May 3, 2019

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Monthly Update:

With our busy month of April now over, were finally were able to get the October 4-6, 2019 CW Show web pages updated with Guest bios and a few Movies and 16mm Films we know we will be screening this Fall. With a cast and crew reunion for George Romero’s MARTIN as well as enough new first time Guests on the list it’s like rolling two great shows into one. Be sure to check things out when you get a few minutes.

And don’t forget to take advantage of our “early bird” Pass Special where you can get a 3-Day Pass into the October Show for only $35 if you act before May 31st. That’s what we see cons that don’t offer their attending fans over 60 hours worth of programing like a CW Show does charging for just one day’s admission. Take advantage of the savings now and leave a few extra dollars in your pocket to shop with our amazing vendors come show time.


The RETRO FILM NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURES we held last Winter were loads of fun for the Film Loving Fans who attended them. But, even though it was clearly listed as a 16mm film show, we still had several people ask if there was going to be merchandise at them.

On August 10th, 2019 we are bringing back the Retro Movie Night Double Feature and this time around, We Are Adding Vendors!


It’s a Mini Collectable Show from 10:00am until 6:00pm with over 30 Vendor Tables and a Double Feature, complete with a Classic Cartoon, Short Film, and Intermission Reel on 16mm Film that will run from 7:30pm until 11:30pm or Midnight. All for One Low Admission Price of ONLY $5 cash at the door (or $7 credit card).

We moved things to our regular haunt, The Holiday Inn (where we hold the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo twice a year), where we will be taking up the back section of the CW Show Vendor and Guest Room for the long 14 hour day.

Meet up with Friends for Food and Drinks at the hotel bar!
Do some Shopping during the day!
Catch a Couple of Classic… or not-so-classic Films at night!
And you Come and Go all day for only $5 Admission to Either One or Both Events!

Tables are available Now! If interested in setting up at the One Day Collectable Show, act fast as there are only a handful of tables available. Just use the link below to get to the Show’s web page and go from there.

Just click on the ONE DAY COLLECTABLE SHOW / RETRO MOVIE graphic on the left side of the main Cinema Wasteland web page, or use this handy link to get to the RETRO MOVIE NIGHT web page for all you need to know.

On with a couple of the usual CW Show Reminders before we sign off this month.

TICKETS: For everything we offer attending fans, a pass into the Cinema Wasteland Show may be a B movie fans best bargain. The average movie theater ticket price is a real rip off these days considering that you’re only watching a DVD and it seems most conventions these days aren’t actually interested in anything other than presenting a couple of guests that will charge you more for an autograph than it will be worth twenty years after they are dead and buried. By the looks of it, Films, Events, and any sort of actual programming are a thing of the past for most cons these days. But checking out the 60+ hours worth of stuff a CW Show offers attending fans costs practically nothing if divided out by the day. We don’t call ourselves the last of the old school movie fan conventions just to hear ourselves say it. We’ll do our best to continue to prove it twice a year.
Take advantage of our “early bird” ticket specials now and save some serious cash over at-the-door prices. Until May 31st, you can grab yourself a 3-Day Pass into October’s Show for only $35, or Single Day Passes for only $15 each. You can grab your passes on line by clicking here.

HOTEL: The one thing you can always count on is that the hotel will be sold out by show time. We take over the entire hotel, and rooms are starting to fill up a little faster these past few shows since the motel next door raised its rates and is no longer a significant savings over the Show Hotel. Help support the show and avoid the headache of having to stay down the road by making your room reservations today. To avoid the headaches of soulless automated booking systems that like to mess up your reservation or tell you there aren’t any rooms available when there are, you should make your room reservation no later than FOUR WEEKS BEFORE THE EVENT (or the week of September 9th for those that need an actual date). You can always reserve your room through our web site, or by calling The Holiday Inn reservation line at 1-877-408-4913. Remember you MUST ask for “The Cinema Wasteland Room Rate”, or they really should tell you that they are ”sold out” and have no rooms. And PLEASE only reserve as many rooms as you plan on using.

First Rule: Your movie or short film needs to be 100% finished before we’ll consider screening it.
Second Rule: The film you submit can't be older than a year or so old or already have DVD or cable TV distribution since we're basically trying to help independent filmmakers get the word out about their films to our attending fans.
Third Rule: When your movie or short film is completely finished, just send us off a screener to watch and consider. (We won’t watch a “link” on the computer since we can’t screen a “link” on the computer at the show itself, and all of our sound equipment is analog, so don’t send a blu-ray disc. A regular DVD is fine and looks great as it is.) Make sure you include contact information so we can get back to you if we do decide to screen your short or feature, and patiently wait to see if we get back to you. It’s that easy. 
Since we’ve always supported the independent filmmaker, we don’t do things like your average every day film festival does things. Namely, we don’t charge to screen your movie or short film and just take your money and run whatever somebody sends us at some of the worst times of the day. We simply watch everything that is sent to us and fit as many indy films into the weekend schedule that we can squeeze in around all the other guest related movies and events that we normally cram into a Wasteland Weekend.
We do keep film submissions for up to one year’s time so if we don’t screen your film or short one show, it very well could make the next show. We do watch and tend to enjoy everything we receive but please don’t take it personally if we don’t screen your submission. Chances are it just didn’t make it into the weekend schedule because we received way too many submissions in a short amount of time and/or had more films that fit a certain theme that matches the weekend we’re currently running.
Because we don’t charge to screen your film or short, a screening does not come with free passes into the show. A pass into the CW Show however is much cheaper than any film festival submission prices.
The submission cut off date for any given CW Show is two months before the event (August 1st) so we have time to watch and review everything we receive. We review all submissions by their post mark date, so anything received after the cut off date will only be included if we have screening time to fill.

OK, with April over and the Fall CW Show updated, I’m hoping to get outside in the next few weeks and finish up with some stuff around the house before it gets too hot outside to care.
I’ll catch you all next month with anything new about all things Wasteland.