October 9, 2019

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Monthly Update:

With the October CW Show now over, we enter our 20th Year of Celebrating the Drive-In Era of films and fun. While pretty much every convention I’ve ever attended that lasted longer than three or four shows has changed over time, I’ve found it much harder to remain loyal to my original vision than simply roll with changing things up just to make things easier on myself or go for a cash grab. The best complements I ever get is when somebody who hasn’t been with us for a few years comes up and tells me, “It’s just like coming home” or “It’s the still the show I remember” when they come up to say hello. It’s a lot harder to remain an honest CW Show after 20 years and 36 shows than anyone thinks, but it’s either that or just call it a day for me.

As always, I could never make the weekend look like it runs as smoothly as it does without the help of a few key people and the entire CW Staff. You all know who you are so I don’t need to list your names, but to me, they all deserve just as much credit in keeping the feel of a CW Show the same year after year as attendees give me.

Never one to rest on reputation, we’ve got a fantastic Show planned for next April 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2020 and 99% of the Guest List are all first time guests to the show.

Kicking things off next show, we’re celebrating one of my personal favorite films of all time when we gather up some of the Cast and Crew of the cult drive-in classic, CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS.

ALAN ORMSBY - Alan was of course “Alan” in CSPWDT, but he also co-wrote the screenplay, did makeup effects, and did the original artwork for the film. He also wrote and co-directed DERANGED (1974), wrote and did makeup on DEAD OF NIGHT (1974) aka Deathdream, did makeup and the poster artwork on SHOCK WAVES (1977), and wrote the screenplays for MY BODYGUARD (1980), CAT PEOPLE (1982), POPCORN (1991), THE SUBSTITUTE (1996) and many others.

ANYA ORMSBY - Anya played “Aya” in CSPWDT, and you can find her in DEAD OF NIGHT (1974) aka Deathdream, THUNDER COUNTY (1974), THE GREAT MASQUERADE (1974) and the Alien Nation television series.

SETH SKLAREY - Seth was the cuddly corpse, “Orville” in CSPWDT, as well as appearing in PORKY’S 2: THE NEXT DAY (1983).

BRUCE SOLOMON - Bruce played “Winns” in CSPWDT. He also appeared in FOUL PLAY (1978), AUTO FOCUS (2002), was “Sgt. Raimi” in the cult classic NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (1986), and did a ton of TV.

CARL ZITTRER - Carl wrote the original music and was the composer on CSPWDT. He was also the composer on BLOOD ORGY OF THE SHE-DEVILS (1973), DEAD OF NIGHT (1974), BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974), PROM NIGHT (1980), PORKY’S (1981), PORKY’S 2: THE NEXT DAY (1983) and A CHRISTMAS STORY (1983) to name a few others.

In addition to the CHILDREN… Cast, we’ve lined up a handful of Cast Members from David Lynch’s Cult Television Series, TWIN PEAKS.

IAN BUCHANAN - Ian played “Dick Tremayne” in the original TWIN PEAKS. He’s done a ton of television and voice work as well.

HARRY GOAZ - Who can forget “Deputy Andy Brennan” from TWIN PEAKS, FIRE WALK WITH ME, and TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN?

MICHAEL HORSE - Michael played “Deputy Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill” in the original TWIN PEAKS, FIRE WALK WITH ME, and TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN.

RUSS TAMBLYN - Russ was of course “Dr. Lawrence Jacoby” in TWIN PEAKS and TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. Of course, everyone knows Russ from WEST SIDE STORY (1961), but he’s got a ton of great CW Show credits under his belt, including HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL (1958), THE HAUNTING (1963), WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS (1966), SATAN’S SADISTS (1969) and DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN (1971) to name but a few.

Also on hand next April, Adult Film Starlet and AVN Hall of Famer, SERENA, will be with us. It’s been six years since the star of DRACULA SUCKS, INSATIABLE, ESTASY GIRLS, ULTRA FLESH, HONEY PIE, HOT COOKIES, and so many other classic adult films has been with us so it will be nice to have one of the sweetest people on the planet back to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Stay tuned! We will naturally be updating the CW Show web site with more complete Guest Bios in the next few weeks as the busy month of October winds down for us.

Our ONE DAY COLLECTABLE SHOW and 16mm FILM NIGHT will return on December 7th, 2019 just in time to get your Holiday Shopping finished during the day and enjoy a couple of classic 16mm films that night. Expect news of the One Day Show to get posted in the next week or so, and you’ll find a graphic on the main CW web page once we have it posted.

OK, there is still plenty to get done this week so I best be off for now. I’ll be back with the usual CW Show reminders, anything new to report, and more on the December 7th One Day Show in just a few short weeks.

It was great to see everyone having a good time at last week’s CW Show, but by the looks of it, our 3rd decade is just getting started in fantastic fashion!