Growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s you could always go and see films on actual 16mm film. The local library had monthly 16mm film screenings. Every college had regular film screenings and an eager group of students willing to spin films 24-7 if they could get away with it. And actual repertory theaters screened classic silent movies and cult films seven days a week. But those days are long gone.

On February 9th, 2019, The Cinema Wasteland Film Appreciation Society proudly presents a trip back in time featuring two Classic Drive-In Movies, a Cartoon or Short Film, and an Intermission Reel between flicks that will feature original Trailers, Theater Announcements and Snack Bar Spots on 16mm film.


Our Second Movie Night will feature a couple of Drive-In classics:

VOODOO WOMAN (1957) For some odd reason, a tribe of natives who hate outsides have let crazy, scenery chewing scientist Roland Gerard (Tom Conway) move right into their tiny village where he promptly attempts to use jungle voodoo to create an army of monster slaves. He keeps his poor wife Susan (Mary Ellen Kay) locked in a guarded hut so she won’t interrupt his “experiments” while he never seems a bit bothered about the Tribal Leader always threatening to kill him. Wicked and greedy Marilyn Blanchard (Marla English) and her partner Rick (Lance Fuller) hear that the very same tribe has a load of gold stashed away so they hire rugged jungle guide Ted Bronson (Mike Connors) to take them there so they can steal it. Before they arrive, loony Dr. Gerard succeeds in creating a lone female voodoo monster and fully plans on having it kill everyone in sight. Plot? OK…maybe a little. Bad acting? Absolutely! Native dance number to pad out the running time? You know it! Clunky direction from Edward Cahn? You betcha! A wonderful monster created and played by Paul Blaisdale, who really just redesigned his “She-Creature” suit since he played that monster too? Damn straight! A terrific time? Guaranteed.

Troublemaker Nick Rogers (John Ashley, still in his “teen heartthrob” days) was sent away for 15 months for some sort of (unexplained) criminal activity. When he blows back into town he expects his old squeeze Theresa “Terry” Lindsay (Anne Neyland) to run back into his arms and his old motorcycle club to join him in kicking some butt and running amuck. After an immediate fist fight with the guy, he’s disappointed to find that Terry is now interested in Randy (Steve Terrell) and his old club have all become squares in his absence. They all joined a supervised and respected bike club. For shame! Nick is still determined to undermine Randy’s role as leader of the club so he challenges him to an illegal race to prove he’s the best rider in town. Terry, determined to pour gasoline on the fire decides to date both guys and push them towards the race even though it carries a stiff penalty if they are caught. The biker films of the 1950’s actually scared people. But when you take a look at them now, they really only paved the way for the more gritty and exploitive biker films of the 1960’s. Motorcycle Gang has its moments but some of those tense moments are made a little campier by comic relief from, of all people, Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer of Our Gang / Little Rascals fame as “Speed” the gang’s mechanic. It’s not necessarily The Wild Bunch on wheels. More the Mild Bunch on wheels, but a damn fun time all the same.


Cleveland area horror hosts, Janet Decay and Grimm Gory, otherwise known as THE MUMMY AND THE MONKEY were with us last month for our first Film Night and have decided to join us again this month. We certainly realize that it can be tough to sit through two films and a couple of shorts with no break so The Mummy and The Monkey will be on hand to kill a few minutes between flicks and help get the ol’ circulation flowing again.

February 9th, 2019.
Doors open at 6:00pm and the show will begin at 7:00pm.

Berea Elks Lodge #1815
626 North Rocky River Dr.
Berea, OH. 44017

Off I-71 and I-480 just a mile or so past Cleveland Hopkins Airport and one mile South of the IX Center.
FREE PARKING - Behind the building there is a fenced off parking lot. Park behind the fence in the lot.

Admission is Only $5.00 (Cash Only - No Pre-sale Tickets)

Bottled water, pop, popcorn and assorted munchies will be available during show time for $1 each. *No outside food/beverages (Cash Only)

It’s pretty obvious that we’re not looking to actually make a big profit doing this or it wouldn’t be a five dollar film night with one dollar drinks and snacks. We simply have a bunch of film stacked up in our private collection that fits the retro film night vibe that we may never get to screen at our twice yearly Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expos.
Our first Film Night drew enough people to do it a second time. If our second Retro Movie Double Feature draws enough people to cover the cost of renting the screening room, our third and final monthly film night for this winter will happen on March 2nd, 2019 with completely different films and shorts.