all is said and done? You’ll have to watch and find out for yourself.

PREHISTORIC WOMEN (1967) aka Slave Girls.
Jungle guide David Marchand (Michael Latimer) finds himself in a pickle when he’s about to be sacrificed by natives to their white rhino god while out big game hunting. He’s saved at the last minute when a lightning bolt causes a rift to open and he’s thrown back in time to a kingdom of brunette women, led by the seductive Queen Kari (Martine Beswick), and their collection of blond slave girls. David falls for Saria (Edina Ronay), one of the blond slave girls, and makes matters worse by rejecting the advances of Queen Kari and her sexy strip tease. He soon finds that all the men have been kept in caves and made to work themselves to death by the evil Queen as well. Will David get back to his own time? What will happen to the blond slaves… or the cave-caged men folk?… Made on the same sets as One Million Years B.C., released the previous year, Prehistoric Women offers up a ton of silly dialogue, lots of attractive bikini-clad women, bad dance numbers, and campy silliness a plenty. In other words, a perfect way to kill ninety minutes!

Resident horror host, Son of Ghoul, will once again put together an hour’s worth of original cartoons to kick off Saturday morning. He often times digs up those old cartoons that were deemed “politically incorrect” by the stuffy douche bags who can’t pull their heads out of their asses long enough to take a breath of fresh air… which is just the way we like it at Cinema Wasteland! Cartoons kick off at 9:30am on Saturday mornings in MOVIE ROOM 1, so be sure to stop in and see what’s in store this time around!

It’s been a tradition since the very first Cinema Wasteland Show to screen Three Stooges shorts on Saturday morning. Resident horror host, Son of Ghoul, took over the job of sorting out which Stooge shorts to run when he mentioned that he owned every short on 16mm film. Stooge hour moved from early mornings to Noon on Saturday and the rest, as they say, is Wasteland history.

Brand new intermission reels will once again screen between our Friday and Saturday night double features (and again on Sunday between the 16mm film screenings) at our next show. Chock full of assorted movie trailers, cartoons, old intermission and snack bar spots and public service announcements, these twenty minute reels will bring back memories of drive-in days gone by and are always a big hit with our attendees.




Please check back soon for more....

Here are the movies we are showing on DVD Projection:

After a meteorite crashes in the New Jersey woods, a couple of campers find themselves attacked and devoured by alien parasites. After their human snack, the hungry little creatures head towards town and hold up in the basement of an old house. After their parents are eaten by the monsters, Charles and his brother Peter need to either defend themselves or find themselves on the creatures dinner menu. Pete’s pal Frankie, love interest Ellen, and Kathy stop over and find themselves in a battle for their lives trying to stop the space creatures before they can reproduce and devour humanity. Gory and more fun than it should be, THE DEADLY SPAWN really delivers the B movie goods in spades. Look for CW Guest, Elizabeth Marner-Brooks as “Barb.”

The Friday Night collection of Short Films has been a popular event with attending fans since our very first show. Check back to see which shorts we have on the schedule.

Gunga Jim Presents I EAT YOUR SKIN (1964)
A scientist doing cancer research on a remote island discovers that by treating the local natives with snake venom he can turn them into bug-eyed zombies. He is then forced by his evil employer to create an army of the creatures so he can conquer the world with them. Director Del Tenny’s ZOMBIES (among other considered titles) sat on a shelf for six years until distributor Jerry Gross picked it up to play on the bottom of a double bill with I DRINK YOUR BLOOD in 1971. It’s actually a goofy fun flick and although we weren’t going to bother screening it, resident CW horror host,Gunga Jim decided it was his duty to bring Gunga’s Drive-In to CW with a screening and complete the original double feature.

Not into cartoons? Then why not grab a seat on Saturday morning and catch an hour’s worth of hardcore wrestling. More often than not, the Hardcore Wrestling Hour is co-hosted by Pete Chiarella and indy wrestling CW fan, “Mr. Insanity” Toby Klein, and always offers up enough in ring violence and bloodshed to start your morning right. Arrive early and enjoy the whole gory show on Saturday morning in MOVIE ROOM 2.

I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (1970) A group of Satan worshiping hippies descend on a small decaying upstate New York village, shack up in the abandoned hotel, and wreak havoc on the remaining locals. They rape Sylvia, a local girl, and when her grandfather goes after them, they dose him with LSD and torment the old guy. This doesn’t sit well with his grandson Pete, and he decides to get even by making them sick. When the hippies come into Mildred’s shop looking for something to eat, Andy gets his revenge by dosing Mildred’s meat pie’s with blood from a rabid dog that was recently killed. Bad move. The infected pot pies turn the hippies into rabid lunatics that begin to kill and infect everyone in their path. Director David Durston’s I DRINK YOUR BLOOD was the first film to be rated X based on violence alone. Producer Jerry Gross “promised” to cut the film down to an R rating, but sent the uncut film out to theaters with a phony R rating attached to it. This led to various self-censored versions depending on where the film was playing. It was restored to the original uncut version for DVD release in 2002 and has gone on to claim its rightful place as a cult gore film classic in the years since.

The Mummy and The Monkey Present VAMPIRE TICKS FROM OUTER SPACE (2013) In this episode of The Mummy and The Monkey Show, Janet Decay and Grimm Gori show you around The Thrift Crypt, the little shop they opened in Lakewood, Ohio. You also get some skits, a look back at Cleveland’s very own Superhost, and the low budget horror film, VAMPIRE TICKS FROM OUTER SPACE, about a crate of carnivorous little bloodsuckers (that look amazingly like whoopee cushions with legs) that terrorize small town USA when an outer space shipping company accidentally delivers it to the wrong planet.

10 TO MIDNIGHT (1983) Warren Stacy (Gene Davis) is a serial killer that gets his kicks by stabbing his victims to death while naked as a way of getting back at all of the women who have rebuffed his advances. Rookie detective Paul AcAnn (Andrew Stevens) gets teamed up with veteran detective Leo Kessler (Charles Bronson) to investigate the murder of Betty Johnson and her boyfriend after they are killed in a public park. Kessler recognizes the victim as an old friend of his daughter Laurie (Lisa Eilbacher). The killer attends his victims funeral and overhears Betty’s father telling Kessler that his daughter kept a diary. Warren breaks into Betty’s apartment looking for the diary, kills her roommate, and comes up empty since the diary is already in Kessler’s hands. Kessler knows that Stacy is the killer so he plants a little evidence in the crafty killers apartment. Stacy’s scummy lawyer, Dave Dante (Geoffrey Lewis) gets him released and Stacy then goes after Kessler’s daughter Laurie as revenge. Famous film critic Roger Ebert gave the film zero stars and called it “a scummy little sewer of a movie” so I can’t think of any higher recommendation to watch it if you’ve never seen it. Look for CW guest Ola Ray as one of Laurie Kessler’s unfortunate roommates.

Please check back soon for more....