Cinema Wasteland and The Cinema Wasteland Film Appreciation Society Presents:

Saturday, December 7th, 2019
At our usual haunt: The HOLIDAY INN
15471 Royalton Rd., Strongsville, OH. 44136

It’s a One Day Collectable Show featuring approximately 35 tables of Movie Collectibles, DVD and Blu-ray, Movie Posters, Autographs, and More from 10:00am until 5:00pm.

Then, catch Two Classic (or not-so-classic, as the case may be) Drive-In Movies on 16mm Film. Complete with a Cartoon, Short Film and Original Intermission Reel beginning at 7:30pm.

Make an Entire Day and night out of it!
Come in during the day to hang out with friends.
Grab a bite to eat and a couple of drinks at the hotel bar.
Get your Holiday Shopping finished during the day and return in the evening to watch the films.

Your Admission gets you into both events all day and night!

Our Saturday Night Film Screenings will Include:

Frank Raymond (Jon Hall), grandson of the original Invisible Man, still has the old formula hidden away but considers it too dangerous to use. Even after Axis agents try to find and steal it, Frank is reluctant to use the serum. The attack on Pearl Harbor changes his mind and he volunteers his services as an invisible agent in Germany. He spends his time making fools out of the Nazi’s and romances Maria Sorenson (Iiona Massey), an attractive double agent, while searching for Hitler’s secret plans. Oddly enough, our Film Night falls on December 7th, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, so we thought it fitting to include Invisible Agent in our double feature lineup.

Edmond Bancroft (Michael Gough), a frustrated crime and thriller writer and columnist wants accurate and detailed crimes for his next book to insure sales, so he hypnotizes and injects his assistant Rick (Graham Curnow) with a mysterious substance that transforms him into a monster in order to get him to unknowingly commit the required crimes for him. Bancroft has his own “Black Museum” that’s filled with various unpleasant devices that he has Rick use to murder his unexpected victims. And after every murder, he pops in at Scotland Yard to gloat about how they aren’t getting anywhere with this case. A seedy little horror shocker that still packs a punch today, Horrors of The Black Museum was a staple of late night TV and the Horror Host shows in Cleveland for years. It originally featured the “Hypnovision” introduction, which was removed from a lot of prints. I can’t remember if our print has it on there or not, so I’ll be as surprised as you come show time.

THE THREE STOOGES (1944) “THE YOKE’S ON ME” - Rejected by the armed services, Moe, Larry, and Curly decide to “do their bit” for the country by becoming farmers. For $1000 and their car, they become owners of a run down farm that lacks any livestock. After capturing an escaped ostrich, they decide to sell jack-o-lanterns for profit. Meanwhile, some Japanese have escaped from a relocation center near by. The stooges become heroes when they capture the escapees with the help of explosive eggs after the ostrich swallows a bunch of blasting powder. Yes, it is a weird Three Stooges episode… They made funny about Japanese Americans being held because of the war, which just doesn’t seem quite right even at the time if you ask us. But it’s a short you didn’t see on TV as time went by so we’re going to screen it just for that reason.

In honor of our troops and Pearl Harbor Remebrance Day, we will also pull out an entire INTERMISSION REEL featuring old War Movies and the first Popeye cartoon where he joins the Navy. Yes… we actually have one. And I knew we’d get a chance to screen it one of these days!

What’s more American than a Mighty Mouse cartoon? That’s right, nothing!

Will there be more film added?… All depends on whether or not what we have adds up to around 4 hours. A Retro Film Night from us at the Cinema Wasteland Film Appreciation Society should always go about 4 hours. We like to make a night of it!

Saturday December 7th, 2019.
10am - 5pm and movies start at 7:30pm

Holiday Inn
15471 Royalton Rd.
Strongsville, OH. 44136

* This is the same Holiday Inn we hold out Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo’s in twice a year.
We’re just taking over one large room for this event and not the entire hotel.

If you would like to spend Friday and/or Saturday night at the Holiday Inn then Click Here (Same prices as CW)


Admission is $7.00 if using a debit or credit card, BUT Only $5.00 Cash.
There will be no advance ticket or pass sales for this event so we are offering a cash discount at the door instead.

Tables are nice and affordable and available now.
CLICK HERE for more information.